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Category:    Home > Reviews > Reality TV > Cable > Treasure Hunt > The Curse Of Oak Island: Season 2 (2015/History Channel/A&E/Lionsgate DVD Set)

The Curse Of Oak Island: Season 2 (2015/History Channel/A&E/Lionsgate DVD Set)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: C Episodes: A-

Welcome (back; we didn't cover the debut season, but we'll try later) to Oak Island, for over 200 years Oak Island has kept it's secrets from treasure hunters of the world, what lies beneath it's waters? From Ark of the Covenant, pirate gold to the lost manuscript of Shakespeare, it may hold relics of unspeakable value. Rick and Marty Lagina and the Oak Island team seek to break the 200 year old mystery with modern technologies, but can they beat the ancient trap and the cursed that 7 men will die before the treasure is found?

By The Curse Of Oak Island: Season 2 (2015), Oak Island has been said to a treasure island, filled with not only pirate treasure but even treasure from King Solomon's Temple. However, the treasure has been booby trapped, all attempts have cause the mine shafts to be filled with sea water. As they dig deeper into the 'Money Pit', the 10-X shaft and the swamp so does the danger. Who would have built this ancient treasure vault and deadly trap to guard the vault? Filled with multiple secrets, hidden tunnels and chambers there is no question that parts of the island were man made.

This is a great series for those who love treasure. What child hasn't heard and dreamed of finding long lost treasure? Each clue fuels their determination, each story adds to it's legend, each death adds to the danger, thinking about the all the possibilities was just breath taking. Given the incredible construction to the island and impossible traps, how can something NOT be buried there?

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image and lossy Dolby Digital sound are as good as they could possibly for this format, so why no Blu-ray? Extras include misc facts/legends of Oak Island.

Episodes include...

Once In, Forever In - Rick and Marty return to find clues in the swamp.

Return to the Money Pit - Continuing to dig in the Money Pit, a visitor claims the treasure could be from King Solomon's Temple.

The Eight-Pointed Star - Rick and Marty are shown a symbol that might prove the Templar Knights were there before Columbus.

The Breakthrough - The Oak Island team find new evidence in the Money Pit.

The 90-Foot Stone - An new visitor discovers a second code on the 90 foot stone that might be the clue to stopping the trap of Oak Island.

Seven Must Dye - The Oak Island team searches for the man made flood tunnels.

The Trail of the Templars - While the swamp drains, the team journeys to Europe to learn of the legend of the Templar's Treasure.

X Marks the Spot - Rick and Marty learn there might be another shaft the connects and leads to the Money Pit.

A Dangerous Dive - Rick and Marty hire a team of divers to enter 10-X shaft.

The Big Reveal - With the path blocked for the divers, a drone confirms what was said to be discovered at the bottom of 10 X shaft 40 years earlier.

- Ricky Chiang


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