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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Horror > Action > Thriller > Science Fiction > Japan > TV > Parasyte - The Maxim: Collection 1 (2014/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Parasyte - The Maxim: Collection 1 (2014/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Picture: B+ Sound: B+ Extras: C* Episodes: A-

Shinichi wakes up one day to find his right hand has turned into a parasitic monster that views humans as a lower lifeform and food. Forced to coexist with each other, Shinichi and his right hand 'Migi' soon discovers most of the other parasites aren't so symbiotic. Viewed as an anomaly, Shinichi and Migi is the only thing that stands between mankind and the parasites from taking over the human race in
Parasyte - The Maxim: Collection 1 (2014).

Shinichi also wakes up to discover a parasite trying to devour his brain and take over his body. They soon discover other parasites around the world are have begun killing and devouring humans. On the plus side, Shinichi gains enhanced strength, hearing, speed and not to mention his arm can turn into any weapon. By the time the government discovers and reacts to the parasites, it is already too late and the parasites have already infiltrated the upper echelons of government and positions of power.

This anime is based on an old manga, while updated it is set in the modern times. It follows the typical path of hero, after a tragic event our hero goes from nerd to hero, gaining super powers (sorta like Spider-Man). However, unlike Superheroes of the West heroes, our story is a lot more gruesome, filled with blood, guts, dismemberment and dead bodies. My only complaint is this was only half the series and I would of liked to seen it complete.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image on each show is really good-looking, sharp clear and well produced, making fir a very watchable, enjoyable show that does not look like an old manga. Soundtrack choices are both DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) lossless mixes, but you get a 5.1 English option and somewhat more authentic Japanese mix, but only in 2.0 Stereo and not also 5.1 like many may have preferred. Fortunately, both sound terrific so its not as compromised or problematic as it might seem.

Extras include clean opening and closing animation and trailers, but the Limited Edition Box Set in the picture accompanying this review offers those and far more goodies, so serious fans will probably want to consider spending a few more bucks to get it while supplies last.

Episodes include...

The Metamorphosis - Shinichi begins to learn how to coexist with his new right hand and how dangerous the parasites are.

The Devil in the Flesh - Shinichi encounters his first human parasite.

Symposium - Shinichi meets the parasite Ms. Tamiya Ryoko, who finds Migi and Shinichi's case interesting and remains neutral ...for now.

Tangled Hair - A parasite attacks the school. Ryoko is forced to leave for 'maternity' reasons.

The Stranger - Shinichi deals with bullies at school. A parasite take over Shinichi's mother and kills...?

The Sun Also Rises - Migi saves Shinichi and they evolves even further. Shinichi vows to avenge his mother.

A Dark Night's Passing - Shinichi encounters another person who lives symbiotically with a parasite and together they avenge Shinichi's mother.

Freezing Point - Shinichi gets a new look. Ryoko sends another parasite to 'observe' Shinichi.

Beyond Good and Evil - The parasite Shimada claims to be neutral to Shinichi, but continues eating humans when no one is watching.

What Mad Universe - After being discovered, Shimada goes on a a rampage at school, killing everyone. Shinichi kills...?

The Blue Bird - Shinichi discovers the parasites have taken over the government. Kana has romantic dreams of Shinichi.

Kokoro - Shinichi tells Kana the truth to try to keep her safe, but in the end she still gets killed by the parasites. Shinichi realizes that telling others the truth doesn't keep them safe.

- Ricky Chiang


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