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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Drama > Comedy > Romance > Melodrama > Japan > TV > Clannad/After Clannad (2007 - 2009/Seasons One & Two/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Clannad/After Clannad (2007 - 2009/Seasons One & Two/Sentai Blu-ray Set)

Picture: A Sound: A Extras: B Episodes: A

Ever since the death of his mother, Tomoya Okazaki feels like there is no justice, no point to life, much less any meaning or for him to try anything in life. His life has been 'frozen' in time ...that is until he met Nagisa. Through Nagisa and their friends, time begins to move again for Okazaki as he learns to open his heart again, but he also learns how delicate and fragile life is... but anything is possible ...and if they believe, even miracles can happen in Clannad and After Clannad.

Tomoya Okazaki is considered a delinquent, after the death of his mother and an injury that forced him quit the basketball team he is angry about his life and blames his alcoholic father and has a negative outlook on life. But all that changed after meeting Nagisa, Nagisa is a naive girl and with a weak constitution and wants to restart the drama club. Despite Okazaki's negative reputation, his is fiercely loyal towards his friends and kind in helping others out when in trouble. They are joined by Okazaki's best friend girl crazy Youhei Sunohara, the Fujibayashi twins Kyou and Ryou, Kyou is a tomboy while Ryou is the quiet class representative. They are joined by Kotomi a girl genius, Tomoyo a tough girl who wants to change her image and the mysterious girl Fuko which no one seems to remember.

From the creators of Kanon and Air (if you liked those series) you'll love Clannad. It is a heartwarming series that will make you laugh, cry and feel. It is a beautiful world with moving story, while most of the time it is comedy romance and drama, it has serious story and gives hope to dreamers of the future.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image transfers for both seasons are as great as anything Sentai has ever issued with color, detail, depth and in-motion performance that is truly top of the line, then it only gets better with the DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 lossless mixes that are rare (they usually offer only 2.0 Stereo on their TV show sets) and they are all so well, clearly and nicely recorded that they shame theatrical films. The combination is highly state-of-the-art and everyone needs to experience these just for playback performance. Extras include clean opening and closing animation, episode commentary and trailers.

Episodes for BOTH seasons are as follows...

On a Slope with Falling Cherry Blossoms - Tomoya meets Nagisa and decides to help her restart the drama club.

The First Step - Tomoya meets Kotomi and Fuko. Nagisa learns of Tomoya's past and how he was injured the reason why he quit the basketball team.

Once More After the Tears - Nagisa recovers from a cold, meanwhile Tomoya discover Kyou's pet baby boar. Tomoya and Nagisa discovers the school won't allow them to recruit new members for the drama club.

Looking for Friends - As Tomoya and Nagisa try to find new members for the drama club, they learn that Fuko wants people to come to her sisters wedding, however they discover the 'real' Fuko is in a coma in the hospital.

Scene with Sculptures - Tomoya and Nagisa learn more about Fuko's past and wants to give astral Fuko a normal day in high school which she never lived.

The Sisters' Founder's Festival - Tomoya and Nagisa use the festival to spread the word of Fuko's sister's wedding, but then discover a secret... most people can't see her ...including her own sister.

Star-Shaped Feelings - Tomoya and Nagisa try to help Fuko's sister to get married on the school property, but then realize everyone they invited are starting to forget Fuko.

The Breeze Fading at Dusk - One by one, Tomoya and his friends begin to forget Fuko. Tomoya tries desperately to remember and help others to remember Fuko existence.

Until the End of the Dream - As Fuko's sister's wedding approaches, Tomoya and Nagisa attend the wedding and are able to remember and see Fuko again. Suddenly, all those they invited before arrive for the same reason as if they forgotten something important and for one moment everyone is able to see and remember Fuko ...and believe that the real Fuko will awaken one day.

The Girl Genius' Challenge - Tomoya and Nagisa continues to look for new members to join the drama club. Tomoya helps Kotomi learn how to make more friends, but discovers she is a horror when she plays the violin.

Afterschool Rhapsody - Tomoya helps arrange a recital for Kotomi to play violin, hoping she improves (but she unfortunately does not). A strange man approaches Kotomi at the end of the day.

