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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Comedy > Fantasy > Harem > Japan > TV > Hayate The Combat Butler: Season 1 (2005/Sentai Blu-ray)

Hayate The Combat Butler: Season 1 (2005/Sentai Blu-ray)

Picture: A+ Sound: B+ Extras: C Episodes: B+

After Hayate's irresponsible parents left him with a huge debt, Hayate met Nagi, the sole heiress to Sanzenin fortune. After Hayate rescues her from some kidnappers, Nagi becomes smitten for Hayate. Since then Nagi has paid off his debt and hired Hayate to be her personal butler. Nagi soon discovers, Hayate is the ultimate butler, he can do anything from serving tea to fighting gigantic robots. Nagi ends up falling in love with Hayate, but so does all her friends in Hayate The Combat Butler: Season 1 (2005).

Hayate has the worst luck in the world when it comes to his irresponsible parents, but because that Hayate has worked all his life with odd jobs and learned the skills to become the ultimate butler. His luck finally turns around when he becomes Nagi's butler. Now he works to protect and satisfy all her needs (and for some reason the girls all love Hayate crossdressing). He impresses all the girls around Nagi and his kindness know no limits, the only thing he lacks is that he is unaware of all the girls feelings toward him.

This has been a long comical anime series, with the first entire 52 episodes, but eventually it basically turns into a romantic comedy harem, with random butler battles from time to time. This series makes tons of references/homages to other manga/anime/TV series/movies/video games (just blurting out the first letter and muting out the rest name *copyright issues*).

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image again has amazing color, sharp images and great performance for the art style & pallets chosen among Sentai's best like the last Blu-ray set of the series we covered (Season 4), while the DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo lossless track on each show is warm, clean, well-recorded, well-mixed and has healthy Pro Logic-like surrounds. Extras include clean opening and closing animation and trailers.

The many episodes here include...

In English, "Unmei" Means "Destiny" - The first fated meeting of Hayate and Nagi.

A New Beginning with Nagi Sanzenin's Estate - Hayatte starts working as Nagi's butler... but first they must deal with his debt collectors.

The Beast, the Robot, and the Butler that Shouted, or Maybe Didn't Shout, Love at the Heart of the World - Hayate learn about the Sanzenin Estate and meets Tama, Nagi's talking pet tiger.

My First Errand ~ This is Snake, No Response - Hayate brings a bento to Nagi's school Hakuo Academy.

Thoughtless Jokes and Kindness Bring Misfortune - Hayate meets Nagi's childhood friend Sakuya and Izumi.

You Say You Can See Time, but That Is Probably Your Life Flashing Before Your Eyes - Hayate gets sick ...but now he has to survive Nagi's cooking.

A Man's Fight - Hayate meets Nagi's fiancee Wataru... who more interested in Izumi than Nagi.

Going to Hell in Cat-Ear Mode - Hayate discovers how much Nagi and Maria loves crossdressing him.

Elohim Essaim, Mr. Cow, Mr. Cow! What is it, Mr. Frog? - Hayate has to discover a way to get Nagi to enjoy going to school.

The Strangest Hyperdeflation Ever, Play Your Games and Don't Build Up a Backlog - A retro video game goes rogue.

The Value of My Life: Priceless - Hayate meets Nagi's grandfather who test him to see if he is worthy of Nagi.

Long Ago, WeLearned from a Space Sheriff that Being Young is About Not Looking Back - Hayate shares his dream in life and his childhood friend, Nishizawa discovers where he has been all this time and vows to chase after him.

I Hear that Those Who Rule the Summer Rule at Entrance Exams - Hayate take the entrance exams to Hakuou Academy to join Nagi in her school.

Hey, Hey! I Hafta Go to a Party! Hurry Up, Seriously! - Nagi throws a party for Hayate for entering Hakuou Academy, but....

Samurai, the Way of the Warrior, Van Damme in Action - Hayate enters school but has to impress all the heiresses.

Even in Defeat, Kendo Rage - Hayate combats the other 'butlers' in a kendo match.

For You, I Will Mow Them Down with Every Ounce of My Being! - Nagi does 'normal' chores for a day, but...

