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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Action > Fantasy > Martial Arts > CGI > Internet > RWBY: Volume 3 (2015 - 2016/Rooster Teeth/Flatiron Films/Cinedigm Blu-ray w/DVD)

RWBY: Volume 3 (2015 - 2016/Rooster Teeth/Flatiron Films/Cinedigm Blu-ray w/DVD)

Picture: B/C+ Sound: B Extras: A Film: A-

As team RWBY competes in the Festival Competition, little do they know their Academy, the Kingdoms are all in danger. Grimm is on the rise and evil is in the air. And they are after the power of the 4 legendary maidens. Little does RWBY know, this was the reason they had been training, both the headmasters and military knew this day was coming. Will the new generation of Huntsmen rise to the challenge or fall to despair? Will RWBY be ready to fight for their school and the citizens of Remnant? Ruby must awaken the power within her in RWBY: Volume 3 (2015 - 2016).

The city and tournament has been infiltrated, the government and military has be compromised, and team RWBY gets hurt beyond repair. In the middle of the tournament, the city is suddenly under attack by the Grimm, the White Fang army, and even their own military robots have been turned against them. The only thing between total destruction are the students of Beacon. Team RWBY maybe broken, but will Ruby find the courage to continue on alone?

From the creators of Red vs Blue, RWBY is an interesting mix of 3D animation with 2D like characters. While the main characters seemed well animated, it seems like the rest of the world look more low budget. It was like a fusion of anime with low budget polygon CGI video games (though I have to say, the fan art you find online is impressive), all very well done.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image is a solid, consistent performer and the best in the series so far, leaving the anamorphically enhanced DVD passable at best. Both offer lossy English Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes which shows this is well mixed and recorded, but the Blu-ray should have had a lossless option, especially since surrounds are good here. Extras include commentaries with cast and crew and a behind the scenes featurette. You can see our coverage of the previous volumes on Blu-ray elsewhere on this site.

- Ricky Chiang


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