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Bratz The Video – Starrin’ & Stylin’


Picture: C+     Sound: B-     Extras: C+     Main Program: C+



There has been a running joke in the world of programming for females about fashion obsessees being obnoxious, shallow, and dead-ended.  As a tie-in to the dolls line, Bratz the toy series becomes the animated Bratz The Video.  With the subtitle Starrin’ & Stylin’ (2004), it sounds like the first in a series of potential titles.  Jade, Sashe, Yasman and Chloe are the name of the quintet focused on and for a tie-in, it is nothing great, but surprises by making the girls younger and much less abrasive than those fashion victims of the animated Daria or the recent live-action Mean Girls.


It also makes them a bit smarter and nicer, thus, the toys will be more appealing.  All four are Hip Hip/Funk fans, but the music is not hardcore or layed on so heavily as to make this unwatchable.  Some of it is more Pop/Rock than anything else.  As a matter of fact, the reason it is kept to a minimum is because the creators again do not want to distract from selling toys.  The “fashion four” have an assignment to do videos about themselves so their teacher can learn more about them.  Though not great, this is not vulgar or harmless, so parents who want to get this for their young ladies don’t have to worry much, but I would expect the intended audience would get would get quickly bored.  Starrin’ & Stylin’ is for fans and preferably those who want or are getting the toys.


The image quality of the full screen, color animation is a bit soft, but it not awful.  Color range is limited somewhat, but the 1.33 X 1 composition seems 16 X 9 widescreen TV safe, though no anamorphically enhanced version of the 61-minutes-long show is available.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo has some Pro Logic surrounds and is the best feature of the disc, though our copy’s DVD case comes in a purse-like holder.  Other extras include a deleted scene from some other animated show they are in, a Music Video, eight Karaoke/Jukebox selections, “bloopers” of some sort, a Fashion Mall game, a Trivia Game, a “Love Horoscope” section, and a TV spot that sells the toys as much as this entire DVD.  It is pretty blatantly commercial DVD production, but Bratz The Video - Starrin’ & Stylin’ is harmless for the most part, so you know what you are getting.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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