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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Comedy > Magic > Harem > Adventure > Fan Service > Mystery > Steampunk > Negima! (2005)/Princess Principal (2017)/Seven Heavenly Virtues (2017/all Sentai Complete Collection Blu-rays)

Negima! (2005)/Princess Principal (2017)/Seven Heavenly Virtues (2017/all Sentai Complete Collection Blu-rays)

Picture: C+/B+/B Sound: C+/B+/B Extras: C/B*/C Main Programs: B/B+/C+

And now for a new group of anime releases to know about...

Welcome to Mahora Academy, where anything and everything can happen, including a 10 year teacher named Negi. It's the start of a new semester and he is put in charge of the class 2-A of Junior High girls, but secretly he is also a wizard-in-training and he protects the secret of magic. Between teaching and teenage girls falling in love with him and magic what could go wrong?

In Negima!: Complete Collection (2005),Negi Springfield is a 10-year teacher, but secretly he is a wizard-in-training and he wants to become a master magician to help people with his magic. He is assigned to Mahora Academy, a city sized campus and to the class of 2-A, a class full of energetic and odd ball girls. While he teaches and helps his students he secretly protects them from dangers and threats from the magical wold (but then the girls in his classes isn't exactly 'normal' either). While Negi being a wizard is supposed to be a secret, eventually all the girls in his class find out anyway (and wan to be his partner). All the girls find Negi too cute and fall in love with him, in particular Asuna, they end up becoming magical 'partners' in their adventure.

From the people who brought you Love Hina, Negima! has even more girls along with magic and adventure. The series makes fun of romantic harem comedy by pairing a 10-year-old with (junior)high school girls. Extras include clean opening and closing animation, recording of "To the Shining You ~ Peace" and trailers.

Episodes include...

The Blockhead in the Professor's Chair - The girls of Class 2-A gets a new teacher, a 10 year-old named Negi, who also happens to secretly be a wizard.

Every Beginning is Difficult - Asuna discover Negi's secret and wants him to make a love potion for her.

Lovers, Lunatics - Negi makes a love potion for Asuna but when it goes wrong, all the girls fall in love with Negi instead.

No Place Like Home - Negi tries to help the 'Baka' Rangers in his class improve their grades.

Rumor Flies - Chamo arrives at Mahora and tells Negi he needs to find a 'partner'.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Negi discovers one of his students is a Vampire, Evangeline.

The Appearances of Things are Deceptive - After being defeated by Evangeline, Negi recovers and he and Asuna discover another one of his students, Evangeline's partner Chachamaru is a robot.

One Night Befalls All of Us - Negi teams up with Asuna as a partner and is able to defeat Evangeline and Chachamaru.

I'll Get You, Wascally Wabbit! - Negi tours the campus with Fuka and Fumika.

Where There is Harmony, There is Victory - The girls play dodgeball against the high school girls ...with Negi as the prize.

When They are Silent, They are Shouting - Negi and the girls set up a website and discover one of their classmate Chisame is an internet idol.

Either Learn or Leave - Negi and the Baka Ranger explore Library Island for a magic book to make them smarter.

We Live and Learn - Negi and the girls are trapped in library island and study for 3 days and manage to ace the exams when they get out.

I Hope the Memory of Our Friendship Will Be Eternal - Negi and Konoka buy a present for Asuna, but is stalked by the class Cheerleaders.

A Reliable Friend is Perceived in an Uncertain Situation - Negi and the class visits Ayaka at her home.

Love and Cough are Not Kept Secret - The girls hold a sleepover party at the old school building with Negi.

Nothing is Difficult for a Lover - Nodoka helps Yu to go out on a date with Negi.

Love Does Not Recognize Rank - Negi is shocked that his student Nodoka is falling in love with him. Asuna makes a cake for Takahata.

Words Fly Away, Those Written Remain - Negi and the girls discover one of their classmates is a ghost.

Unless You Have Believed, You Will Not Understand - Negi and the girls take a trip to Kyoto, but evil wizards are targeting Konoka.

It Must Not at All be Despaired - Negi, Asuna and Setsuna set off to rescue Konoka.

It Is Difficult to Make a Joke with a Sad Mind - Negi asks Evangeline to be his magic teacher.

Remember to Die - Asuna begins to remember her past and she made a deal with the devil.

Both Weapon and Words Wound - Negi and the girls are sadden by Asuna's death and seek to discover a way to bring her back. Yue confesses her feelings to Negi.

Death is Certain, the Time is Uncertain - Negi and the girls travel back into the past to save Asuna.

Not For Me, Not For You, But For Us - Negi forms contracts with all the girls of 2-A to save Asuna and defeat the Demon King.

In the early 20th Century, Great Britain discovered Cavorite, an anti-gravity material which gave birth to an era of giant airships and inventions. However, it caused different classes to emerge in the kingdom, Albion the wealthy, those who controlled Cavorite and the Commonwealth, the poor and the masses of the common people. The Commonwealth and Albion secretly fight one another with spies stealing secrets and changing the balance of power. Ange, Charlotte, Dorothy, Beatrice and Chise are 5 young schoolgirls (one of them is the royal princess) who serve as spies for the Commonwealth in Princess Principal: Complete Collection (2017).

