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Category:    Home > Reviews > Speculation > Special Interest > Criminal Behavior > Assassination > Conspiracy Theory > Myth > I Am Rebel/Killing Reagan/Sea Monsters: The Definitive Guide (2016/National Geographic/Fox DVDs)

I Am Rebel/Killing Reagan/Sea Monsters: The Definitive Guide (2016/National Geographic/Fox DVDs)

Picture: B/B/C Sound: C/B/C Extras: D/A/D Main Programs: B/B/B+

I Am Rebel

National Geographic explores the radicals, the extreme of society and for those who break the law or challenge it via 4 categories: hijacking air planes, photos of violence and violent crime, psychedelic drugs and computers and hackers. But in order to break the law, there first has to be a law in I Am Rebel, exploring some of the origins to what would be now considered as 'rebels' and perhaps even illegal?

Most people think hijacking airplanes originated with terrorism, but it first started with civil rights when people were getting tired of corrupt police and racism. Violent photos was at first a way for criminals to become infamous, but eventually lead to the crack down of crime, mobs and corrupt police. People think psychedelic drugs started in the '60s with hippies, but it was first created for the military in chemical warfare and WMDs. Hackers are feared for stealing information and government and company secrets, but it lead to the creation of modern day whistleblowers and now governments hiring them (they rather them working for them than someone else).

A lot of what is considered 'rebels' and 'rebellions' a lot of time have humble origins. The abuse of anything or can cause destructive and damage towards society. Ethics becomes only involved when there is a political agenda or propaganda. More often, the abuse of any of these things can be bad and cause trouble, but keep in mind it ALSO created a moral ethics code, stop drug abuse and is a now a part of Homeland Security. We have to ask, has it slow or advance the sciences of these fields in the future? There will always be rebels, whether they work for us or against us that will determine on how we see things ...a wake up call? ...or a threat?

No extras.

Killing Reagan

Ronald Reagan (Tim Matheson), barely after 2 months into his presidency, was shot by an assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr., but what let up to the events of Ronald Reagan and John Hinckley? Reagan had just won the presidency for the Republicans, but there were Americans who was not happy with him ...was Hinckley (Kyle S. More) a result of that? Even after almost dying, Reagan continued to face an uphill battle against the political vultures that surrounded him and the Cold War with the Russians in Killing Reagan.

Reagan was also Republican who took the Presidency from Gerald Ford in promise of change and improvement to the American economy, but many Americans feared that that only applied to the wealthy (those who earn more than $50,000 a year) and no aid for the poor. That all change with the attempted assassination by John Hinckley on March 30, 1981 almost ended it all. After the attempt, it galvanized support for Reagan and his administration, but who was John Hinckley? He came from a wealthy family, had an education... but was he a product of the system, a product of the wealthy class? He was lazy, spoiled and had an obsession with a certain movie star actress and was a stalker. Instead of looking for work, John Hinckley wanted glory, fame and popularity through infamy to impress others, but was later deemed criminally insane and psychologically unstable.

This was more a retelling of the attempted Reagan Assassination than his Presidency. It was a rare chance for filmmakers and director to make this film while being able to talk with the doctors and people who helped save Reagan's life and witnessed the incident. Many old stock footage clips of Reagan are used and the film painted Reagan into a martyr-like character. Extras include interviews with actors, historical accuracy, behind the scenes and trailer.

Sea Monsters: The Definitive Guide

Are sea monsters real or imagined? National Geographic explores some of the legends that have existed throughout time, from the kraken, to the leviathan to the famous Lock Ness Monster. They take a look at it's closest relative and examine if it was possible for a 'monster' version could of existed.

For centuries, sailors have claimed they have seen sea monsters and monsters have even drag down ships and sailors to a watery grave. Nat Geo examines a giant squid to see if there could have been some larger man eating creature. Huge rotting corpses of unidentified sea creature found on the beaches. And if the Nessy was no more than a prank or optical illusion. When legends and stories become more real than reality, people will see 'monsters'.

If you like legends and sea monsters, National Geographic explores the 'theory' of if some of these 'monsters' could of existed. Of course, there is very little to research if they are 'legends' people continue to explore the theory and deep waters, perhaps one day one of those creatures will come to the surface. No extras.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image on all three releases are as good as they can look, save Sea looking weak a little too often, unfortunately. The lossy Dolby Digital on all three releases are closer, all weaker than I would have liked (be careful of volume switching), save Reagan, which sounds good.

- Ricky Chiang


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