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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Biography > Filmmaking > Martial Arts > Locations > History > Bruce Lee: Tracking The Dragon (2014/MVD Visual DVD)

Bruce Lee: Tracking The Dragon (2014/MVD Visual DVD)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: D Film: C

Bruce Lee: Tracking The Dragon is a 100 minute documentary that accomplishes what it sets out to do: search for famous locations from some of Bruce Lee's most memorable films, but doesn't really warrant more than one viewing. Using clips from the films to compare and contrast to what has changed over the years, the doc is directed and hosted by John Little (A Warrior's Journey), who is a Bruce Lee expert and a decent host for this adventure.

Films that are featured in the piece are The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, The Way of the Dragon and perhaps the most infamous of all Bruce Lee films - Enter the Dragon.

From monasteries, ice factories, urban streets, and exotic corners of the world Little explores the real life settings that comprised some of Bruce Lee's legendary career. The film travels to Thailand, Macao, Hong Kong, and Rome interviewing some locals that were there during production and others that have just heard stories.

One setback for the show is the score - which sounds like a cheap rip on Hans Zimmer's Pirates of the Caribbean theme and is repeated several times throughout. Some clips from the movies are composited over the main image badly at times, blocking out some portions of the shot that detract away from seeing the whole picture. Other than that, the program isn't badly filmed and some of the animated bits aren't terrible.

Presented in standard definition with an anamorphically enhanced 1.77:1 widescreen aspect ratio, some shots are in softer detail then they would be in high def but not terrible. The sound mix is a simple lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track that sounds fine for what it is, but certainly isn't mind blowing.

If you're a diehard Bruce Lee fan then you may want to check this out or if you have an interest in visiting movie locations of the past, then this will be a good guide.

- James Lockhart



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