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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Fantasy > Adventure > Japan > TV > Chaika: The Coffin Princess - Complete Collection (2014/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Chaika: The Coffin Princess - Complete Collection (2014/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Picture: A+ Sound: B+ Extras: C Episodes: A-

Toru and Akari are 'saboteurs' for hire when they are hired by the mysterious (and more) coffin carrying white haired princess Chaika. Together, they help her bizarre quest to find the remains of her father, the former Emperor of the Gaz Empire, but they aren't the only ones who are after the remains, secret organizations and governments want the remains to unlock the Emperor's secrets.

In Chaika: The Coffin Princess - Complete Collection (2014), Toru, Akari and Chaika soon find themselves in the biggest adventure ever. Toru and his (self proclaimed) step sister sister are saboteurs, killers hired to do anything to complete their master's mission, but after the war find themselves without jobs until they are hired by the wandering Chaika. Chaika hires them to help her find and collect the remains of the former emperor (whom has just recently be defeated) after his 500-year reign. However, various other groups and organizations want to stop Chaika because of rumors that she will revive the dead Emperor, but also they want the remains of the Emperor's body because it is super 'psychofuel' for powerful magic.

This was a like a mix of Dungeons and Dragons with cute anime characters. The story is the usual mysterious girl with a quest against the world with romantic comedy on the side. As the story unfolds, it is all a complex plot in which the characters discover they being are used as pawns for the ambitions of greedy men and corrupt governments. My only question is can you really call something 'Complete Collection' when the series leaves on a cliffhanger and there another part coming?

The 1080p digital High Definition 1.78 X 1 presentation is another gem from Sentai throughout, while the lossless DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo Japanese tracks bests the english version via its naturalism. Extras include Japanese promos, clean opening and closing animations, and trailers.

Episodes are...

The Girl Who Bears the Coffin - Chaika meets and hires Toru and Akari to be her guardians and protectors.

The Lazy Man's Choice - Toru, Akari and Chaika learns most of the emperor's body parts have been separated and used for profit.

The Forrest Where the Hero Dwells - Toru, Akari and Chaika search the forest for the legendary hero that was said to control a Dragoon.

The Dragoon's Wish - Toru discovers the shape shifting Dragoon Frederica and she joins their crew for the chance to fight (and eat) Toru.

The Pursuer and the Perused - Toru discovers another group who is after the Emperor's remains... a Red Chaika?

Red and White - The Red and White Chaika team up together (temporary) to escape those who are after them.

The Valley of No Return - Toru, Akari, Chaika and Frederica enter a valley where all their fantasies and nightmares come true.

Empire of Consolation - Toru, Akari and Chaika run into a group of thieves ...pretending to be her.

The Value of Memories - It is Victory Day and it seems like everywhere magic psychofuel is sold out.

Fortress in the Sky - Akari and Chaika get captured while investigating a fly fortress.

The False Princess - Toru discovers an evil Chaika and that Chaika's memories were all created.

Those Left Behind - With the revelation that 'Chaika' was a puppet for the late Emperor, can they continue on their journey knowing that they are pawns in a larger mystery?

- Ricky Chiang


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