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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Two & A Half Men: The Complete 12th/Final Season (2014 - 2015/Warner DVD Set)

Two & A Half Men: The Complete 12th/Final Season (2014 - 2015/Warner DVD Set)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: D Episodes: B

After Walden (Ashton Kutcher) nearly kicks the bucket he decides his life needs to have more meaning ...and decides to become a father and adopt child, but in order to do so the adoption agency prefers to have married couples, so Walden proposes to Alan (Jon Cryer) his long time roommate and best friend. Together, they are in a sham gay marriage couple in which the must pretend to be mature adults and a 'healthy' household Two & A Half Men: The Complete 12th/Final Season (2014 - 2015).

Walden is a rich successful billionaire and Alan is a freeloader living (for four years) in Walden's billion dollar Malibu beach house. After Walden deciding he wants a child in their lives (both of them already had several failed marriages and girlfriends) he and Alan enter a fake gay marriage, in which they must pretend to be a couple and do everything together (minus the sex), good thing (and sad to say) they both have had the practice.

You have to wonder when a big time movie star (Ashton Kutcher) starts making comedy TV series is that the beginning or end of his career? This was a comical series about two men, one a drop dead gorgeous rich guy and the other a wimpy lackey/parasite, literally becomes two men and a half when they decide to add a kid into their lives. It makes fun of modern day single guys who have polar opposite lifestyles and somehow still ends up being best friends.

Picture and sound are much better than earlier seasons on DVD, but why no Blu-ray? Extras include gag reel.

The final episodes are...

The Ol' Mexican Spinach - After a health scare/heart attack on Halloween Walden decides his life needs more meaning.

A Chic Bar In Ibiza - Walden asks Alan to marry him. Guest star: Michael Bolton.

Glamping In a Yurt - Walden and Alan must fool the social worker that they are a loving gay couple.

Thirty-Eight, Sixty-Two, Thirty-Eight - Alan baby proofs the house and meets a birth mother.

Oontz, Oontz, Oontz - The guys decide on a 6 year old boy named Louis.

Alan Shot a Little Girl - Walden and Alan plays good dad and bad dad, where Alan spoils Louis to increase his reputation.

Sex With an Animated Ed Asner - The guys meet hot female mothers at the kids gym.

Family, Buble, Deep-Fried Turkey - Walden and Alan must convince Louis that Santa is real.

Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Lyndsey - Walden and Lyndsey decide to become 'intimate' parent friends ...with benefits.

Here I Come, Pants! - Miss McMartin, the social worker discover Walden and Alan are in a sham marriage.

For Whom the Booty Calls - Walden joins a support group for fathers.

A Beer Battered Rip-off - When Alan stops dating Miss McMartin, Alan worries they might lose Louis.

Boompa Love his Hookers - In order to keep Miss McMartin happy, Walden sleeps with her.

Don't Give a Monkey a Gun - Walden and Alan get a divorce.

Of Course He's Dead - Charlie, Alan's crazy brother, may be back from the dead and want revenge on Walden and Alan.

- Ricky Chiang


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