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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Drama > Teens > Comedy > Romance > Dating-sim > Japan > TV > Amagami SS & Amagami SS+: Complete Series (2010 - 2011/Sentai Filmworks Blu-ray Set)

Amagami SS & Amagami SS+: Complete Series (2010 - 2011/Sentai Filmworks Blu-ray Set)

Picture: A Sound: B+ Extras: C Episodes: A-

Two years ago, Tachibana Junichi was stood up by a girl on Christmas Eve, but now he has a chance to find love and romance again, again, again, again, again ...and again. Now he has a chance with find true love not only once, but six times with the school's most beautiful girls. The multi-verse is his oyster when he gets the chance to romance 6 different girls, which girl will he pick and how will she find a way to heal his heart again?

Amagami SS is your classic high school romance drama/dating sim. Tachibana Junichi is the our generic male protagonist and for some reason he suddenly finds himself surrounded by the school's most beautiful girls. Each girl is unique and has her own story and requires a different way in which main protagonist Junichi must approach them to win their heart. However, with each girl, the universe resets (every 4 episodes) back in time to when he was first dumped and before he starts dating a girl. In Amagami SS+ (or Plus) is more stories of Junichi and the girls facing various/different situations after they start dating.

This is a semi-harem anime, semi in the fact that there is a new female lead/protagonist every few episodes (and the rest of the girls become supporting cast for whoever is the current female lead). The secret to dating girls seems to be being sensitive to a girl's needs, attentive to them and being able to make them laugh afterwards.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image transfers on these Blu-rays are outstanding and some of the best Sentai has ever issued, while the DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo Japanese lossless mixes with Pro Logic-like surrounds do their best to accompany the image, but one wishes for a 5.1, 7.1 or 11.1 mix to match the picture even better. Extras include, clean opening and closing animations and trailers.

Episodes and the characters they are connected to include...

Haruka Morishima - Haruka is the high school idol and considered to be the most popular girl in the school. Her weakness is cute things and she enjoys fantasy role playing.

1. Admiration - Junichi works up the courage to confess to Morishima and discover she finds him 'cute'.

2. Approach - Junichi decides even if Morishima doesn't accept him as her boyfriend, he would be happy to be her 'puppy'.

3. Jealousy - Morishima decides she doesn't like it when Junichi is with other girls now that they are a couple.

4. Romance - It's Christmas, Junichi and Morishima decided to spend it together ...in a hotel.

Kaoru Tanamachi - Kaoru is the tomboy girl next door. She and Junichi are childhood friends/BFFs and has always been treated like one of the boys, but things change when Junichi treats her like a girl for the first time.

5. Buddies - Junichi and Kaoru have always been friends, until Kaoru realizes she has feelings for him.

6. Hesitation - Junichi and Kaoru accidentally kiss and their relationship begins to blossom. Junichi sees Kaoru as a woman for the first time.

7. Betrayal - Kaoru is upsets when she discovers her mother remarrying. Junichi helps her face her fears and insecurities.

8. Progress - Both Junichi and Kaoru realize they love each other and confess and kiss. They spend the night together and the next day they become a couple.

Sae Nakata - Sae is a well-endowed freshman and one of Junichi's little sister Miya's best friends. She is the quiet girl and super shy, to over come her shyness Junichi become her 'life coach'.

9. Underclassman - Junichi meets his little sister Miya friend Sae and decides to help coach her to overcome her shyness.

10. Training - Sae continues training in speaking up in public ...which also included her wearing a swimsuit at the same time ...with Miya catching them in an awkward situation.

11. Changes - Junichi and Sae go out on a date to an amusement park together where she gets to try on various 'costumes'.

12. Lovers - Junichi realizes he has feelings for Sae. After the school's Best Couples Contest, he confesses his feelings to her and they become a couple for real.

Ai Nanasaki - Ai is rising star on the girl's swimteam and is also one of Junichi's little sister's friends. While she appears to be serious on the outside, secretly she is moved by acts of kindness.

13. The Worst - Junichi recalls meeting Ai years ago, but Miya is curious when Ai wants to know more about Junichi and then she plays a prank on him. The next day, Junichi and Ai renew their friendship.

