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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Science Fiction > Action > Supernatural > Japan > TV > Ajin: Demi Human - Part 1 (2016/Netflix/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Ajin: Demi Human - Part 1 (2016/Netflix/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Picture: B+ Sound: B (English & Spanish: B-) Extras: C Episodes: B+

It all started when Kei Nagai was overrun by a truck and died ...but he came back to life. There are now 'Ajins' in the world, a small but new race of demi-human that can't been killed ...and he is one of them. Governments around the world have placed insane bounties on anyone who is discover to be an 'Aijin'. Now Kei must not only discover what he is and his new abilities are, but what government really want with the 'Ajins' in Ajin: Demi Human - Part 1 (2016).

Kei was a normal high school student until he discover he was one of the few immortal Ajins around the world. An Ajin cannot die, but resurrects and heals completely after each death, also they can summon powerful invisible IBM (Invisible Black Matter) 'black shadows' to fight and overcome impossible odds. He learns that governments around the world are conducting inhuman experiments and research to weaponize the Ajins for their own purposes, but he also discovers there are other Ajins in secret ...and they are planning to fight back. On the run, Kai must decide where he stands, to run or hide from the humans who hunt him or to fight back and join the rebellion?

This was an interesting sci-fi action series, if there were such things are mutants or people with para-normal abilities, would the government see them as humans? If I had to compare it to something it was like watching X-Men, except there are no X-Men (or X-Women) and the governments around the world were hunting them down.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image is really good throughout, on the higher second tier of Sentai releases and a solid showing for Netflix, but for sound, this is a first for Sentai. We get three DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 mixes, a decent Japanese mix and so-so Spanish and English versions. Anything 5.1 is rare for Sentai and all three options are most welcome. Extras include movie, clean opening and closing animations, animatic process scenes and trailers, though please note a more expanded gift box has been issued.

Episodes include...

What's That Stuff Have to Do With Us? - Kei discovers he is an immortal Ajin after he killed by a truck and finds himself hunted down by everyone.

Why is This Happening? Why Me... - Kei escapes with the only one he can trust, Kaito his friend. As Kei and Kaito is on the run they are aided by a mysterious 'Black Ghost'.

Maybe This is the End - As the police continues to search for more information to where Kei is, Kei hides out in the mountain and plan his next move.

Have You Ever Seen a Black Ghost? - Kei meets two other Ajins, Sato and Tanaka who want him to join him and kill the humans who hunt and hurt them.

But When It Comes Down to It, You Still Want Them to Help You... You're the Worst Kind of Trash... - Kei is captured by the government and subject to inhuman experiments. Sato rescues him only to be disappointed that Kei has not turned anti-humans.

I'm Gonna Kill You Too - After failing to turn Kei, Sato attempts to kill Kei, but Kei manages to escape and jumps into a nearby river.

I Swear I'll Cover the Whole Thing Up - Sato reveals the government secret inhuman experiments to the mass media, but secretly he uses it to assemble other Ajins in hiding.

Brace Yourself - Sato meets the Ajins and imprisons the ones who don't join him. Only a young boy, Ko, escapes.

Wait Let's Talk It Over - Ko meets and finds Kei and tries to get him to join him and fight Sato. Kei tricks Ko and imprisons him in and abandon truck.

They Start to Decay as Soon As They're Created - As the government plan countermeasures for Sato's attack. Kei hides out in the countryside and learns more what he can do with his Ajin.

It's Show Time - Sato begins his attack and challenges the humans to a showdown between him and the elite police force.

Whew, I'm Beat - Sato baits the police force and uses the black ghost to take out the snipers and eliminate the entire force and walks away.

Sato, It's All Your Fault! - Kei's cover is blown and the government comes after him. Kei and Ko manages to escape and they finally decide to go after Sato. Sato declares if things don't change for the Ajins, this is only the beginning.

- Ricky Chiang


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