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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Slasher > Sexploitation > Murderlust (1986)/Project Nightmare (1979) + Dream Stalker (1991)/Death by Love (1979/InterVision DVDs)

Murderlust (1986)/Project Nightmare (1979) + Dream Stalker (1991)/Death By Love (1979/InterVision DVDs)

Picture: B- Sound: B- Extras: B Films: B

If you're like me, you miss the days of VHS. For me, I was a scrawny teenager who would walk into the back section of a video store and take a stroll past high grade to low grade horror films with frighteningly creative covers and see video nasties that would burn their grainy images into my brain, keeping me (and you, if you ever had the same experience) awake at night. Thankfully, those days can be relived again in the digital age as InterVision brings us four uncut horror films in the shape of two great double features - Murderlust (1986)/Project Nightmare (1979) and Dream Stalker (1991)/Death by Love (1979). All of these films have been restored, with these releases being their first appearance on DVD.

Doug M. Jones' Murderlust is an interesting journey into the mind of a madman who lives a double life. In one, he's a respected member of the community and Sunday school teacher and in the other, a vicious serial killer of women. Uniquely shot and full of enough gore and nudity to satisfy slasher fans. All in all, Murderlust reminded me of Maniac in a good way. The film stars Eli Rich, Rochelle Taylor, Dennis Gannon, Bonnie Schneider, and Lisa Nichols.

Project Nightmare is also directed by Jones and is a trippy no budget Sci-Fi/Horror film about a group of campers who can't seem to escape a supernatural force that traps them in the woods. Severely dated, yet fun. The film stars Charles Miller, Seth Foster, and Elly Koslo.

The Dream Stalker follows a young woman who ends up losing the love of her life in a tragic motorcycle death. Haunted by the ghoulish version of him in her nightmares, she soon finds herself and her friends the victims of his brutal wrath. Obsessed and still in love with her, The Dream Stalker will stop and nothing to be reconciled with his true love. The film stars Valerie Williams, Mark Dias, Pam Hong, John Tyler, Jan Stearman, and Keith Lack.

In Death by Love, a handsome sculptor (producer/director/writer/star and Texas building contractor Alan Grant) fears that a devil-worshiping childhood pal is stalking and murdering his every new girlfriend. Directed and starring Alan Grant, the film also features Yvonne Aric, Erika Mills, Peggilee Wupperman, Tamara Betz, Brad Bishop, Donald Hendrix, and Frank McGill.

The films are presented in 1.66:1 full frame with a standard definition transfer and lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo tracks that are better than analog hi-fi VHS audio and very ''video'' like, which adds to the effect. These low budget productions aren't meant to look and sound like masterpieces and definitely look better than they did before thanks to InterVision.

Special Features include:

Murderlust: Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer James C. Lane

Project Nightmare: Partial Audio Commentary with Writer/Director James C. Lane

Dream Stalker extras are...

Remembering Ricky: With Actor Mark Dias

Dirtbike Dreams: Executive Producer Tom Naygrow

Alan Grant Remembers Death By Love Via Video Skype

Yvonne Aric and Brad Bishop Remember Death By Love Via Video Skype

These are all interesting, if not forgotten, low budget horror films that show creativity, bad acting, and fun special effects. Definitely recommended.

- James Lockhart



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