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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Drama > Comedy > Slice Of Life > Science Fiction > Adventure > Japan > TV > Space Brothers: Collection 7 (2015/Sentai Blu-ray)

Space Brothers: Collection 7 (2015/Sentai Blu-ray)

Picture: A+ Sound: B+ Extras: B Episodes: B+

Mutto and his brother has been dreaming of going to the moon together since they were kids, but Hibito has already beaten his older brother to the moon. After an accident that almost cost his life, he now suffers panic attacks whenever he puts on his spacesuit. As Mutto continues his training to become an astronaut, Hibito must overcome his disorder. All the meanwhile their mentor Sharron must somehow face her own fate with ALS. Mutto had always lived in the shadow of his little brother, Hibito and that situation continues in
Space Brothers: Collection 7 (2015).

At this point in our saga, Hibito is now the first Japanese to set foot on the moon and has became the hero of the Japan. As Mutto follows in his little brother's foot steps, he realizes his path will be become a very different one from his little brother. Both Mutto and Hibito now face very different challenges, Mutto is now quickly becoming closer the moon mission, Hibito must face his fears after a near death situation.

The story of the two brothers into space continues, while at times it is comic and dramatic, it does touch on some realistic things about becoming an astronaut. The series now include a comic animal cartoon version of some of the characters.

The top rate 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition picture & lossless Japanese DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo with Pro Logic-like surrounds are again in line with the best releases in this series (reviewed elsewhere on this site), while extras this time include clean opening and closing animation animation and trailers.

Episodes this time include...

Olga - Hibito goes to Russia and meets Olga, a 15 year old ballet dancer, a fan of his ...and is HE her first crush as well?

A Cosmonaut's Daughter - As Hibito continues his rehab, he watches a video of Olga and wonders how she continued to learn dancing when she was the worst in her class.

Out of Time - Houston requested Hibito to return and offers a safety supervisor position to him ...but in reality it is demotion for 'fail' astronauts.

Olga, Hibito. and Gagarin - Hibito and Olga make a promise to meet again in front of a Gagarin statue.

Secret - Hibito returns to Houston, but can he keep his condition a secret from his brother?

Worst Enemy - Mutto begins his underwater training simulation.

Space Family - Mutto and Kenji are paired together for their training, but then they are told only one of them will be selected to be on the next moon mission.

Kenji and I - Mutto and Kenji has always been friends... but now they are now rivals. What will it mean for their relationship if one wins, the other will lose?

Supandaman - Kenji remembers the words of his daughter and regardless of their situations they must always look beyond their personal desires and think outside the box.

On the Moon - Both Kenji and Muto think of new ideas to help design the future moon bases.

For Tomorrow - Surprisingly, Muto comes up with the best idea to help improve the moon base.

To the Place Where I Belong - Hibito complete his rehab and wants to take the test to be able to return to the moon.

- Ricky Chiang


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