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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Drama > Religion > Comedy > Animals > Adventure > Education > Action > TV > The Beginners Bible, Volume Three (1995/Time Life DVD)/Celebrate Fall! (Nickelodeon DVD)/Lalaloopsy: Band Together/Max Steel Go, Turbo! (2013/Lionsgate DVDs)/Power Rangers: The Legendary Battle (Lions

The Beginners Bible, Volume Three (1995/Time Life DVD)/Celebrate Fall! (Nickelodeon DVD)/Lalaloopsy: Band Together/Max Steel Go, Turbo! (2013/Lionsgate DVDs)/Power Rangers: The Legendary Battle (Lionsgate DVD)/Puppy Palooza (2015/Nickelodeon DVD)

Picture: C/B/B-/B-/B/B- Sound: C/B/B-/B/B-/B- Extras: D/D/C-/D/C-/D Main Programs: C+/A-/B/B+/C+/A-

The Beginners Bible, V.3

The Beginners Bible is a collection of a few titles from cheaply made cartoons that were made to teach the kids some of the stories of the Bible and keep them entertained. There are three episodes on this: The Story of Jesus and His Miracles, The Story of the Good Samaritan, and The Story of the Prodigal Son.

These were originally made in 1995 and is approximately 90 minutes long. The Beginners Bible is presented in standard definition 1.33 X 1 on DVD and the lossy Dolby Digital audio is okay. The cartoons themselves are meant to teach and keep a child's attention and not to be made to blow us away with the technology they used, so, if you're looking for introductory religious lessons for your child they may be worth trying. There are no extras on the disc.

Celebrate Fall!

Celebrate Fall! is one you can pop this in for your children and keep them entertained for a little bit. The only difference is that these episodes are all about the season fall. This is also a single disc and the episode and shows include: PAW Patrol "Pups Save a Talent Show/Pups Save the Corn Roast", Blaze and the Monster Machines "Truckball Team-Up", Wallykazam! "The Explorers Club", Bubble Guppies "Gobble Gobble Guppies", Team Umizoomi "The Ghost Family Costume Party", and lastly, Fresh Beat Band "Giant Pumpkin".

PAW Patrol is once again the best one on this disc. The puppies save the day, as expected, but if that is not enough for the children they also sing a song. Bubble Guppies has mermaids and is kind of weird because they get creatures under the sea that are basically just animals and sometimes throw some fins on them.

There are only six shows on this disc and is presented in widescreen and full screen format with lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 audio. It runs approximately 137 minutes. There are no extras on the disc.

Lalaloopsy Band Together

Lalaloopsy Band Together is a fun show that is catered mainly to young girls. Not to say young boys will not enjoy the show, but it is easy to see that is not their main demographic. The team behind Lalaloopsy is pretty smart, because they are rag dolls in the show, but also in real life for kids to buy. This movie is entertaining, but you can see that it shows new characters for kids to buy with a musical theme and accessories.

The animation is fun and playful looking for children. It reminded me of those peel and stick sticker books when I was a kid. The quality is good, which is expected for this type of cartoon. Lalaloopsy Band Together is presented in standard definition 16 X 9 widescreen format 1:78.1 and runs for approximately 45 minutes. When you see a cartoon movie that runs for only 45 minutes you think it is just a long episode and it kind of is. The audio is English, lossy 5.1 Dolby Digital and sounds crisp and clear.

There is one bonus short with the title "Super Silly Party" on this single disc. The movie also includes a digital copy to take on the go.

Max Steel Go, Turbo!

Max Steel Go, Turbo! is a pretty decent movie. It comes across as a movie that young boys will enjoy, but young girls can enjoy it as well. It has nice comedic elements between Max and Steel, no the main character's name is not Max Steel. Steel is his alien technology friend that powers him up to make him go turbo. However, the movie, which runs for approximately 64 minutes, feels like just an hour long version of the show. When you see a movie based on a show I expect something more original to happen. This felt more like an hour long special.

The single disc is in standard definition and 16 X 9 widescreen 1.78:1 format. The quality of the picture is pretty decent, even though it is not in HD; probably produced that way of course. The animation looks pretty good when a Blu-ray player upscales the quality. There are a few moments of action packed audio in the movie and the English, lossy 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio comes through crisp and clear.

There are no extras on the disc. Overall, it is a fun movie to watch and kids will enjoy a young kid joining forces with an alien to become a superhero.

Power Rangers: The Legendary Battle

Power Rangers: The Legendary Battle was a fun movie to watch. It has costumes from Power Ranger shows and movies from the past that gives you a nostalgic feeling that makes you want to go watch the original. I enjoyed how they had the original green ranger, Tommy (Jason David Frank) make an appearance.

The acting seemed about the same as the originals. It was like watching an overplayed soap opera, but with explosions, monsters, and Power Rangers kicking butt. The movie did have a lot of build up to all these legendary Power Rangers and their abilities, but we don't see them for very long. It leaves you wanting more and just when they come on screen they are taken away.

Technically Power Rangers The Legendary Battle could have had more attention to detail. It was kind of all over the place with the megazord scenes being live action (like the original), but then in some places it was very obvious and cheaply made CGI, then there were scenes that just had the image flipped.

The disc was standard definition 16 X 9 widescreen 1.78:1. Sticking it in a Blu-ray player in which it will upscale the quality of your standard definition DVDs helped. It looked pretty good and it comes with a digital copy, which is always good in case you want to load it on an iPad to take on the go for your kids or even yourself. I listened to the movie on my surround sound and it was pretty decent with its dolby digital audio. Every explosion and punch came through clear.

There is one extra on the disc and it is "Power Rangers: A Legacy" featurette. It also includes a digital copy if you want to enjoy it on the go.

Puppy Palooza

Puppy Palooza is great for anyone that has children or children visiting. It has quite a few episodes from everyone's favorite nick junior hit shows. The content in each episode is fun in a playful sort of way. The shows and episodes on this single disc are: PAW Patrol "Pups Save a Super Pup/ Pups Save Ryder's Robot", Bubble Guppies "Bubble Puppy!", Dora the Explorer "Puppies Galore", Team Umizoomi "Buster the Lost Dog", Blue's Clues "Magenta Comes Over", and finally, Mutt & Stuff "Mutt & Stuff".

PAW Patrol is huge with children right now and I can understand why. It is a show centered around puppies saving the day and not just one episode with a bunch of puppies, which is what the other shows feature. Blue's Clues is a classic show that I remember growing up with and it focuses on the clues, of course, more than the dogs. Mutt & Stuff I have never experienced though, but it is sort of in the style of one of the greatest characters from my childhood, Barney. So, that is always nice to see.

The seven episode single disc is presented in widescreen and full screen format with lossy Dolby Digital audio. It runs for approximately 137 minutes and is not rated, only because there are multiple shows. There were no extras on the disc.

- Jordan Whiteko


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