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Triple 9 (2016/Universal Blu-ray)

Picture: B+ Sound: B+ Extras: C+ Film: C+

Universal's new urban gangster film Triple 9 (2016) boasts an impressive all star cast and realistic action sequences similar to Ben Affleck's The Town. Powerfully directed by John Hilcoat (Proposition, The Road), the film stars Norman Reedus, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Aaron Paul, Gal Gadot, Teresa Palmer, and Kate Winslet.

In Atlanta, a crew of corrupt cops and career criminals consisting of Marcus Belmont (Mackie), Franco Rodriguez (Clifton Collins), and Gabe and Russell Welch (Paul and Reedus) are blackmailed by the Russian Mob to rob a highly fortified bank in broad daylight. This opening sequence is visually spectacular when a red powder is released on the escaping criminals, covering their black ski masks and body armor in red.

Terrell Thompkins (Ejiofor), an ex-special forces operator is none too pleased when a mob boss named Irina Vaslov (expertly played by Kate Winslet), kidnaps his family, blackmailing him to rob a Special Forces safe house that contains secret government files that she wants. He must figure out a way to create a 999, police code for officer down and frame a new rookie cop named Chris Allen (Affleck). Things go south when Allen survives an attack and seeks to expose them all and its every man and woman for themselves in a explosive finale.

While the film has a high production value and nice cinematography, the pacing is sometimes slow and ominous, heavy on drama. The film doesn't allow too much humor and stays on its straight path of gritty and serious drama that works for a certain older audience. If you're a fan of cop thrillers like The Departed, then this is probably a film that you will enjoy. I found it to be well made and not without its entertaining moments but ultimately not a film I would watch more than once.

Presented in 1080p high definition with a pristine widescreen presentation of 2:39:1 and a lossless English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track that sounds fantastic throughout. There is also a digital copy of the film including for your tablet or smartphone if you watch your movies on the go.

Special Features:

- Deleted Scenes

- Under the Gun: The acclaimed cast of Triple 9 offers an in-depth look at its characters and the pulse-pounding twists and turns at the heart of the film.

- Authentic World: Director John Hillcoat and the cast of Triple 9 discuss how their grounded approach to filmmaking helped highlight the film's gritty, authentic look and feel.

- James Lockhart



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