14. Heartthrob - Junichi tutors Ai and also gives her advice on her little brother. Ai begins to have feelings for Junichi.

15. Transformation - Junichi and Ai go to the amusement park and Ai ends up kissing him.

16. Confessions - After a school festival, Ai and Junichi go to a mixed-gender hot springs resort and confess their feelings to each other.

Rihoko Sakirai - Rihoko is Junichi's childhood friend, she is clumsy, homely, and cute. While she worries about her weight, she is looking for someone who loves her for who she is. Her friends love playing matchmakers for her and Junichi.

17. Memories - When Rihoko she gets stuck in a fence Junichi helps her get out. Rihoko decides to go on a diet and gives Junichi her 'sweets'.

18. Assistance - Junichi and Rihoko go ice skating together. Junichi starts helping out with the Tea Club and meets Rihoko's friends, Manaka and Ruriko.

19. Succession - Junichi and Rihoko visits the shrine together on New Year's Eve. Rihoko's New Year's Resolution is to successfully go on a diet and confess her feelings to Junichi.

20. Goodbyes - Rihoko is asked to recruit new members for the Tea Club since Manaka and Ruriko are graduating. Junichi joins the club and he and Rihoko become the new club leaders/couple.

Tsukasa Ayatsuji - Ayatsuji is the serious and ever hard working class rep. On the outside she seems like the perfect girl, but has a hidden side/temper in which Junichi soon learns.

21. Discoveries - Junichi helps Tsukasa setup for the school festival.

22. Hidden Side - Junichi continues to help out Tsukasa but discovers when she overworks herself she has a hidden personality.

23. Pride - Tsukasa is tired of rumors of her and Junichi, and after overworking herself again she blows up in front of the whole class. Junichi decides to support her by becoming her boyfriend for real in order to quiet the rumors.

24. Promise - Junichi confesses to Tsukasa and tells her he will love her regardless of which ever personality she is.


  1. Risa Kamizaki ~ The Truth - Junichi has a stalker/admirer and he meets Risa and learns of the truth of what happened about the girl who dumped him two years ago.

  1. Miya Tachibana ~ Little Sister - Miya worries why his brother Junishi can be such a playboy and yet doesn't have a girlfriend yet.

Amagami SS + (Plus)

Tsukasa Ayatsuji

1. Temptation - Tsukasa and Junichi decide to run for Student Council President and Vice President, but their rivals decide to play dirty by sabotage their relationship.

2. Showdown - Tsukasa sees through their rival's tricks and Junichi promises to be faithful to Tsukasa. After reaffirming their relationship they win the election by a landslide.

Rihoko Sakurai

3. Dusk - It's been months since Rihoko and Junichi have taken over the Tea Club, but Rihoko has yet to confess her feelings to Junichi.

4. Wind Chime - Junichi realizes Rihoko is trying to confess to him, both of them search for the right moment to confess their feelings when Rihoko stays overnight at his house during a storm.

Ai Nanasaki

5. Bravado - It's been a year since Junichi and Ai became a couple, but they have are spending less and less time together.

6. Escape - It is Christmas season again, everything reminds Ai of Junichi and she is lonely. Junichi surprises Ai on Christmas Eve.

Kaoru Tanamachi

7. Sketch - Realizing their relationship isn't going anywhere, Kaoru and Junichi decide to on a road trip together.

8. Traveling Companion - After missing their bus and losing most of their money, Kaoru and Junichi make the best of what they have and ends up reaffirm their feelings towards each other.

Sae Nakata

9. Doubt - Sae is a lot more confident now with herself and begins to make more friends. Junichi is worried that other boys will begin to notice her more.

10. A Wish - Sae becomes ill before the school festival, Junichi must find a way to help her and save the festival.

Haruka Morishma

11. Sexy - Haruka's sexy blond cousin Jessica from England arrives and Junichi and Haruka role plays as if they are married.

12. Departure - After hearing Haruka is going to England (and a slight misunderstanding), Junichi proposes marriage to Haruka in front of the entire school during their graduation ceremony.

Miya Tachibana

13. Hot Springs - All the girls head towards the hot springs resort to relax and talk about their future plans/dreams.

- Ricky Chiang


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