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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Crime > Gangster > Murder > Heist > Diamonds > Holocaust > Cable TV > Ice: Season One (2016/E One DVD Set)

Ice: Season One (2016/E One DVD Set)

Picture: C+ Sound: C Extras: C Episodes: B

After a deal gone wrong and a dead body is found, a high profile diamond trade company finds itself pulled in debt and forced into the underground world of illegal blood diamond trade. Forced to buy, trade, ship unregistered diamonds for a powerful crime syndicate controlled by Lady Rah (Judith Shekoni). While Jake (Cam Gigandet), Freddy (Jeremy Sisto), their father Isaac (Donald Sutherland) and their Uncle Cam (Ray Winstone) struggle to keep the family business afloat little do they know they are only a small piece in one larger plan ...and the feds are closing in on them too in Ice: Season One (2016).

The Green & Green diamond company has been a prestigious and legit company until one night Freddy ends up with Lady Rah's dead diamond smuggler. They are forced to then clear a $25 Million debt and take on jobs from Lady Rah. Jake the golden boy/brains of the family, he has to constantly has to cover for Freddy mistakes, but because Freddy is a drug addict and drunk he never stop getting them into more debt and trouble. The real truth is, Lady Rah works for a more powerful crime-lord, Pieter and his true goal is to bankrupt Green & Green and take it over to use as a front for their USA operations. The drama and danger only increases when their Jewish 'Uncle' Cam, is discovered to be a super-Judas who's been working and planning this with Pieter since the beginning, BUT he has also been making deals behind everyone's backs. Not only does he want the family jewels but also a $150 Million Holocaust Diamond heirloom that's been kept hidden in the family for years.

This is an action and drama filled series, though the Holocaust bit may seem highly insensitive to the point that it trivializes genocide and history, blood diamonds not withstanding. Outside of that, it plays as expected, but that's nothing to make a MacGuffin out of. This is about those in the diamond trade business, that ANYONE successful in the diamond trade MUST be connected to some illegal or shady business (easier for the FBI to track and follow). It is full of backstabbing and betrayals with deals and deals gone wrong, only the vicious and ruthless survives.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image is good for the format, though the darkened style gets to be a bit much, but the lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is more problematic with poor mixing and mastering decisions more often than you might expect. Extras include interviews with Jeremy Sisto and Cam Gigandet, 'Diamond Girl' music video with Rachele Royale and trailer.

Episodes include...

Hyenas - Freddy is found with a dead diamond smuggler and Jake is forced to cover it up, but Lady Rah find out and forces Jake to work for her.

Run You Bastards Run - Jake takes on a risky job at the docks to try and pay off the debts all at once, but everything in the plans go wrong when Freddy and Uncle Cam gets involved.

The Line - Jake and Freddy are forced to go on a diamond smuggling run and Isaac discovers their involvement with Lady Rah.

Two Handkerchiefs - Jake and Freddy make it to Vancouver but are suddenly and robbed by Lady Rah's own henchmen and the police are closing in on Freddy's for murder.

Tears of the Gods - After the death of Isaac, a new mysterious character arrives in L.A., Pieter. Jake begins to suspect his 'Uncle' and there is far more going on than meets the eye.

Facet - After Cam was left out of Isaac's will, Cam and Pieter begin making plans to take over Green & Green. Ava take a hand in the family business and Freddy tries to get sober.

Clarity - Jake and Freddy head to an underground diamond auction. Pieter shares with Cam what his true goals are.

Side Trip - Jake and Lady Rah form an uneasy alliance when he discover Pieter had Lady Rah's daughter hostage and he is behind Green & Green's troubles. Freddy and Ava make a trip to Russia to secure a new resource for diamonds.

The Cut - Freddy and Ava are successful with their trip to Russia. Things go wrong between Lady Rah and Pieter. Cam finds himself being cut out of all the deals when his betrayal is discovered and that he was playing all sides.

Stand Off - Pieter holds Ava hostage to trade for Green & Green. Jake makes a deal to rescue her. Freddy is forced to work as a mole for the FBI. Cam cuts a deal with Lady Rah to take out Pieter.

- Ricky Chiang


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