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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Action > Superhero > Sequel > Toy > Batman Vs. Robin: Gift Set [including Batman 'limited edition' action figure] (2015/DC Comics/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)

Batman Vs. Robin: Gift Set [including Batman 'limited edition' action figure] (2015/DC Comics/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)

Picture: B+/B Sound: B+/B Extras: C+/D Film: B+

New to home video is Batman vs. Robin (2015), the sequel to the previously reviewed Son of Batman. Whereas this reviewer's feeling about Son of Batman were lukewarm at best; this sequel truly kicks it up a notch in terms of both content and quality.

See the review of Son of Batman below:


Batman vs. Robin somewhat follows the comic written by Scott Snyder entitled Batman: Court of the Owls; which establishes that a secret society has been manipulating Gotham city since the turn of the century and being somewhat reminiscent of The League of Shadows. Following up the events of Son of Batman the story focuses mainly on Damian Wayne (Bruce's son, voiced by Stuart Allan) as he is solicited by the Court of the Owls. Batman (voiced by Jason O'Mara) and the new Robin (Damian) remain at odds as Damian does not understand and objects to Batman's unwaveringness to kill criminals. The Court of Owls take advantage of the moral conflicts within Damian as he struggles with the vision his father has for him versus that of Ra's Al Ghul who continues to lurk in the shadows of his mind. It boils down to an all-out battle between Batman and Robin with surprising results. Fans will appreciate this interesting and energetic look into the caped crusader, as the main focus is on Robin rather than Batman himself.

The story moves along nicely, infusing a variety of emotional elements including but not limited to fear, honor, love, hate, depression, and so much more. Beyond the battles of pure skill and strength, Batman vs Robin is a twisting tail as father and son struggle to relate resulting in an epic end.

The technical features on the Batman vs. Robin Blu-ray are fantastic. This straight to home video Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy set's picture is presented in a vivid and stunning 1080p digital High Definition 16 X 9/1.78 X 1 widescreen that adequately balances the dark shadows that Batman is so well known for, along with bursts of color. The image is crisp, clean, and clear without many issues to speak of; whereas not perfect, it is a stunning direct to video release. The sound is a lossless DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 lossless mix that makes adequate use of the surrounds throughout in all areas; music, action, and dialogue. Panning effects could be better, but overall the atmosphere created puts viewers in the heart of the action.

The set up for review here was the 'limited edition' Batman vs. Robin: Gift Set, which included a limited edition Batman action figure. The figure is a nice inclusion that will have Batman fans/action figure collectors clamoring to get one; but overall I would call the figure's mold and paint job crude. I will proudly display the figure, but certainly not the most detailed representation of Batman available.

The DVD is merely a downgrade of the nicely done Blu-ray presentation.

Extras include the following:

Exclusive to Blu-ray...

  • Gotham City Secret Featurettes:

    • The Mystic Court of the Owls

    • Talons of the Owls

  • Batman vs. Robin Audio Commentary

  • From DC comics vault 4 bonus cartoons

  • Sneak Peak at DC Universe's Next Animated Movie - Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Whereas the direct to home video DC releases have been a mixed bag as the creators have experimented with different types of animation and string together the Batman mythos established various comics and other films; this release is fun, action packed, and retains a solid storyline throughout.

- Michael P. Dougherty II


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