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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Adventure > Action > Tragedy > Fantasy > Harem > Japan > TV > The Fruit Of Grisaia: Complete Collection (2014/Season 1/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

The Fruit Of Grisaia: Complete Collection (2014/Season 1/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Picture: A- Sound: B+ Extras: C Episodes: A-

All Yuji wanted was to live a normal life, go to a normal school, but when he arrives at Mihama Academy, he finds he there are only 6 students, including him. But is Mihama really a 'normal' school? Each one of the students are there for their own reasons and each one has their dark secrets, including Yuji... Whatever happened to them, their past, they can never be accepted into 'normal' society. Turns out the girls of Mihama may need Yuji more than they know, but in order to protect them Yuji will have to become the person he once was in The Fruit Of Grisaia: Complete Collection (2014).

Yuji on the outside appears to be a normal high school student, but in truth, he was raised as a child soldier and trained to become the ultimate designer soldier assassin. However, that is nothing compared to what the girls of Mihama academy had to endure. Yumiko was disowned by her railroad tycoon father, who only wanted her back to be his puppet heir. Amane is the 'sexy older sister' character but in truth was a survivor of horrible school accident that gone terribly wrong. Michiru has a dual personality disorder due to a failed suicide. Makina is a genius prodigy, but her family had ties to the underworld and Makina is the living proof/evidence of all it's illegal transactions. Sachi similar to Yuji, she is a cute maid in lace, but she is also an expert in explosives and weaponry. While none of them can live a 'normal' life, perhaps together they can create their own paradise with each other.

This was your typical harem anime, aside from the fact the characters are all troubled children with either a violent or abusive past (sadly, these things happen). This anime is definitely for a more 'mature' audience with adult themes, scenes and fan service. In a corrupt world, perhaps the only way to survive is to live on regardless of how sinful your past is.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image is really string for the most part; near Sentais best color and detail-wise. The Japanese DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo mix has nice Pro Logic-like surrounds and all the episodes sound great. Extras include clean opening and closing animation and trailers.

Episodes include...

An Ordinary School Life - Yuji arrives at Mihama Academy, a very private school where he and 5 other girls attend school.

School Killer Yumiko - As the other girls warm up to Yuji, only Yumiko rejects Yuji and wary of him fear he might have some alternate motive.

Sweet Diet - Yuji learns more about the girls and their eccentricities, they enjoy school life together. Amane wants to become Yuji's girlfriend.

Where You Aim a Silver Bullet - Yuji discovers Michiru has a split personality and she kissed him but doesn't remember it. Yuji confronts Michiru's other persona, but when Michiru's cat gets run over in a car accident, Yuji confronts Michiru instead.

VOX IN BOX - Michiru, unable to deal with her cat's death completely switches to her other persona. Yuji learns about her past and why she tried to commit suicide, Michiru then asks Yuji to help her commit suicide, she rather die than face the lost those she love. Yuji agrees and buries her alive, but he really helped her realize that she truly wanted to live. Michiru's two persona meld and she is grateful for Yuji's support.

Rasison D'etre - Yumiko's father comes to claim Yumiko and threatens to shut down Mihama Academy. With the help of Yuji, Yumiko fakes her own death and is able to start over a new life.

Letter of Happiness - Michiru jokes about not wanting to not take tests in school and asks Sachi to somehow stop the tests. Sachi tries to blow up the school, but Yuji is able to defuse the bomb and make her realize she doesn't have to take everything so literally. Yuji helps Sachi confront her past, they embrace and he remembers them playing together as children.

Seed of the World Tree 1 - Makina tell Yuji he has graduated from Onii-chan (big brother) status to Papa status. As her guardian Yuji takes her on a trip off campus only to find out afterward Makina has been targeted by the mafia.

Seed of the World Tree 2 - Yuji refusing to kill Makina continues to protect her while dodging all agents sent after them. Yuji discover the order to kill Makina came from her own mother, fearful that Makina will reveal her company's corruption and fiances. Yuji takes her out thus ending the threat on Makina's life.

Angelic Howl 1 - Yuji is caught as JB kisses him. Amane get jealous and confronts Yuji, revealing her past ties with his sister, Yuji agrees to be her boyfriend in title only.

Angelic Howl 2 - Amane recounts her past, survivors of a crash how she was the sole survivor after their teacher left them starving and the girls begin to hallucinate and become delirious.

Angelic Howl 3 - After being lied to for weeks, the girls begin starving to death one by one. Amane and Kazuki suspect their teacher has being raping and abusing the girls. As they flee, only Amane is able to escape. Amane questions why she was the only survivor, Yuji convinces her to live on regardless of the horrors she experienced.

Fields of Fire: 10 Centimeters - Yuji take Amane back to the accident site to lay her past to rest and find a clue that Yuji's sister may still be alive, but they encounter another girl's wrathful father who blames Amane for his daughter's death. He takes hostage of the girls of Mihama Academy and attempts to rape Amane. Yuji is... (SPOILERS! You'll have to see the rest for yourself).

- Ricky Chiang


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