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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Melodrama > Great Depression > Soap Opera > Teens > Children > TV > Little House On The Prairie: Season Six (1979 - 1980/NBC/Lionsgate Blu-ray)

Little House On The Prairie: Season Six (1979 - 1980/NBC/Lionsgate Blu-ray)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: C Episodes: A-

Little House on the Prairie (more like Little Town on the Prairie) continues its Blu-ray rollout with this upgraded Season Six Blu-ray set. It is a season of changes for the Ingalls, as little Laura Ingalls rapidly approaches womanhood she meets and falls in love with Almanzo Wilder. But will she be ready for everything? As she she becomes a teacher, she must learn and faces various challenges of being an adult, but with the love and support of the townsfolk of Walnut Grove she will surely become a new woman.

The Ingalls are the picture perfect ideal American family on the frontier, it would not be far fetched to say their family are one of the pillars of the community of Walnut Grove. Along with all the excitement and adventure, there is also danger on the frontier, but there is a bigger danger for Charles/Pa Ingalls now, his little Laura is growing up and starting to notices boys and boy are starting to notice her too. And while Ingalls girls are the town's little angels, Laura can be quite the little temptress/devil when other girls come between her and her man. But one does (and should) question Laura's choice in a man who is 1) twice her age, 2) beats up her student after thinking him getting too close to Laura and 3) only sees her as a woman after she legally turns 16.

Based on the popular children's book written Laura Ingalls Wilder as always noted when we cover these sets, it is the story of the Ingalls who lived on the American Frontier, the challenges and changes of nature and the families and children who grew up there. It is filled with wonders and yearning of a child and their dreams, hopes and fears.

The 1080p 1.33 X 1 digital High Definition image and lossless DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) Mono mixes show their age and are a little rougher than earlier seasons on Blu-ray, but look as good as we expect they ever will. Extras include the 'Little House' Phenomenon - A Lasting Legacy.

Episodes this time are...

Back to School Part I - A new teacher comes to Walnut Grove, but Laura in more interested in the Miss Wilder's brother Almanzo.

Back to School Part II - Laura and Nellie compete over Almanzo's attention.

The Family Tree - Laura and Albert is to make a family tree, but Albert needs to be formally adopted into the Ingalls family ...but then his real father shows up, and wants more of another farm hand than a son.

The Third Miracle - Adam and Mary got to Minneapolis to receive a teachers award and Laura and Albert helps fiance the way.

Annabelle - Nels is reunited with his sister Annabelle who works in the circus.

The Preacher Takes a Wife - The town priest falls in love with a woman, but Mrs. Olsen thinks it is sacrilege and plans to stop them.

The Halloween Dream - Albert dreams that he is an Indian.

The Return of Mr. Edwards - Mr. Edwards gets badly injured and loses his will to live, can Charles and Laura convince him to live again?

The King is Dead - Jonathan get hooked into a rigged wrestling game.

The Faith Healer - A fake Faith Healer tricks the town into believing his miracles and causes a tragedy.

Author! Author! - After Laura's grandmother passes away, her grandfather finds new meaning in life to write the story of their lives.

Crossed Connections - Telephones get installed in Walnut Grove, but Mrs. Olsen secretly listens in on private conversations.

The Angry Heart - Can the Ingalls help an abused boy change his colors when he is sent to live with his grandparents?

The Werewolf of Walnut Grove - A bully comes to school and almost cost Walnut Grove it's teacher.

Whatever Happened to the Class of '56? - Charles and Caroline return for their 25th class reunion.

Darkness is My Friend - 3 escaped convicts take control of the school of the blind.

Silent Promises - Laura helps a deaf boy learn to communicate with his father.

May We Make Them Proud, Part I - A tragedy occurs and the School for the blind burns down and Mary looses the baby.

May We Make Them Proud, Part II - Albert runs away, but can he face the truth that he started the fire?

Wilder and Wilder - Birds and bees are in the air and it seems like all the boys and girls are starting to notice each other, including Albert and Laura.

Second Spring - Nels tired of his nagging/spoiled family takes his business on the road, but then meets a beautiful Irish woman who makes him him second thoughts about his marriage.

Sweet Sixteen - Laura start her first teaching job and Almanzo finally begins to see her as a woman.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Part I - No sooner than Laura turn 16 she want to marry Almanzo, but when her father tells them to wait 2 years, to them it feels like forever.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Part II - As the new School for the Blind gets built Almanzo and Laura works over challenges in their relationship, specially getting jealous and keep secrets from each other.

- Ricky Chiang


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