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Hi-5 – Volumes 1 – 3 (Children/Educational)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: C-     Episodes: B-



A recent show that tries to cross being physically active with learning is Hi-5, offering five singing stars (Jenn, Kimee, Curtis, Karla and Shaun) who wear headsets as they launch each show and cover a different topic.  For the first three DVD volumes, we have:


Color Craze covering Animals, Nature, Favorites & Feelings

Music Magic covers Instruments, Styles, Music & Movement

Game Time covers Outside, Rainy Day, Fantasy


Though we have seen this kind of thing done better on the classic New Zoo Revue (reviewed elsewhere on this site), this attempt to do a hip variant is not unsuccessful, though the music is not as memorable as the best programming in its category.  However, it is at least trying to reach it children with something valuable and good, something about 90% of programming for the same audience could care less about these days.  The five performers deserve credit for doing things that would be otherwise embarrassing for most to do.


The show is shot on 1.33 x 1 videotape and has snippets of animation, but most of the shows are on sets and occasionally with puppets among its many props.  Though we recommend this show, it is to a limited, and very young audience, so parents who have an optional section to go to in the DVD menu to see how they can use this series as a teaching tool.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo has no surrounds whatsoever.


Other extras on all three DVDs include alternate ways to reach the three main programs with three pieces with each star, three “story time” segments, then legitimate sing along and karaoke section.  There are also previews for the other two volumes on each DVD and seven additional previews on each for other MGM Kids-label titles, including Hamilton Mattress, Stellaluna, Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids, and Hello Kitty (also reviewed on this site).  So though they remind me too much of the recently fallen boy bands, the performers of Hi-5 are ambitious enough that they offer something productive enough to justify trying out any single volume.  If you like it, get the others, if not, move on.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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