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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Adventure > Action > Tragedy > Fantasy > Harem > Japan > TV > The Eden Of Grisaia: The Labyrinth Of Grisaia - Season 2 + OVA (2015/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

The Eden Of Grisaia: The Labyrinth Of Grisaia - Season 2 + OVA (2015/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Picture: A- Sound: B+ Extras: C Episodes: A-

Since Mihama Academy, Yuji Kazami has not only won over the trust of girls but protected them from their past, but even now, who is Yuji? What is his past? And where did he get his elite military training? In Labyrinth of Grisaia, the girls learn of Yuji's tragic past and how he grew up surrounded by tragedy and violence. In Eden of Grisaia, Yuji faces his past and confronts Heath Oslo, a terrorist who once raised Yuji to be a child assassin and now has captured him in order to turn him into the perfect designer drug soldier.

Mihama Academy on the outside is appears to be a small private high school for 6 'normal' students, but the truth is, each student has a tragic past that prevents them from having a normal life. Yuji once vowed to save 5 lives and has completed his promise when he saved Yumiko, Amane, Michiru, Makina and Sachi. Afterwards, he disappeared and was captured by Heath Oslo who intends to turn Yuji into a mass produced designer drug soldier, since Yuji is was the only test subject who survived all drug research trials. Now, it is up to the girls to find and rescue Yuji, to show him that he was made for more than killing, that he has a home to come home to and they are all waiting for him.

This was your typical harem anime, this anime was based on an adult visual novel. Aside from the fact the characters were all troubled children with a violent or abusive past, this anime is definitely meant for a more 'mature' audiences with adult themes, violence and fan service.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image on each episode is nearly at the top of Sentai's best Blu-ray releases to date, while the DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) Japanese 2.0 Stereo lossless mix with Pro Logic-like surrounds is warm, rich and almost a match for the image; all a match for the previous season. Extras include clean opening and closing animation and trailers. For more on the previous season, go to this link...


Episodes include...

The Cocoon of Caprice 0 - The girls learn of Yuji's tragic past how he lost his sister and how he and his mother were abused by his father. Later, Yuji was adopted by a mysterious associate of his father Heath Oslo, who turned Yuji into a child soldier.

The Cocoon of Caprice 1 - Yuji as a child was rescued from Heath Oslo by JB and Asako. Asako decides to take Yuji under her wing and rehabilitate him. Instead of starting over his life, she helps him accept his nature and skills and trains him.

The Cocoon of Caprice 2 - Yuji decides to follow in Asako's footsteps and join the military and become an elite sniper/soldier.

The Cocoon of Caprice 3 - In the military Yuji makes friends with his platoon, and in turn they help him overcome his fear of killing and later help him in future missions.

The Cocoon of Caprice 4 - As Asako's health fails, Yuji returns home to spend time with Asako's final days. After Asako's funeral Yuji enters Mihama Academy which leads up to his present point in time.

The Seed of Blanc Aile 1 - Mihama Academy closes and the girls go after their beloved Yuji. Yuji discovers the Thanatos System a semi-organic computer capable of breaking into any system/government in the world.

The Seed of Blanc Aile 2 - Yuji and the girls learn that the truth behind the Thanatos System. Thanatos System is a bio-computer with Yuji's sister, Kazuki at the core. Kazuki did not die like they believed and instead was turned into a living computer against her will, her body was kept alive in suspended animation and has not aged since her 'death'.

The Seed of Blanc Aile 3 - Kazuki has a plan to help rescue Yuji and reunite them. She assigns various tasks for the girls of Mihama Academy to help with preparations to rescue him from a heavily armed transport.

The Seed of Blanc Aile 4 - As the final preparations are complete, the girls rescue Yuji and then are lead on a crazy get away chase with helicopter. Meanwhile, JB rescues Kazuki's real body and afterwards they are all reunited on their own private submarine.

The Seed of Blanc Aile 5 - After a brief reunion, Yuji decides to go after Heath Oslo and stop his evil plans. Kazuki and the girls help discover where Oslo base is and where he hid his WMDs and inform the authorities. The girls then head towards their private island to wait for Yuji.

The Seed of Blanc Aile 6 - Yuji infiltrates Oslo's super ship/carrier and faces off with a clone version of himself, after a hard battle he manages to beat him and Oslo and leaves as Oslo's base/ship while it explodes in flames. Two years later, Yuji's recovering with he and the girls finally able to live peacefully together on their own island paradise.

- Ricky Chiang


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