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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Relationships > Satire > Sex > Crime > Murder > Addicted To Fresno (2015/FilmRise/MVD Visual DVD)

Addicted To Fresno (2015/FilmRise/MVD Visual DVD)

Picture: B Sound: C+ Extras: C Film: B+

Martha (Natasha Lyonne) and Shannon (Judy Greer) are two sisters/maids living in Fresno, California. Martha is trying to help her sister, who is a sex addict to get back on her feet, but Shannon just can't keep her panties on and keeps screwing anyone she can, until she accidentally kills a local pimp. Now, she and Martha have to find a way to get rid of the body ...and it seems to Shannon the answer is screw enough people and you can get away with anything in Jamie Babbit's Addicted To Fresno (2015).

Shannon is a sex addict, she constantly uses sex to get anything and get out of trouble, even screw her doctor to get out of rehab. Her sister Martha, trying to help her, gets her a job at the hotel she works at, but when Shannon accidentally kills a pimp (while screwing him, of course) at the hotel, Martha goes to great lengths to help her get rid of the body. Things go from bad to worst, they go from robbing a sex shop to robbing a Bar Mitzvah to them being blackmailed for them to pay for cremating the body. All the meanwhile, between everything Shannon is screwing everyone (and anyone) she can... only until the end Martha realizes the only TRUE way to help her is NOT helping her. Will Shannon ever finally learn to take responsibility and stop running from her mistakes and to not use sex as an excuse?

This was a comedy involving a LOT of sex where and the joke of the entire film is about using sex to get out of your troubles (only to bring more trouble). It is the story about two (dysfunctional) sisters in where the audience can relate and make fun of the strained relationships between family members, like covering for someone or always fixing another's problems. In the end, it is about how family is always there, through the good ...and bad (OK, mostly the bad). Molly Shannon, Fred Armisen, Aubrey Plaza, Ron Livingston and Malcolm Barrett also star in this film I found funny, but some might have issues with.

The anamorphically enhanced image looks as good as it can on DVD, but lossy Dolby Digital sound is not always as strong. Extras only include deleted scenes and a trailer.

- Ricky Chiang


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