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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Comedy > Satire > TV > Family Guy: Season 13 (2014 - 2015/Fox DVD Set)

Family Guy: Season 13 (2014 - 2015/Fox DVD Set)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: C Episodes: B

Highly praised for its creative take on pop culture and the American family, Family Guy is now ranked amongst the ''greatest animated TV series of all time.'' Now approaching its 14th Season, Family Guy shows no signs of slowing down. The series has no true continuity, nor are there many ''2 part'' episodes; but does have a plethora of call backs to previous events, gags, and characters.

As a special and almost shocking treat, Season 13 here on DVD kicks off with ''The Simpsons Guy'' Parts 1 and 2. This was a special cross over episode where the Griffin's end up in Springfield only to cross paths with the Simpsons. The families essentially pair up as Peter joins Homer, Stewie and Brian with Bart, Lois with Marge, Chris with Maggie, and Meg with Lisa. There are also a plethora of guest stars (voices) that appear throughout to only heighten this already landmark event. The episode was a true blend of both worlds, allowing both to shine. From its beginnings Family Guy was criticized for being a knock-off of The Simpsons, but here the creators of Family Guy (who wrote this episode) show their true admiration and respect for the now classic series.

Other events throughout Season 13 included but weren't limited to Meg being a foot fetish model, Joe writing a children's book, Peter and Lois opening a cookie shop, a time travel episode, the return of Jesus, and even Stewie carrying Brian's babies.

The series remains fresh, full of life, and pushes the boundaries of what is appropriate for TV. Consistently offensive, yet inspiring Family Guy is amongst the best series on television that allows us to laugh at and question the ridiculousness of modern culture.

Disc 1:
**The Simpsons Guy, Part 1 & 2
**Book of Joe
**Baking Bad
**Brian the Closer
**Turkey Guys

**On the Road to Springfield: The Making of "The Simpsons Guy" (Featurette)
**Deleted Scenes
**Audio Commentary on "The Simpsons Guy"
**Audio Commentary on "Turkey Guys"

Disc 2:
**The 2000-Year-Old Virgin
**Stewie, Chris, & Brian's Excellent Adventure
**Our Idiot Brian
**This Little Piggy
**Quagmire's Mom
**Encyclopedia Griffin

**Deleted Scenes
**Audio Commentary on "The 2000-Year-Old Virgin"
**Audio Commentary on "Stewie, Chris, & Brian's Excellent Adventure"
**Full Episode Animatic on "Stewie, Chris, & Brian's Excellent Adventure"

Disc 3:
**Stewie is Enceinte
**Dr. C & The Women
**Once Bitten
**Roasted Guy
**Fighting Irish
**Take My Wife

**Deleted Scenes
**Audio Commentary on "Once Bitten"
**Audio Commentary on "Roasted Guy"

The DVD sets have FINALLY switched from the ''Volume System'' to the ''Season Set System,'' a mistake that was made early with the DVD releases and finally managed to catch up. The technical features this season are again similar (if not exactly the same) as the previous several seasons/volumes on DVD. The picture is again presented in a clean, clear, crisp 1.78 X 1 Widescreen that demonstrates vibrant colors and a near pristine image. The sound is a lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 surround track that is lively, getting the job done without too many issues. A future upgrade to Blu-ray would truly amp up all technical features; so here's to hoping for that and perhaps a retroactive release of all previous seasons in one huge set. The host of musical numbers remains full of lively action and a packed orchestral back track that make Family Guy a rather impressive series.

- Michael P. Dougherty II


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