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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Relationships > Melodrama > WWII > Japan > The Little House (2014 aka Chiisai Ouchi/Shochiku/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray)

The Little House (2014 aka Chiisai Ouchi/Shochiku/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray)

Picture: B+ Sound: B+ Extras: C Film: A-

PLEASE NOTE: This Blu-ray is now only available from our friends at Twilight Time, is limited to only 3,000 copies and can be ordered while supplies last from the links below.

A young man finds his aunt's auto-biography after her funeral in Yoji Yamada's The Little House (2014). A tale of her growing up as a maid in the middle of WWII, while the world will remember only the war and the terrible things that happened she remembers a quiet different tale, she remembers the happiness of the family she served and the times she spent with them. Regardless of time, age or role in history, she remembers a secret romance of he mistress... but separated by war, duty, social stigma, was a loss tale of love that has endured the test of time.

Taki, a young maid, recalls a tale of forbidden love between her mistress and an artist who worked with her husband. Even in the middle of a war, a forbidden love blossoms. While the world around them is surrounded by war, more important to Taki is the own war within her heart. Does her loyalty to her mistress, her duty, or the family she loves? As Taki's nephew reads his Aunt life story he wonder what happened to his Aunt and the family she loved?

This film takes a look into a role of a Japanese servant girl during the war. The world will remember Japan as one of the evil Axis Powers of WWII, but the film focuses more on a family, they were not so different than anyone else, and like any human, they have hopes, dreams, faults, tragedy ...question is what will we remember?

The 1080p 1.85 X 1 digital High Definition transfer looks really good throughout, including many interiors, while the Japanese DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 lossless mix is exceptionally clean and clear for a dialogue-based film. Extras include an illustrated booklet on the film with an essay by Julie Kirgo, while the Blu-ray disc adds an isolated music score track and trailers.

To order this limited edition Blu-ray and buy it while supplies last, visit these links:




- Ricky Chiang


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