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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Satire > The Grinder: The Complete First Season + New Girl: The Complete Fifth Season (2015 - 2016/Fox DVD Sets)

The Grinder: The Complete First Season + New Girl: The Complete Fifth Season (2015 - 2016/Fox DVD Sets)

Picture: B Sound: B Extras: D Episodes: C+/C

PLEASE NOTE: Both of these Fox-produced TV series are only available online as burn-to-order sets and can be ordered from our right-hand sidebar.

The Grinder: The Complete First Season

Rob Lowe and Fred Savage star in The Grinder - a new comedy with an interesting premise and some laughs here and there, but ultimately feels a bit repetitive in nature after taking in many episodes. Playing a lawyer on TV, Dean (Lowe) stars on a show called 'The Grinder' where he wins case after case with ease. After the show runs its course, he returns to his hometown where his brother Stewart (Savage) and father are real-life lawyers at a law firm. Feeling that he knows the position with his eyes closed, Dean decides to become a 'real' lawyer and invades Stewart's professional and personal life in the process.

The Grinder also stars Connor Kalopsis, Hana Hayes, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and William Devane.

Season One spans three DVDs with episodes including Pilot, A Hero Has Fallen, The Curious Disappearance of Mr. Donovan, Little Mitchard No More, One Mouture Amure (A Bittersweet Grind), Dedicating This One To The Crew, Buckingham Malice, Giving Thanks Getting Justice, Grinder Rests in Peace, The Olyphant in the room, Exodus, Blood is Thicker Than Justice, Grinder v. Grinder, The Retooling of Dean Sanderson, The Ties That Grind, Delusions of Grinder, From the Ashes, Genesis, A System on Trial, For the People, Divergence, and Full Circle.

Presented in DVD standard definition with a widescreen aspect ratio of 1.78:1, the show looks and sounds comparable to its original digital broadcast and is paired with a lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 track that sounds comparable as well. A high definition upgrade would be an improvement (as it was apparently shot that way), but due to the nature of the show not a necessity.

No Extras.

Lowe and Savage has a good chemistry onscreen and there is some clever writing here. If you're a fan of either, I would suggest checking this show out.

New Girl: The Complete Fifth Season

Zooey Deschanel stars in the Fifth Season of Fox's hit series New Girl - which spans three DVDs and consists of 22 episodes (which includes the 100th episode of the series). The show revolves around the offbeat teacher Jess (Deschanel) who moves to L.A. and lives with three men Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris) and her Jess's best friend Cece (Hannah Simone) is also a recurring character. The show is primarily a comedy but has some real-time drama mixed in. While not really my cup of tea, I can see the show appealing towards a primarily female audience.

Episodes include Big Mama P, What about Fred?, Jury Duty, No Girl, Bob and Carol and Nick and Schmidt, Reagan, Wig, The Decision, Heat Wave, Goosebumps Walkaway, The Apartment, D-Day, Sam Again, 300 Feet, Jeff Day, Helmet, Road Trip, A Chill Day In, Dress, Return to Sender, Wedding Eve, and Landing Gear.

The show is presented in standard definition with a widescreen aspect ratio of 1.77:1, that looks about as good as its original television broadcast, but doesn't compare to the pristine quality of 1080p HD. The sound mix is a lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 track will complements the show fine and doesn't leave much to be desired.

No extras here either, but you can read our coverage on the Second Season with a bunch of earlier comedy classics at this link...


- James Lockhart



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