Hidden World - Kotomi continues to improve her friendship with Tomoya and their friends, but something about her past is troubling her, Tomoya remembers he met Kotomi long ago and discovers her parents had passed away in an accident and is currently living alone.

A Garden of Memories - After realizing he knew Kotomi, Tomoya learns how Kotomi's parents died in a plane crash and they had be researching on 'Another World'. Tomoya helps Kotomi overcome her loneliness and helps Kotomi clean and weed her currently overgrown garden.

Theory of Everything - After cleaning helping Kotomi clean up her garden all night, Kotomi is moved by Tomoya's kindness and receives her parents last gift to her, a teddy bear that survived from the plane crash and she is finally able to come to terms with her parents deaths.

A Problematic Matter - After finally getting enough members to restart the drama club, they still must find an adviser for the club. There is a conflict with another club and Nagisa considers giving up the drama club, but Tomoya and Youhei aren't about to throw in the towel yet.

3 on 3 - Youhei's little sister Mei comes for a visit. Meanwhile, Tomoya, Youhei and Kyou end up in a basketball match with the basketball team.

An Empty Space - After the basketball game things seemed resolved, but they still need the approval from the student council ...and Tomoya believes the quickest way seems to be helping Tomoyo become the next student council president. Later Kyou and Tomoya end up in a situation with a romance misunderstanding. Afterwards, Tomoya is suspended when he takes the blame for Tomoyo to protect her reputation when she ends up fighting off gang members.

The Secret Plan of Reversal - Tomoya friends come visit him while he is suspended and Tomoya's relationship deepens with all the girls. Once his suspension is over, Tomoya helps Tomoyo run for the student council president and ends up winning.

A New Life - The Drama club is finally officially revived, all seems well until Nagisa feels that she did something wrong in the past, but can't remember and her parents are keeping a secret from her.

The Secret Past - Tomoya is determined to uncover Nagisa's lost past, but her father confronts him and tells him that he and his wife gave up their jobs and dreams when Nagisa almost died and to not tell his wife or daughter their talk, because he doesn't want Nagisa to remember.

Preparing for the School Festival - As the school festival approaches, Nagisa and her friend continue practicing their play... hauntingly close to Tomoya dreams. As Nagisa continues to write the script she discovers photos and books of her parent's past.

Two Shadows - Nagisa becomes shocked and depressed when she discovers her parents gave up their dreams for her to live. Her friends try to cheer her up but fails, but things get resolved when her father tells her their biggest dream was her and to help make her dreams come true. The play is a success and Tomoya confesses his love to Nagisa afterwards.

It Happened During Summer Vacation - Tomoya and Nagisa now are officially a couple, but their relationship seems to come to a halt. Youhei's sister Mei decides to play cupid for them and help them plan a date for them.

Tomoyo Arc - In an alternate universe/timeline Tomoya ends up with Tomoyo. After realizing their lives are holding each other back from their potential future they end up breaking up, but months later at their graduation, they meet again under the cherry trees and discover their feelings are still there. They decide they don't care what others think and become a couple again.

After Story - Season 2

A Farewell to the End of Summer - Tomoya, Nagisa and their friends are recruited for a baseball game with the locals.

In Search Of False Love - Mei is worried about Youhei that she does not have a girlfriend yet. Tomoya gets a great idea and to find a girl to pose as Youhei's girlfriend ...and ends up with Nagisa's mother playing the role.

Hearts Out of Synch - Youhei and Sanae go out on a pretend date to fool Mei, but Mei feels there is still something not quite right, but really she wants Youhei to pay attention to her, she tries another approach and pretends to go out on a date with Tomoya.

With the Same Smile as That Day - Youhei has been skipping classes and acting odd. Tomoya, Nagisa and Mei try to get the soccer team to take Youhei back but instead gets into a fight which Youhei comes to the rescue. After understanding why he left the team in the first place things Youhei returns to normal.

The Season You Were There - Tomoya falls asleep and has a strange dreams about Misae the dorm mother's past, how she was in love with a boy but he was already with another girl.

Forever by Your Side - After being left heartbroken Misae finds a new love, a mysterious boy unaware it is he is really dying in the hospital and it is his cat helping them grant their wishes. She makes a wish for them to be together forever. Tomoya wakes up and then tells Misae that his spirit has been with her cat and he has been beside her all along.

