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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Satire > Spoof > Action > Espionage > Spy (2015/Unrated/Fox Blu-ray)

Spy (2015/Unrated/Fox Blu-ray)

Picture: A- Sound: A Extras: A- Film: B-

Spy is not my first experience with the comedic styles of Melissa McCarthy and this is about on the same playing field as some of her other movies like, The Heat or Identity Thief. She uses an "I am a big, tough, confident lady and can do anything attitude" and it can usually work for her. In this movie she does not branch away from her comfort zone. Melissa McCarthy is able to entertain.

Her movies are especially easy to watch, because they are meant to be fun or something you can relax and just watch. The movie Spy has a surprisingly nice cast with Jude Law as top spy Bradley Fine, Rose Byrne as the attractive female villain Rayna Boyanov, Jason Statham as the goofball/serious agent Rick Ford, and of course Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper and a few other spy alias' she takes on. When they decide to do some appearance jokes towards Susan (McCarthy) they lay them on thick.

The shining star of this film is Jason Statham's character, who is very funny in the movie, which is not that surprising, but what he says to Susan (McCarthy) can be shocking at times. Without spoiling anything, because it is in the trailer, one of his best lines in Spy is how he refers to Melissa McCarthy looking like Santa Claus' wife. He outshines Jude Law and some other big celebrities in this movie, but even Jude Law has his moments.

Also, Rose Byrne is, of course, very funny in this movie. But again, she is another one that lays the appearance jokes on pretty thick when addressing Susan (McCarthy). So, there are times when it feels kind of one note, meaning there is a lot of jokes about her looks. However, they are all different or slight adjustments to the jokes and still very funny.

Director and writer Paul Feig, who has worked with Melissa McCarthy before, does try and mask the fact that the jokes are relatively the same as all McCarthy movies. Although, he does it with a new movie for her, we cannot ignore the fact that this is just another parody of James Bond movies. Spy gives us enough to sit through our seats, but we have seen this movie before.

The movie is worth a watch, not only to watch Jason Statham doing comedy, but because it is still a funny and entertaining movie to watch. Pretty much everyone age appropriate can enjoy this movie. It is not just a movie to watch on girl's night, because it has something everyone can enjoy.

Spy is presented in Blu-ray 1080p high definition in a 2.39:1 widescreen format, which looks very nice in every scene. The picture quality is crisp, clear, and has nice warm colors throughout the film. With the action scenes you get to see in the movie it sounds very good and is presented in lossless English DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 7.1 mix.

There are a few bonus features on Spy, which include "over 2 hours of locked and loaded laughing." There are 3 Redacted Scenes, 15 Classified Alternate Scenes, 2 Top Secret Gag Reel, Cutting Room Floor Outtakes including Susan and Her Men, The Great Rick Ford, and For Your Eyes Only: Jokes-A-Plenty, How Spy Was Made: 8 Behind-the-Scenes featurettes, and Audio Commentary.

- Jordan Whiteko


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