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7th Heaven – The Complete First Season


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Episodes: C+



Not all television can be for a limited audience, but since the 1980s, the idea of “family” TV shows have been a joke.  Though it is formulaic and corny, I can now see why 7th Heaven has been a hit.  It is predictable, melodramatic, and does its best to “warm and fuzzy” with perfect kids and perfect parents who love each other.  So what’s wrong with that?  Nothing, if that is what you are looking for, but the enormous effort or tuning out of reality it takes to suspend one’s disbelief is tremendous.


With that said, when this show is winning, it is because of its cast.  Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks are totally convincing as the parents, they are a positive image of the married couple without trying so hard.  They are also not very dysfunctional, which helps the show.  The Camdens, as they are known, also have five kids who have to deal with their own problems.  Faith is a factor in these shows, but they do not become too preachy, and nothing is as annoying as the theme song of the show.  It has some of the worst lyrics and singing in TV history, but on DVD, you can skip that one.  The episodes to this first season are:


Family Secrets

In The Blink Of An Eye

No Funerals & A Wedding

The Color Of God



What Will People Say?

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Last Call For Aunt Julie

Now You See Me

With A Little Help From My Friends

America’s Most Wanted

Seven Is Enough

Happy’s Valentine

Brave New World


Faith, Hope & The Bottom Line

It’s About George

Say Goodbye

Dangerous Liaisons (Parts 1 & 2)



Religion notwithstanding, we have not seen a show like this since the 1970s, as all the family shows since have been so phony with precocious children, made especially annoying when they turn out to be smarter than the parents.  Though some of the “rolling back” on the show is ideologically disturbing to some extent, at least the family is relatively more believable since any in 30 years for a family show.  In that respect, 7th Heaven works well enough and knows its audience demographic.


Another inarguable quality about the show is the performance it offers on DVD.  The 1.33 X 1 full frame images are solid, clean and clear, a surprising exception to so many new shows going on DVD, too many of which have been a bit shoddy.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo in English with Pro Logic surrounds is also impressive and is the way new TV productions should always minimally sound as far as the quality is concerned.  That is an involving combination, especially goods for a dialogue-based show.  There are no extras, but the series attracted some quality guest stars and that all makes 7th Heaven at least interesting throwback television.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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