The Rare Cards Are Swimsuits - Swimsuits and fan service, enough said.

Miss Saki's Little Preoccupation (National Edition) 2007 - Wataru needs to get a present for Saki.

I Like Books, but Sing it, Great Palace of the Dragon King - Nagi and Nishizawa square off in a singing contest for Hayate.

A Big Brother, Even for Peter - Nagi and Hayate go on a date, but Robot 8 comes back for revenge on Hayate after defeating him in Episode 3.

I Wonder Who Came Up with the Sound Effect "Kapoon"? It's Awesome! - Nagi goes fishing with Hayate.

A Non-Kiddy Genius Teacher Appears - A new semester starts and a new teacher appears.

I've Never Had the Trouble of Being Too Popular - Izumi confesses her love for Hayate and Nagi realizes she's not the only girl who is in love with Hayate.

Hearts Wavering - Can Nagi win back Hayate's affections after treating him so badly?

The Delivery Was Made in 29 Minutes, So Please Pay the Stipulated Fee... Is a Thing of the Distant Past - Hayate gets amnesia and Nishizawa becomes his new Mistress.

Hayate Rising - Hayate enters a Butler Battle Contest.

Black Hayate - Hayate want to show his ultimate butler finishing move, but... it seems like no one want to fight him.

Match-Making Meeting - Wataru's maid goes on a marriage arrangement date.

The Beautiful Rich Great Young Detective Lady Saw It! The Case of the Murdered Female Teacher Amidst Clouds of Steam!! - Nagi and Hayate gets in fake murder mystery where the case gets anything but solved.

Do You Like Pretty, Rich Big Sisters? - Nagi plays 'big sister' for a day.

Devil Hunter Welcome Yoko Isumi , and Nabeshin - It's a guest character from another anime, Nabeshin, the afro anime.

Why?! Academy Culture Fest ~ Part 1 - It's the culture fest and everyone seems to want Hayate.

Why Dead? Academy Culture Fest ~ Part 2 - Nagi gets hypnotized by the chairman.

Must-See! Complete Autumn 2007 Guide of the Latest Fashionable Date Spots For the Young and Hip - Hayate and Maria go on a 'date' for Nagi's manga research.

Klaus is Japanese Because Name is Written "Kurausu" - Klaus wonder what good is he now that Hayate has take over his spot.

I Want to Go Back to Being an Ordinary Girl, but But My Character Songs, Okay? - Nagi 'tries' to be an ordinary girl for a day.

Hayate in Peril! All Functions Shut Down!! - Hayate meets Himegami, Nagi's ex-butler and gets cursed and loses all his butler powers.

Hurray for the Butler-in-Debt, Friend to Good Children! - Can Nagi break the Hayate's curse and win him back from the Superintendent?

New Year's Food is Good, But Have Some Hayate Too - It's new year's eve and Nagi wants to spend it alone with Hayate.

Despairing Goodbye to the Teacher - A Graduation Special - Is Katsura sensei retiring?

Like Dog, a Mouse, and a Bulldog - Nagi looks for Hayate's weak spot.

The Poseidon Advance Generator Gavas - Nagi and Hayate go on an ocean voyage.

The Mystery of the 120% Employment Rate (Temp.) - Nagi and Hayate talk about drawing manga.

It is Maria Appreciation Day! In February - Nagi and Hayate tries to get Maria to relax for a day.

His Name is Magic Ball Pitcher Wateru!! - Wateru follows Izumi to Hayate's old school.

Sure, Amuro May Have Had a Place to Return to, But... - Hayate goes on a break and is temporary replaced by Robo-Hayate No. 13.

Hina Love - Can Hina confess her love to Hayate?

Ordinary Stories - Everyone tells their scary (but pointless) story.

Quiz! Written as "Foe" and Read as "Friend"!! - Nagi and Nishizawa works together to win a contest.

Spring - Hayate makes it to the next grade and Nagi is finally able to confess her feelings for Hayate, they are bound together from now to forever.

Radical Dreams - Hayate and company goes to a tropical island and gets transported back in time.

- Ricky Chiang


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