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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Historical > TV Mini Series > Saints & Strangers (2015 TV Mini-Series/Sony DVD)

Saints & Strangers (2015 TV Mini-Series/Sony DVD)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: C- Episodes: B+

The Pilgrims came in search of a new world, but before the settle in they will have to face the elements, hunger, disease, enemy Indians and other dangers. They came in search of freedom, but what they did was have to survive. They hoped for peace, but instead they brought war in Paul Edwards' Saints & Strangers, a new 2015 TV Mini-Series on the sometimes controversial first settlers in what is now the United States.

After being blown off course, the Pilgrims decide to settle in Plymouth, after surviving the first harsh winter low on food and supplies they depended on the aid and help of the Indians (aka Native Americans). While they traded with the Indians, by far it didn't mean they trust them, just as long as they could use them. The Indians respected the English but the various tribes fought among each other one whether to allow these outsiders to survive. Peace was kept only as long as they need each other. While Governor William Bradford wanted to keep the peace, the peace would soon be broken when the English breaks their word.

This was an eye opener for American history. While most of us was taught in school that the Pilgrims came in search of religious freedom, made peace and had the first Thanksgiving, the history books neglected to mention that there were also soldiers and companies there to make a profit as well (and they had to kill a few Indians too), also they left out what happen after the first year. A more adept name for the series would have been
Saints & Sinners, because the Pilgrims weren't nice as history described them. Vincent Kartheiser, Anna Camp, Ron Livingston and Natascha McElhone lead the cast.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image and lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 mix are as good as DVD will allow, so we could imagine how good a Blu-ray version would play. Extras include deleted scenes.

- Ricky Chiang


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