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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Comedy > Slice Of Life > Cooking > Japan > TV > Gourmet Girl: Graffiti - Complete Collection (2015/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Gourmet Girl: Graffiti - Complete Collection (2015/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Picture: A Sound: B+ Extras: C Episodes: B+

Ryo, Kirin and Shiina attend an Art School in Tokyo, but Ryo in truth loves cooking more than anything and ever since Kirin tasted her cooking, she can't help herself to Ryo's cooking. Fortunately, Ryo he parents work overseas, now everyday Kirin and Shiina share their ways and meal with each other in Gourmet Girl: Graffiti - Complete Collection (2015).

Ryo has been living alone since her grandmother passed away a year ago and her parents work overseas (Japanese teens are so independent living by themselves), but since her little piglet of a second cousin Kirin came, she has been cooking up a storm. Along with her classmate Shiina they enjoy various foods throughout the year ...because food taste better when it is shared.

This was an anime about cooking and food, though while it was not an iron chef cookout competition, it was more about the characters making cooking and eating look sexy. Watching the series felt like it was an advertisement for food infomercials and watching them eating was an 'orgasmic' experience as they eat, as they describe the food as they eat (with glisening sparkles) and more.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image on all episodes are great throughout joining Sentai's top releases, while the lossless Japanese DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo tracks with Pro Logic-like surrounds are warm and well recorded, so good that you wonder why it is not 5.1. Extras include clean opening & closing animations and trailers.

Episodes include...

First Dish: Piping Hot and Savory - Kirin comes to Tokyo and falls in love with Ryo's cooking.

Second Dish: Fluffy and Moist - Ryo and Kirin enjoy the Cherry Blossom festival foods.

Third Dish: Crunch and Melt - Ryo makes rice omelets for Kirin and Shiina.

Fourth Dish: Mellow and Crispy - Class is canceled for a week, Ryo enjoys modern convenience store foods.

Fifth Dish: Slurp and Gulp - It's summer, Ryo and Kirin goes to Shiina's house and make some noodles.

Sixth Dish: Hot and Stretchy - With the hot weather, Ryo and Kirin enjoy ice cream while taking a bath (fan service time) and spicy red been soup to beat the heat.

Seventh Dish: Sizzle and Pop - Ryo, Kirin and Shiina learn how to cook savory fish.

Eighth Dish: Warmth and Chomp - Kirin makes a bento for Ryo's sports festival.

Ninth Dish: Bubble and Blow - It's new years eve and Ryo and Kirin spends it together with New Year's oden.

Tenth Dish: Chewy and Gooey - Ryo and Kirin have pizza with their neighbor Yuki.

Eleventh Dish: Swish-Swish and Slurp/Crisp and Glistening - It's exam time and Ryo and Kirin have ramen of course.

Twelfth Dish: Soak Up and Squeeze - Ryo and Krin pass their exams and Krin moves in with Ryo.

- Ricky Chiang


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