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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Drama > Comedy > Romance > Slice Of Life > Japan > TV > My Love Story!!: Complete Collection (2015/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

My Love Story!!: Complete Collection (2015/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Picture: C+ Sound: B Extras: C Episodes: B+

Takeo Goda is literally a giant character and has always been seen as the 'man's man' as it were, but to girls, he is like a scary monster. His best friend is Suna, his next door neighbor and also the most handsome boy in school, but when he rescues Rinko Yamato from a molester on the train, he (and everyone else) can't hardly believe she wants to be his girlfriend. Has springtime finally come for Goda? This is the set-up for the new anime series My Love Story!!: Complete Collection (2015).

Because of Goda's giant physique, girls have always found him intimidating. Usually, girls end up falling for Goda's best friend Suna. But really, Goda is a good guy and a gentle giant with a kind heart. He uses his sturdy body (and almost supernatural strength) to support and protect his friends and all those he cares about. Suna has been Goda's best friend since they were kids and becomes his confidant in Goda's quest for love. Yamato, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of Goda, she is a petite, cute feminine girl who loves cooking. As their relationship grows what will become of Goda and Yamato and their fairytale-like romance?

This show is like a comical Beauty and and Beast story mixed with high school drama. The main appeal to the series was watching the various reactions of characters to each other, but especially how the main character can use brute force to solve (almost) any problem.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image transfer on all episodes is consistent, but the animation is more overly simple than one would like, while the DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo lossless mix, especially the Japanese version over the English one, is warm, rich, well-recorded and sounds very good. Extras include clean opening and closing animations and trailers.

Episodes include....

My Story - Goda meets Yamato and rescues her from a molester on a train.

My Romance - Goda tries to play matchmaker for Yamato and Suna, but he is surprised when he discovers Yamato is really in love with him.

My Blue Ogre - Goda explains to Yamato that he and Suna have been childhood friend and have been each other's wingman.

My Boyfriend - Yamato brings Goda to meet her girl friends at a party.

I'm Dense - Suna's older sister returns and reveals she also had a crush on Goda since they were kids.

My Wish - Yamato reveals she wants to be more intimate with Goda.

My Strength - Goda is asked to help out with the Judo club.

My Friend - Goda finds out it's Yamato's birthday. Suna's father is in the hospital.

My Friend and I - Goda celebrates Yamato's birthday, but he can't help but think of Suna who at the hospital with his father.

My Mountain - Goda and Yamato get lost in the mountains for one night together ...alone.

My Ocean - Goda and Yamato and their friends heads towards the beach.

My Scores - Goda's has superhuman strength, but how will that help him with his grades?

Today, It's On Me - It's Suna's birthday, Goda and Yamato plan for a trip to MM Land.

My Jinx - Can Suna's sister pass up the chance to confess her feelings to Goda?

My Girlfriend - Goda participates in the school festival, but then Saijo begins to fall in love with Goda for helping her.

My Pupil - Yamato suddenly finds she has a rival in love for Goda.

My Christmas - It's Christmas, Goda and Yamato play cupid for their friends.

My Birthday - Yamato plans for Goda's birthday ...and their first kiss.

My Mom - Goda mom goes into labor and Goda has to get his mom to the hospital.

My Chocolate - It's Valentine's Day and Goda looks forward to getting chocolate from Yamato

Me and the Letter - Goda find out Yukika has been writing anonymous love letters to Suna for the last 10 years on Valentine's Day, can he help her finally find the courage to face Suna?

The Letter for Me - Suna and Yukika go out on a date to the zoo, but what will be Suna's response to Yukika's confession?

My Spring Break - Yamato starts working a part time job at a pastry shop ...but then the chef mistaken Yamato's intentions and falls in love with her.

My Heart - Goda finds he suddenly he has a rival for Yamato, but who will Yamato choose?

- Ricky Chiang


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