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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Supernatural > Mystery > Murder > Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic > Cable TV > Haven: The Final Season (aka Season Five/2014 - 2015/EOne Blu-ray Set)

Haven: The Final Season (aka Season Five/2014 - 2015/EOne Blu-ray Set)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: A Episodes: B+

In the final season of Haven (2014 - 2015), Haven itself is surrounded by an impenetrable fog and 'Troubles' are no longer a secret. Now trapped in said fog, Audrey, Nathan, Dwight, Duke and the town of Haven will have to face a new danger, Croatoan. In order to save Haven, they will have to journey into the void and even into the past to find the clues and tools they need in order to 'save' Haven ...or will they end up destroying Haven first before they even save it?

It is a season of revelations as truths (all of them?) will finally be revealed. Audrey was a former FBI agent sent to investigate Haven only to to discover that for centuries Haven has been a place where people with supernatural/paranormal abilities have been hidden, but what even more startling is when she discovers her origins were from there as well. Things go from bad to worst when they discover Haven is cut off the rest of the world, Duke releases all his troubles and infects the entire town. Audrey and Nathan will have to work harder than ever to not only stop all the troubles, but everything may have been planned from the start by the mysterious 'Croatoan'.

Haven is a sci-fi series that explains everything from Angels to Vampires were legends created by the supernatural citizens of Haven, but I suspect the real reason why the abilities were called 'troubles' instead of 'powers' is because the people weren't able to control their sub-conscious and rather not be considered responsible for their actions. It felt like I was watching a TV series of X-Men, minus all the heroes and in a world where people are paranoid. The main protagonists were more like 'Trouble Whisperers', but the true source of 'Troubles' has never been power but human ignorance and greed.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital high definition image and an impressive, lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 repeat the high quality of the previous sets we've seen. Extras include Mythology Refresher, Haven Revisited, Haven Archives, Haven Origins, Featurettes, Interviews and Commentaries from cast and crew.

The final episodes are...

New World Order - Duke releases all the Troubles within him and the Town is trapped with a whole lot of new troubles.

Power - Cut off from the world, the is a new killer in Haven that kills anyone who wanders into the darkness.

The Trial of Nathan Wuornos - Nathan goes on trail to stall for time to keep the recovery of 'Aether' a secret.

Enter Sandman - Audrey gets trapped in a dream world.

Wild Card - Audrey, Nathan, Charlotte and Dwight almost dies because of Tarot Cards.

Perditus - Audrey and Nathan finds a trouble that resurrects the dead but only with the side effect of turning them to zombies later.

Just Passing Through - Nathan journeys back in time to find a clue to defeat Croatoan.

Close to Home - Nathan journeys into the Void to find a piece of the old Barn to stop Croatoan.

Matter of Time - Nathan gets trapped in the Void, Audrey and Duke must somehow reopen the thinny to bring Nathan home.

Blind Spot - As our heroes fortify the police station, the don't realize until it is too late that Croatoan is among them.

The Widening Gyre - Audrey finds out the truth about Croatoan is her father and Nathan and Dwight try and bring Duke back. Croatoan tempts them with making all their dreams come true.

Now - As Croatoan grows more powerful, Duke make the final sacrifice to help stop Croatoan.

Forever - The final battle takes place, but will Audrey have the strength to leave Haven forever to save it?

- Ricky Chiang


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