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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Comedy > Fantasy > Harem > Sex > Japan > TV > The Comic Artist & His Assistants: Complete Collection (2014/Sentai Filmworks Blu-ray)

The Comic Artist & His Assistants: Complete Collection (2014/Sentai Filmworks Blu-ray)

Picture: B Sound: B+ Extras: C Episodes: B+

Aito is a minor manga artist. He is a lazy, perverted and loves drawing girls, boobs and panties ...and he uses his various assistants as 'reference/research' material for his manga. No matter what happens ....they MUST help Aito make his deadline, even if may involve them stripping and drawing them in the nude or their bra and panties. Aito is also a manga artist who can only work with beautiful girls, and while he is surrounded by girls he constantly wants to do adult (ecchi) things to them, all for the sake of his manga 'research' (~yeah ...right) in The Comic Artist & His Assistants: Complete Collection (2014).

His main assistant is Ashisu who also wishes to become a main stream manga artist. Rinna is Aito's 2nd assistant and the most well endowed (also a fan/follower of his manga) and while she supports him the most, she can't draw (but that's OK by Aito). Sena is Aito's last assistant and is a super assistant gothic lolita jailbait. Together, they are watched over by Mihari, Aito's editor (and also his childhood friend). While the girls all hate Aito's 'ecchi' ways, they continue to be his 'assistants' because can't just abandon him when he comes crying/begging for help (with his manga ...well mostly).

This series is not as much as a series as a bunch of shorts, each 'episode' is less then 10 minutes long and is more or less about the main protagonist trying to get into the girl's panties. It makes fun of a ecchi/naughty manga and manga artists.

The 1080p digital High Definition image across all the episodes is good, but not always great, while the lossless Japanese DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo with some Pro Logic-like surrounds is better than usual to the point it helps the picture. Extras include trailers, clean opening and closing animations, and Episode 12 closing karaoke version.

Episodes are...

Master the Boobs!/The Dream Job/Panty Wars/Mihari Otosuna's Day Off - Yuto Aito is a lecherous perverted manga artist and he dreams of drawing his assistant's ...panties.

The New Assistant/That's Most Important/Together for the First Time - Rinna joins as Aito's new assistant. Aito's announces the most important thing for in (his) manga is panties. Ashisu remembers her first time working with Aito.

Smutty Magazine Panic/Can I Nurse Her to Health?/The Black Comet - The girls discover Aito's adult magazine collection. Ashisu get sick and Aito gets to 'take care' of her. Sena a gothic lolita super assistant joins Aito's group.

S&M/The Mascot Character/Introducing Bra-mew/Seventeen Mihari - Sena is into S&M (unfortunately Aito seems to like it). Aito creates a new mascot character Bra-mew, a bra wearing cat. Mihari remembers her High School days with Aito.

Shock in the Park/Someday/Using Those Around You for Inspiration - Aito's ranking drops and he is banned from drawing panties. Ashisu dreams of become a manga artist herself too one day. Aito uses Mihari as his news character in his comic.

Let's Go to the Hot Spring - Aito takes the girls to the beach and the hot springs.

The Attack of the Little Sister/Their Night Together/A Piggyback for the Super-Assistant - Ashisu's little sister comes for a visit. Mihari sleeps over. Sena hurts he leg and Aito gives her piggybacks all day.

Looked Over by the Editor-in-Chief/To Feel Like a Girl/Overdoing it - The Editor-in-Chief confronts the girls and their feelings toward Aito. Aito crossdresses. Aito actually gets his work done on time for once.

Past Mistakes - Aito and Mihari go to a High School reunion and Mihari remembers why she cut short her hair.

Sena's Close Call/I'll Cheer You On!/Rain Talk - Sena gets stuck in an elevator with Aito. Rinna cheers Aito on, but will he nose bleed to death first before he finishes his manga? Aito wants to do the 'rainy day' scene with Ashisu.

The Feared Transformation/You Can Do it, Sena/Know Thyself - Mihari gets a little 'bigger'. Sena gets drunk. Ashisu wonders what her manga lacks.

Progress/The End of Summer/Psychological Profiling Using Underwear - Ashisu improves on her manga. Aito proposes to Ashisu if she never becomes a manga artist. Aito profiles each of the girls by her panties.

Ashisu's Holiday/You Never Know Until You Try - It's Ashisu's day off and Aito can't leave her alone in peace. Aito tries on a skirt and panties.

The Dreaming Comic Artist - Aito dreams of the girls doing EVERYTHING he want.

Study Date - Aito goes on a research 'date' with Mihari

Protect the Cute - Aito can't make his deadline when lets everything cute get to him.

Little Sister vs. Editor-in-Chief - Ashisu's little sister fight with the Editor-in-Chief in who is the sexier loli.

Perfect Day for a Nap/When Assistants Snap - Sena and the Editor-in-Chief slips into Aito's bed. Ashisu vents her frustration on Aito.

- Ricky Chiang


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