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Category:    Home > Reviews > Reality TV > Cable > Animals > Rescue > Medical > Missing Person > Mystery > Speculation > Faith > Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet - Season 3/Missing Dial/The Story Of God, with Morgan Freeman: Season 1 (all 2016/National Geographic/Fox DVDs)

Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet - Season 3/Missing Dial/The Story Of God, with Morgan Freeman: Season 1 (all 2016/National Geographic/Fox DVDs)

Picture: B/C/B Sound: B/C/B Extras: D/D/C Episodes: B+/B+/A-

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Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet - Season 3

Dr. Michelle Oakley is the only vet in the Yukon for thousand of square miles. Domestic or wild, large or small she is on call 24/7, from cats and dogs to yaks and eagles. She is the Doctor Dolittle on the Yukon, along with her family and student animal trainees she not only saves animals but teaches future potential animal vets to one day take her place.

Dr. Oakley is only animal vet on the Yukon natural reservation in any direction for 200 miles. It is a non-stop job, she travels far and wide in the Yukon and where ever she goes when people hear the Doc's in town she has long lines of clients waiting for her, but when some of your clients are anywhere from 20 lbs. house pets to 500 lbs. wild/farm animals, things can be a dangerous when sedating and checking up on hurt animals.

You definitely have to be an animal lover if want to be an animal vet in the Yukon. Most of the time it is the usually animal check up and about 90% of the job is sedating and neutering animal and the rest is 10% emergency animal surgery. In the vast nature of the Yukon, it is tough but rewarding job to deal with wild animals and nature, to be able to help all kinds of animals and to keep them healthy, strong and wild.

Missing Dial

World Explorer Roman Dial's son, Cody Roman Dial disappeared into jungles of Costal Rica without a trace. While there are millions of tourists a year there, you get over 300 missing people cases each year! Roman senior hires private investigators, former FBI agents, who suspect there was foul play in his disappearance and he wasn't just missing or dead ...but maybe he was murdered.

Roman and his son Cody had been traveling and exploring the world ever since he was a child., but on Cody's first solo trip, he suddenly disappears without trace. Without any evidence the government can't do anything but just post a missing person's case, but Roman knows better and taught his son better and knows he isn't the type to just disappear. As he hires private investigators, they interview the last few people who seen or talk with him, they believe they are also the suspects to Cody's disappearance. Without a body they can only follow the stories people tell and try to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth.

This was a bit surprising for National Geographic to do a documentary on a missing person case than nature or animals, but perhaps they want to remind people (explorers and tourists alike) how dangerous traveling can be. There maybe no laws to protect people from crimes, much less accidents or missing persons. Governments don't react or want a bad reputation for their tourism. Cases involving tourists often get buried under red tape because tourists maybe a source of income for not only local businesses, but crimes as well.

The Story of God, with Morgan Freeman: Season 1

Join Morgan Freeman as he explores some some of the biggest question mankind has themselves, "Is there a god?" Join him as he explores the origin of gods from all around the world, from the oldest of civilizations to the modern age. Join him as he questions religious men, theologians and even scientists to help him answer the question that is old as time.

Morgan Freeman travels around the world from Egypt to Jerusalem to even Stonehenge to find the answers to what so many people have wondered. People have long believed that there are higher beings, deities, an afterlife and even an answer to the reason why we are here. To understand God, Morgan Freeman explores the origins why so many religions, civilization, scientists have search for the divine. Is there proof of God? Good, evil, are the creation stories true? Why do so many people of different culture, races believe? Who are those who have seen near death experiences and the miracles? What is true ...and what is to come?

Morgan Freeman is an actor, philosopher and thinker. He asks all the right questions about the reasoning to God. Did God create us, or did we create him? While there is no proof to prove or dis-prove the existence of the divine, what about the things we can't explain (yet)? In the end, it depends on our own perceptions of our purpose and what our life is meant to be. It is a question of what we believe and do we have faith. Extras include Q&A of talent and web shorts.

All are here in anamorphically-enhanced 1.78 X 1 presentations looking as good as possible in the format, save too much softness and aliasing errors on Dial, which also has the weakest sound. All sound here is lossy Dolby Digital.

- Ricky Chiang


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