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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Action > Fantasy > Science Fiction > Adventure > 3D CGI > Japan > Harlock: Space Pirate 3D (2013/Twilight Time Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray 2D Set)

Harlock: Space Pirate 3D (2013/Twilight Time Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray 2D Set)

3D & 2D Picture: A+ Sound: B Extras: A Animated Film: A

PLEASE NOTE: The Harlock: Space Pirate 3D Blu-ray set is now only available from our friends at Twilight Time, is limited to only 3,500 copies and can be ordered while supplies last from the links below.

In the future, mankind has spread among the stars, but with the ever expanding population the human race was running out of planets and resources, and began returning to Earth. However, Earth can not support all the remaining humans and became a battleground for centuries. Under the GAIA Coalition, only the wealthy and nobles were allowed to return. For the last century, only Captain Harlock and his immortal ship and crew has challenge the GAIA rule and has been branded as the Galaxy's most want criminals in Shinji Aramaki's Harlock: Space Pirate 3D (2013).

Logan, a young man and the newest addition to the Pirate Spaceship Arcadia, has been sent as a spy to help the federation to catch and bring down the space criminal known only as Harlock. As he lives, works and breathe with the crew he is amazed Harlock's will and the crew's loyalty. Searching for Harlock's true purpose, he discovers an even darker secret, that the federation and GAIA Coalition has been hiding the truth about Earth and Harlock has been the only one fighting against them. But soon, Logan must decide where his own loyalties lies, and face his own past including his own brother Ezra, an Admiral of the federation who continues to protect the GAIA Coalition and their lies.

This was an amazing recreation of the Space Pirate Captain Harlock movie with new 3D animation and CGI. Harlock is all about a lone captain fighting for freedom and the people against overwhelming odds. This film had incredible graphics, space battles and combat worth of it's legacy.

The 1080p 2.35 X 1 MVC-encoded 3-D - Full Resolution digital High Definition image and 2D versions are here on separate Blu-ray discs, but have equally stunning playback, no matter which one you choose. As state of the art as the Anime genre can offer in the 3D CGI world, the only way you won't be impressed is if 3D CGI is not your thing. The DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 lossless mix is here in English and even better, original Japanese with a strong, consistent, warm, rich soundfield that is restrained, but has it moments.

Extras include an Isolated Score Track (Original Japanese Version only at a slightly longer 115 minutes vs. 111 minutes for the International Cut with 3D option)by Tetsuya Takahashi, Interviews with Harlock Creator Leiji Matsumoto, Director Shinji Aramaki & Adaptation/Screenwriter Harutoshi Fukui, The Making of Harlock: Space Pirate featurette, Venice Film Festival World Premiere Highlights, Storyboard Galleries, TV Spots and Original Theatrical Trailers.

Get this set while supplies last!!!

To order this limited edition Blu-ray 3D set, buy it and other great exclusives (again) while supplies last at these links:




- Ricky Chiang


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