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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Anime > Comedy > Drama > Slice Of Life > Japan > TV > My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu: Complete Collection (2013/Sentai Blu-ray)

My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu: Complete Collection (2013/Sentai Blu-ray)

Picture: A+ Sound: B+ Extras: C Episodes: B-

Hachiman, A.K.A. Hikki is the worlds biggest pessimistic and cynical boy in the world. He is blackmailed to join the Service Club with Yukino, the world's greatest egotistic girl. Together they are joined by Yuigahama the world's happiest go lucky girl, whom all other girls use her as a gopher. They are the outcasts of high school society and life, but together can they really believe people can be friends?

Hikki is the school biggest loser/loner, and while he is the world's biggest pessimist and cynic ...he is not wrong. He see the truth of what people truly are, materialistic weasels and leeches. He believes that no one truly is your friend, and if they are, they are only using you to climb the ladder of society. The world is ruled by bullies, alpha males and females. He is forced into the Service Club where he meets other outcasts of society like him. As they work improving their social skills will time prove them wrong ... or right? But together, they will have something they never had before ...friends.

This was an amusing high school drama. The entire series revolves around how unfair life is, not everyone can be popular and there is only one alpha female/male. The reasons why you can never get rid of bullies is because society thrives off victims and others will sacrifice them to move ahead. And the reason why there will always be victims is because the leaders/alpha males & females/bullies will always need/want others to do their work for them. It is a refreshing look at the world around us, the truth of the world, and that is the world isn't fair.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image quality across all the episodes are among Sentai's very best and demo quality all the way, while the lossless DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo sound on each is very impressive with some Pro Logic-like surrounds if you try them out. Extras includes clean opening and closing animations and trailers.

Episodes are...

And So, Their Mistaken Youth Begins - Hikki (Hachiman) meets Yukino and Yuigahama and joins the Service Club.

Surely Everyone Has Their Fair Share of Troubles - The Service Club meets Zaimokuza, a hard core Chunibyo.

Sometimes the God of Rom-Coms Does Nice Things - Yukino and Hikki team up together in a tennis match against Miura, the queen bee of the school.

In Other Words, He Doesn't Have Many Friends - The Service Club tries to figure out who started chain mail bullying others.

Once Again, He Turns Back to the Path from Whence He Came - The Service Club must help discover why a boy's older sister comes home late every night.

His Beginning With Her Finally Ends - Yuigahama mistakes Hikki and Yukino dating each other, and Hikki and Yukino must win her back to the club.

Anyway, Getting No Rest, Even Thought it's Summer Break, Just Isn't Right - The Service Club gets roped into helping out with a kid's summer camp.

One Day, They Will Learn the Truth - Can the Service Club help a young girl who is bullied by other girls?

For the Third Time, He Turns Back to the Path from Whence He Came - Hikki goes out on a date with Yuigahama.

The Distance Between Them Remains Unchanged as the Festival Becomes a Carnival - The school plans a cultural festival. Yukino is forced to do and plan all the work.

As So the Curtain on Each Stage Rises, and the Festival is Festivaling its Very Best - The Cultural Festival Chairman continues to do nothing but steal the credit for other people's work.

Thus, His and Her and Her Youth Continues to Be Wrong - The Cultural Festival Chairman realizes she is worthless on the planning committee and others realize only reason why she became the Chairman is because she wanted popularity and people to fawn over her.

Thus, Their Festival Will Never End - The Service club helps plan for the Sports festival. But are things really alright with how the way Service Club members are always treated? Always forced to do the work, get no credit and under appreciated?

- Ricky Chiang


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