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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Science Fiction > Future Justice (2014/Scorpio/MVD DVD)

Future Justice (2014/Scorpio/MVD DVD)

Picture: C Sound: B Extras: C+ Film: C-

Future Justice is set in the future and starts in a space station that houses prisoners on one of Saturn's moons. Python Diamond (Nat Sylva) is supposed to be a legendary political revolutionary that is being transported from Saturn's moon to Earth by the military. Sylva also was the screenwriter and chose the name Python Diamond, which to be feels like it was created from an adult film star name generator and it made me chuckle. I did some research and found that they only had a $10,000 budget to make this project. It was surprising, but when you think about it, very believable. Future Justice will make you keep looking on the back of the DVD case to see what year it was made. It looks and feels like it was made in the 80's, but it was only a year ago, also, it takes place in the future. The lines are cheesy and has a familiar premise to classics. Python, the terrorist outlaw, and Uxbridge (Aaron Andrade), a military guard that has known Python for a long time, have little moments where they clash, but sure enough Uxbridge needs Python's skills.

Poorly executed lines are not the only thing that makes Future Justice feel like it was made in the '80s with a very tight budget. The camera and equipment they used looked as if they went back in time and stole it from the set of Police Academy. I very much so enjoy Police Academy, but for an example as to how you can just look at a movie and sort of tell when it was made this was first movie I could think of to reference.

Looking at the set was also kind of tough at times especially right from the beginning when they are in the spaceship. You can tell right away that they haphazardly threw some plywood or cardboard together, painted a couple stripes on, and tossed some buttons up to try and resemble a spacecraft of sorts.

Overall, I think this movie could have had potential to be one of those movies you love to hate, but it came a few decades too late. The standard definition 1.78 X 1 anamorphically enhanced DVD probably helped it, because seeing it in 1080p would not have been necessary and the lossy Dolby Digital sound was on okay, but nothing great.

The only extra on this disc was a short film made for a 48 hour film festival.

- Jordan Whiteko


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