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Category:    Home > Reviews > Martial Arts > Trailers > Compilation > Kung Fu Trailers Of Fury (2016 compilation/Severin Blu-ray)

Kung Fu Trailers Of Fury (2016 compilation/Severin Blu-ray)

Picture: B- Sound: B- Extras: B- Compilation: B

Do you like Kung Fu/Marital Arts movies but don't know where to start? Love old trailers? Then Kung Fu Trailers Of Fury, a 2016 compilation, is a disc that I would highly recommend!

Restored in high definition, this great collection of trailers include the likes of Bruce Lee, and his many clones... Bruce Li, Bruce Le, Dragon Lee, and Bruce Leung, plus stars like Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Chuck Norris & Jimmy Wang Yu. This is your chance to see highlights from some of the greatest martial arts films made in the 1970s without having to sit through the whole films. Each trailer has great music and sound effects too that add to the nostalgic charm.

Over two hours in length and transferred in 2K High Definition from rare 35mm film elements, some of the great trailers that you can catch on this disc include The Way of the Dragon, Death Blow, Two Champions of Shaolin, Daggers 8, Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, Shaolin Wooden Men, The Story of Drunken Master, Enter the Fat Dragon, Brutal Boxer and many, many more, plus exclusive new bonus features that deliver unique historical and cultural perspectives on the history of martial arts cinema.

Presented in 1080p high definition with various widescreen aspect ratios and a PCM 2.0 mix that ranges from mono to a sometimes stereo soundtrack mastered in different languages, the sound and image quality vary from trailer to trailer as is the case with these collections. What I like is that the prints look beat up and very film-like and the 2.0 sound mix also appropriate matching the era. I love releases like this because it helps preserve these classic trailers that otherwise may have been lost.

Extras include:

A Brief History of Kung Fu Cinema - Experts Ric Meyers & Frank Djeng tell the story of the genre.

The Way Of The Cube: featurette on the discovery of the trailers underneath the stage of a maverick UK theater.

Audio Commentary with experts Ric Meyers (Films of Fury), Michael Worth (The Bruceploitation Bible), Martial Arts Instructor Greg Schiller & Rick Stelow of Drunken Master Video.

This is a fun and great treat for martial arts film fans and even for the casual movie watcher, an entertaining watch! This would be a great disc to throw in at a party or for a gathering of friends over some popcorn.

- James Lockhart



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