Where She Belongs - Tomoya discover Yukine is at the center of two rival gangs. A war is brewing but Yukine wants the fighting to end.

A Courageous Battle - The two rival gangs have gone to war and declare an all out battle. Tomoya and Youhei intervene, but Yukine masquerades as her older brother and reveals he died quite some time ago and fought for peace between the gangs, the two gang reconcile and end the war.

Along the Path - As Christmas approaches, Tomoya and their friends discuss on what they want their futures to be after they graduate. Nagisa is forced to repeat a year after becoming too ill and missed too many days in school.

A Season of Beginnings - After graduation, Tomoya decides to move out and get a job and he learns harshness of working and being an adult.

The Founder's Day Festival Promise - Tomoya continues working hiding his handicap injury, fearing it will cost hime to lose his job. He resolves to become working man worthy of Nagisa and gains the respect of his co-workers.

A Sudden Happening - Yusuke tells his past to Tomoya on how he was a rock star but lost it all when he became addicted to drugs. Years later, he was about to get clean and regretted not proposing to Kouko sooner. Tomoya is pasted up for promotion when his father get arrested and continue to blame him for his misfortunes. Nagisa calms him down and Tomoya proposes to her.

Graduation - Nagisa finally graduates and Tomoya must win her parent's approval. Soon after her graduation Tomoya and Nagisa gets married.

A New Family - Tomoya and Nagisa now married works together on a new life. Nagisa works as a waitress in a family restaurant. Adding more to their surprise Nagisa soon becomes pregnant.

In the Remains of Summer - Everyone congratulates Tomoya about becoming a father. Nagisa decides she want to have a home birth, but they are warned because of Nagisa's weak body that having a baby may put her life at risk, and to consider abortion. But they decide to have the baby anyway and a name the child Ushio.

White Darkness - It's the New Year and Nagisa goes into labor and they are unable to get her to a hospital. Nagisa manages to give birth to their daughter but dies after moments seeing her new baby. Tomoya's will is completely shattered.

Summer Time - Five years has pasted, Tomoya unable to raise his daughter leave her with her with Nagisa's parents Akio and Sanae. Sanae asks Tomoya to go on a family trip, Tomoya is still unable to connect with his daughter still reminding him too much of Nagisa. Tomoya doesn't realize he become exactly like his father.

The Ends of the Earth - As Tomoya continues to spend time with his daughter Ushio he visits his grandmother, his father's mother. There he learns of his father's past and despite being an alcoholic gambler he wasn't a bad father trying to raise him by himself. Tomoya forgives his father and comes to terms with him and vows not to make the same mistakes he did and to raise his daughter properly.

The Road Home - Tomoya and Ushio now decide to live together. Fuko wakes up from her coma and a new life begins for all three of them. Despite their loses, life begins to move forward once more.

The Mischievious Sea Breeze - As Tomoya becomes involved with his daughter's life and school life and he keeps running into his former classmates. Things seems to be normal until he discovers Ushio inherited the same illness as her mother.

The End of the World - As Ushio's condition continue to worse she begins to see the 'Illusionary World'. Believing their lives are somehow connected to the illusionary world and his promise to Ushio, he takes her on a trip only for her to die in his arms after telling him she love him. Tomoya completely breaks down ...but then a miracle occurs.

A Small Hand - Tomoya is sent back through time, by gathering various joys and happiness in life he is sent back to the moment when Nagisa gave birth to Ushio, but this time she survives. This time he and Nagisa are able to raise Ushio together and Tomoya is finally free of his fate of misfortune.

Events From a Year Ago - A year before Tomoya and Nagisa story begins, Tomoya and Youhei share their story of how they became friends.

Kyou Arc - In another alternate universe/timeline, Tomoya goes out with Ryou and Kyou, both are in love with him but the sisters don't want to hurt each other's feelings. But who will Tomoya choose?

Under the Green Tree - Tomoya recalls his story to Ushio of when he first met Nagisa and he is able to recall both lives in which he remember the death of Nagisa and the one she survives. They awaken from the dream to Nagisa calling them home.

- Ricky Chiang


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