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Category:    Home > Reviews > Superhero > Action > Adventure > Drama > TV > The Flash: The Complete First Season + Green Arrow: The Complete Third Season (2014 - 2015/DC Comics/Warner Blu-ray Sets)

The Flash: The Complete First Season + Green Arrow: The Complete Third Season (2014 - 2015/DC Comics/Warner Blu-ray Sets)

Picture: B+ Sound: A- Extras: B- Episodes: B+/B

The Flash: Season One

With many DC/Marvel properties having failed to be adequately portrayed on television and films alike, it is always somewhat worrisome when a new series hits the small screen.

The newest DC series to hit TV is The Flash starring Grant Gustin. Taking place in Central City, The Flash starts off with the unassuming Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) working as a CCPD Forensic Scientist. Highly intelligent and highly motivated, we find that Barry was emotionally scarred as a young boy witnessing his mother's murder by some mysterious yellow/red blur. For this murder Barry's father Henry (John Wesley Shipp of the early-1990s Flash TV series) was arrested; a wrong that Barry is seeking to right. After his mother's murder, Barry was taken under the wing of Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin); who insured that Barry grew up to be an upstanding citizen. Secretly Barry has fallen in love with Joe's daughter Iris (Candace Patton). Barry seems to be the only one sure of his father's innocence, something that doesn't slow him down.

One fateful night after a super collider at STAR Labs is turned on by Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanaugh), something goes wrong and a flash of energy shoots out into Central City; particularly into Barry Allen's lab. The energy beam puts Barry into a coma for 9 months, awakening to Dr. Wells and his team of scientists carrying for him. Dr. Wells explains that things have changed, but before much more can be said Barry is off and running to see Iris. Barry quickly realizes that the world is slowing down around him, but takes Dr. Wells to explain the world is not slowing down, but Barry is moving extraordinarily fast.

In that moment The Flash is born; but Barry is not alone. The energy burst has created a class of humans all demonstrate superhuman powers; super humans not necessarily using their powers for good. The likes of Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) arise to reap havoc on Central City. If that weren't enough other creatures arise like that of Grodd the telepathic and strong Gorilla; making Barry's new job as the resident hero all the more difficult.

The series does an excellent job of establishing The Flash mythos in an intelligent, well written manner; while maintaining the charisma and flare we expect from The Flash. We are also treated to a host of cameos from other superheroes (something usually reserved for later seasons) like that of Arrow (Stephen Amell) and The Atom (Brandon Routh). The series keeps you on the edge of your seat with engaging storylines and fast paced action. I was never bored and always wanted to see more. Again writers have become savvy to the fact that gone are the days of ''villain of the week'' and fans want continuity, depth, and character development; all things that are delivered here with The Flash.

And Speaking of cameos from heroes and villains alike, a certain Trickster shows his face again 25 years later...

The extra features include:

  • Audio Commentary (Pilot Episode)

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Behind the Story: The Trickster Returns

  • The Fastest man Alive

  • Creating The Blur

  • The Chemistry of Emily and Grant: Screen Test

  • DC Comics Night at Comic Con 2014

  • Gag Reel

Arrow: Season Three

*Spoiler Alert*

Now in its Third Season, Arrow has truly grown on me. Just like Batman has Gotham, Superman has Metropolis, and The Flash has Central City; Arrow has Starling City.

Now with some major saves under his belt, Arrow is an established hero in Starling City. He has defeated Slade Wilson, but there is no time to rest as Oliver Queen looks to pull (hold) his family back together. Queen Consolidated has been sold to billionaire scientist and aspiring superhero Ray Palmer (AKA The Atom played by Brandon Routh), but the controversy with the old Queen Consolidated [now Palmer Industries] is far from over. An old enemy comes from the shadows as Ra's Al Ghul (Matthew Nabel) looks to stir up some trouble for Arrow in Starling City.

This season sees many characters stepping into the roles of others, looking to bring justice to the role; but controversy and trouble is never far behind. Controversy within Starling City would be the best way to describe Season Three of Arrow. The series seems to get more engaging each season, with character development and depth making the series certainly one to watch.

The extras included are:

  • Second Skins: Creating the Uniforms of Arrow

  • Nanda Parbat: Constructing the Villains Lair

  • Audio Commentaries (2 episodes)

  • Arrow at Comic Con 2014

  • The Man Beneath the Suit: Atom's first Flight

  • Gag Reel

  • Deleted Scenes

The technical features of each set are pretty on par with one another and are very nice. The picture of each is a 1080p 1.78 X 1 High Definition that boasts of solid contrast, detail, and texture. The colors on Arrow are improved over previous seasons (more consistent) and The Flash in its first season hits the ground running with a bold primary color palette that is pleasing from beginning to end. The image on both is crisp, clean and clear throughout; as well as demonstrating a good bit of texture, truly bringing the superhero experience to life. The sound on each is a lossless 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio that is very well done in the Flash and Arrow alike, managing to use the entire speaker range creating an energetic atmosphere. The dialogue projects with ease, clearly through the center speakers as the surrounds light up with action and ambient noises.

The Digital HD Copies included with these releases are merely downgraded releases of the Blu-ray so that the series can be used on other devices.

Marvel may have a hold on the big screen (for now), but between Gotham, The Flash, and Arrow DC is ruling the small screen and if they keep delivering series like The Flash... there is no slowing down.

- Michael P. Dougherty II


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