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Category:    Home > Reviews > Crime > Comedy > Medical > Bones: The Final Chapter - Season 12 (2016 - 2017/Fox DVD Set)

Bones: The Final Chapter - Season 12 (2016 - 2017/Fox DVD Set)

Picture: B Sound: C+ Extras: C- Episodes: C+

It's the final season of Bones, as Booth (David Boreanaz), Dr. 'Bones' Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and the team continue to work with the FBI to solve high profile murders in the Washington D.C. area. Each case gets stranger and weirder, hitting closer to home and into each other's personal lives. Through the years of cases, friendship, rivalries, love and lose, the team has become literally family, but now, their teamwork will be tested when a former member is accused of murder and kidnapping. Booth's own past begins to catches up to him when he becomes the target of a target for assassination from his years as an Army Ranger assassin.

In these final shows, the agents, doctors and forensic scientists of the Jeffersonian Institute are seeking to move on, tie the knot, start families and finally settling down. Through their knowledge, experience and research of human bones they are able to pick out clues and recreate the life story/final moments of their victims. Working through their high tech lab, the they are able to solve murders and catch the serial killers that commit them.

Like all good things, things must come to an end (specially with the fact the characters are getting older and even getting out of shape), Bones is a murder mystery series not un-like NCIS or CSI with a team specialize specialists with high tech gadgets. However, unlike real life, most forensic labs takes days if not months to analyze evidence and data. Like most murder mystery series the lighter comedy/relief comes from the characters relationship to one another (not to mention that they totally violate the rules and ethics of having office romances).

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image is as good as it can be in this format (see our Blu-ray coverage of some seasons elsewhere on this site) but the lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 sound is not quite as good and makes one wish for lossless mixes. Extras include a series retrospective of Bones and a Gag Reel.

The concluding episodes are...

The Hope in the Horror - A former associate is accused of murder and kidnapping Bones, but new evidence hints Zack many not be the true killer.

The Brain in the Bot - The team investigates a murder where a robot is the prime suspect ..and maybe the start of the 'robocalypse'.

The New Tricks in the Old Dogs - A murder occurs in an old retirement home ...with a bunch of 'kinky' old folks.

The Price for the Past - One of Booth's old army buddies is murdered and leads back to Booth's past.

The Tutor in the Tussle - A tutor for rich and wealthy is found dead in the wrong part of town.

The Flaw in the Saw - A female lumberjack is found murdered when she is literally given the axe.

The Scare in the Score - Another member of Booth's former army teammates is found murdered and tragedy strikes the Brennan's family.

The Grief and the Girl - Brennan deals with the death of her father as they investigate a death of woman.

The Steel in the Wheel - The team investigates a murder at a demolition derby.

The Radioactive Panthers in the Party - The team investigates the death of a (lousy) filmmaker.

The Day in the Life - As Cam and Arastoo get married, bombs have been set to go off at the Jeffersonian.

The End in the End - With the Jeffersonian destroyed and Brennan injured, Booth and his remaining team members must find the bomber without her help.

- Ricky Chiang


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