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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Action > Crime > Family > TV > Outsiders: Season One (2016/Sony DVD Set)

Outsiders: Season One (2016/Sony DVD Set)

Picture: B Sound: C+ Extras: B Episodes: A-

The Farrell Clan, a clan of mountain men, hillbillies, they went unchallenged for years and lived on Shay Mountain for 200 years, cut off from the world, they obey no man, no laws, except their own. Now, a greedy coal company wants the coal in their mountain and the Farrells off it. However, an even a greater danger is against the Farrells ....themselves. As the outside world begins invading Shay mountains, the Farrells themselves will do anything to protect their way of life in Season One of Outsiders (2016).

For the first time in a while, time causes The Farrells to be challenged when a new Bren'in is picked. Big Foster has been waiting for years to succeed his mother, but when Asa Farrell returns he brings warning and danger of the outside world, and the Farrells are not ready or prepared. Also, Big Foster is scared of a prophecy that foretold an outside Farrell will return to be the next Bren'in. Asa has lived 10 year outside learned more than other give him credit for, while Big Foster knows only how to bully and scare others, their problem is sooner or later someone will fight back ...and it ain't gonna be nice or anything pretty about it.

If you like Sons of Anarchy, then you will love this series; a story of brutality, violence and people who believe they are above the law. People fear the law, but that is the real lie, the law should fear the people. We'll see how the run of the show goes. David Morse, Joe Anderson and Ryan Hurst lead the cast.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image looks really good for this format, though expect style choices that you may or may not like. The lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 sound on the episodes is a mixed bag that is uneven, but might resolve better in a lossless presentation. Extras include deleted scenes, first season featurette, and Meet the Farrells featurette.

The initial episodes are, with increasing spoilers with each show below...

Farrell Wine - Big Foster believing he can do anything since he is to be the next Bren'in takes the boys off mountain for a raid, only to get his son killed. Asa Farrell returns to the Farrell Clan.

Doomsayer - Asa must fight in the pit to prove he is still worthy of being a Farrell. The coal company begins planning to invade Shay Mountain.

Messenger - Little Foster tries to earn his father's respect back after losing to Asa. Asa leaves a warning to the coal company at the town council.

Rubberneck - Asa find a drone spying on them, he turns it back on them and spies on the coal company.

Demolition - Asa and Big Foster get drunk together and wrecks the coal mine's trucks.

Weapons - Deputy Wade faces his demons (and the demon lady of the coal company), but finds himself as the new Sheriff when the old one dies in a mountain accident.

Decomp of a Stuck Pig - Sheriff Wade tries to hide/destroy all evidence concerning the Farrells. Big Foster kills his mother and becomes the new Bren'in.

It's Good to Be the King - As Big Foster asserts his new found power, Asa continues to fight against Big Foster's rule, knowing Big Foster reign will only get everyone killed.

Trust - As Sheriff Wade tries to survive in a mine, Asa tries to get the money to get the weapons they need.

Day Most Blessed - An angry mob wants to evict the Farrells. Asa and Little Foster team up together against Big Foster.

Mortar - G'Win and Asa plots behind Big Foster. Asa tries to succeed as the Farrell's new leader.

All Hell - G'Win poisons Big Foster. Big Foster retaliates against his insurgents. Asa is shot and left for dead.

Long Live the Bren'in - Asa is back from the dead! To bring peace, Asa is forced to play both hero and sacrificial lamb for everything ...and everyone. What will happen next?

- Ricky Chiang


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