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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Drama > Teens > The Wonder Years: Season 3 (1989 - 1990/Time Life/Star Vista Entertainment DVD)

The Wonder Years: Season 3 (1989 - 1990/Time Life/Star Vista Entertainment DVD)

Picture: C Sound: C Extras: A Episodes: C+

For years, The Wonder Years has captured the eyes and the heart of the American household. Through the eyes of a growing child, we watched Kevin Arnold as he grows from a boy to a teenager to a young man surrounded by his friends and family that has helped him mature into a man. In this separate Season Three release, Kevin begins to coming into his manhood as he begins to notice girls from his first kiss to his first car.

Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) is your average America middle class boy growing up in the 1960s. His family is a your typical nuclear family with a hard working bread winner father and homemaker mother. His older brother Wayne is a jerk and the school bully, his older sister is a hippy wannabe with no sense of responsibility. Kevin's best friend is the nerdy Paul. And Winnie is the girl next door that Kevin has had a crush on ever since they were kids.

This was a blast from the past watching this old TV show and it is interesting to see the reflected ideas. songs and values of the '60s and '70s of the American household. The show reminds you of your childhood days, and the innocence of youth, so it holds up.

We have had slightly differing reviews of playback performanceon the show on this site, with The Complete Series reviewer liking it more than the Season Two writer, but I feel the latter applies for me here when he says 'the 1.33 X 1, 35mm color-shot episodes of Years (likely finished on analog videotape for their TV broadcast) looking good in daylight shots, but lacking in darker shots throughout.' Extras include Hall Pass: Round Table with Danica McKellar, Fred Savage, and Josh Saviano, A Family Affair: At Home with the Arnolds, and interviews with cast.

Episodes this time around are...

Summer Song - Kevin goes on a family trip and gets his first kiss.

Math Class - Kevin realizes he actually has to study for math class.

Wayne on Wheels - Wayne gets his driver's license, but Kevin want him to drive him to the mall to hit on girls.

Mom Wars - Kevin want to play football with the guys but his mom doesn't want him to get hurt.

On the Spot - The school puts on a play and Winnie gets the main part.

Odd Man Out - Kevin and Paul get into a fight and their friendship seems at risk.

The Family Car - The Arnolds get a new car, but their father doesn't want a fancier more expensive car.

The Pimple - Kevin gets his first pimple.

Math Class Squared - Kevin cheats on his math test.

Rock N' Roll - After watching The Beatles, Kevin decides he want to be in a band too.

Don't You Know Anything About Women? - Kevin goes to the school prom, but not with the girl he wanted.

The Powers that Be - Kevin gets a dog from his Grandpa, Jack is not happy.

She, My Friend and I - Kevin tries to help out Paul with a girlfriend, but Paul ends up falling for Winnie.

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre - Kevin writes a Valentine's Day card for Winnie, but the wrong girl gets it.

The Tree House - Jack and Kevin work on a tree house but it seems like the tree house lets Kevin spy on an attractive neighbor.

The Glee Club - The new student teacher tries to make something of the Glee Club.

Night Out - Kevin and Winnie get invited to a make out party.

Faith - It is tax season, but Norma loses the tax receipts.

The Unnatural - Kevin tries out for the school's baseball team, but finds out his father has a connection with the coach.

Goodbye - Kevin seeks a tutor to help with his math.

Cocoa and Sympathy - Paul develops a crush on Mrs. Arnold.

Daddy's Little Girl - Karen is leaving for college, Jack feels like he is losing his little girl.

Moving - Kevin learns that Winnie is moving.

- Ricky Chiang


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