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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Family > Relationships > African American > Racism > Prejudice > Queen Sugar: The Complete First Season (2016/Warner DVD Set)

Queen Sugar: The Complete First Season (2016/Warner DVD Set)

Picture: C Sound: B Extras: A Episodes: B+

After their father pasted away, 3 siblings return home to take care of their father's sugar cane farm. Nova, Charley and Ralph Angel comes home to decide what to do with their father's land and their lives. Each one has their problems and has their own ideas on what to do with the farm, but coming home they realize if they want to save the farm they will all have to work together. The world isn't easy, nor is it fair, and in the Deep South each step of progress they make forward they are forced to take two steps back in Queen Sugar: The Complete First Season (2016).

The Bordelon siblings are children of black farmers, after growing up and leaving home they had long gone separate ways. Nova is a journalist/witch doctor/feminist activist but she is having an affair with a married White policeman. Charley is manager/trophy wife to NBA superstar but is caught in a scandal that not only threatens to destroy his career but also their marriage. Ralph Angel is an ex-convict/single father who only cares about himself. Of all the things that went wrong with their lives (and relationships), coming home was the only right thing they did, but it will not be easy and they will face discrimination from rich white farmers, prejudice from society, and racism ...but mostly they will have to face themselves.

This was a like modern story of the Good Earth with Black farmers instead of Chinese. It paints a world where African Americans, no matter rich or poor they are oppressed by society, they are forever portrayed as the victims of society. By overcoming hardships, they strive to build a better life for themselves and their families and the future generations.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image is sifter than one would like, but some of that is the chosen style. The lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 sound mix on each episode is better, well recorded and mixed throughout. Extras include Inside Queen Sugar: Origins, a Making Of the series piece, Oprah Winfrey and cast of Queen Sugar and Deleted Scenes.

Episodes include...

First Things First - After their father suffers a stroke, the Bordelon siblings return home to take care of their father.

Evergreen - Nova, Charley and Ralph Angel argue and fight on what to do with their father's farm after he passes away.

Thy Will Be Done - Charley considers selling the farm, but after learning their father's last will Ralph Angel wants to rebuild the farm.

The Darker Sooner - As Ralph Angel tries to run the farm, Charley returns home to deal with her husband's scandal. Nova writes an article against corrupt police making extreme charges against young Black men.

By Any Chance - Nova's article cause trouble with the police and her lover. Charley faces her husband's accuser, Ralph Angel slips to old habits when he becomes desperate for money.

As Promised - Nova and Charley continues to fight one another, Ralph Angel tries to get out his illegal arrangement.

In No Uncertain Terms - Charley considers what to do with her marriage as Ralph Angel wants to farm full time.

Where With All - A hurricane approaches the farm.

Next to Nothing - The Bordelon siblings repair damages to the farm and discover 2 bodies buried in the field.

So Far - Charley looks into the history of their farm and searches for a new mill.

All Good - As the Bordelon searches for a new mill, Ralph Angel and Darla help Blue with school issues.

Far Too Long - Charley makes a bold decision to buy and start their own mill.

Give Us This Day - As Charley tries to secure investors for her mill, Ralph Angel discovers another will left by their father.

- Ricky Chiang


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