Ange, Charlotte, Dorothy, Beatrice and Chise are well bred girls in the prestigious girl's school, but at night they spies for the commonwealth against the corrupt Albion. Ange is a master of disguise and a dead ringer for the current princess but shares a secret with Charlotte. Charlotte is the current 4th Princess of Albion and wishes to become the next Queen, she uses her position to help infiltrate the nobility, but secretly she wishes to tear down the walls separating the classes and re-build the country. Dorothy is the oldest among the girls and the leader of the group, she uses feminine wiles in the missions. Beatrice is from a minor noble family and a mechanical voice and able to imitate anyone's voice, she is fiercely loyal to Charlotte. Chise is an exchange student from Japan, but secretly she is an ninja assassin sent to observe the who will win in the revolution between Albion and the Commonwealth. Together, they work to bring peace and justice to the masses.

This was a fictional England set in the industrial age with steampunk and cute little girls who are also deadly spies. The episodes does not follow chronological order, but are various cases, sometime jumping back in time to explain the back story of the girls or how they met. Extras include Japanese promos, picture drama, clean opening and closing animation and trailers, but as you can see from the image included with this review, there is a expanded, deluxe Premium box set for serious fans who want are willing to pay more.

Episodes include...

01 Case 13 - Wired Liar - The girls are to get defecting scientist out of Albion, but things are not what they seem and the girls find out he is a double agent.

02 Case 1 - Dancy Conspiracy - Ange and Dorothy are sent in to secretly replace the princess, but instead they are ordered to steal a key and the Princess requests that she is allowed to join them as a spy for the Commonwealth.

03 Case 2 - Vice Voice - Charlotte and Beatrice joins Ange and Dorothy as spies. Ange and Beatrice work together on their first mission together to steal back printing plates.

04 Case 9 - Roaming Pigeons - The girls must find and stop a group of scientists when they develop a new miniaturized Cavorite device.

05 Case 7 - Bullets & Blade's Ballad - The Princess welcomes a Japanese ambassador and must stop his assassination. They meet Chise who vows to stop the assassin ...her father.

06 Case 16 - Loudly Laundry - The girls must find an assassin hidden among the troops, but to do so, they must work as laundry girls in a factory.

07 Case 18 - Rouge Morgue - The girls are sent to find a cipher on a dead body in the morgue. Dorothy confronts her father.

08 Case 11 - Pell-mell Duel - Chise reports back to the East and how she is adjusting to her life and culture in the West. She challenges against Nobles to a duel when they insult her home.

09 Case 20 - Ripper Dipper - The girls are sent to discover who is Lord O'Reilly's contact with Albion. It is revealed Ange and Charlotte have knew each other along ago and exchanged places.

10 Case 22 - Comfort Comrade - The girls investigate an old friend who maybe a double spy.

11 Case 23 - Humble Double - The girl's next mission is to assassinate Princess Charlotte, but can they kill their friend?

12 Case 24 - Fall of the Wall - The girls uncover a plot to kill the Queen and then overthrow the kingdom and frame the Princess for the assassination. The girls race to save the Queen and Charlotte from starting another war.

Finally, when Lucifer decides to bring hell on earth, it's the end of world. Heaven however decides to send their 'Angels' to find humanities new messiah candidates and train them as humanity future savior(s). Unfortunately, all the 'angels' are scantily clap and lacking common sense and more likely to tempt/seduce them in Seven Heavenly Virtues: Complete Collection (2017).

Heaven sends it's angels to help protect humanity to find the saviors of humanity and keep them from sin, but for some reason, all of them a sexy, scantily clad and big boobed girls and more likely to temp the Messiah Candidates down a lustful and sinful path. Well if the end of the world is coming... at least they will die happy and (most likely) loose their virginity.

This was a fan-service filled series with scantily clad girls with heavenly bodies and little plot/story. The series is very short, each episode is only about 4-5 minutes long. Extras include clean opening and closing animations and trailers.

Episodes here include...

The Angel Descends - Michael the Angel of Faith seems more into BDSM than being angelic.

I'm Supporting You from the Shadows - Uriel the Angel of Patience prefers to hide in the shadows and has 'bathroom' issues...

Special Dessert Training - Raphael the Angel of Temperance helps with inspiring new 'sexy' recipes.

Please Focus - Sandalphon seems more into computers than helping her candidate messiah.

Is This... Alright? - Metatron is a Nurse Angel, but she is a bit clumsy.

No! That's Immoral! - Gabriel says porn is not ok, but it's ok if she is scantily clad.

Good Job at Work Today - Sariel the Angel of Kindness comforts her Messiah with her massive 'assets/boobs'.

Be Careful on Crowed Trains - The Angels all ride the train together, but their boobs are taking up all the space! (But no one seems to mind).

The Angel's Room - Take a sneak peep into the Angel's locker room as they change clothes.

The Messiah's Virtues - The Angels talk on how to test/seduce their 'Messiahs' with sexy poses and pictures.

Splash! A New Training Method - It's beach time and full of scantily clad angels in swimsuits.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image transfers in all three cases are as good as they can be in the format, but Negima! is a little weak in picture, as it is in sound, whether by artistic choice or not. All three releases also offer DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo lossless mixes in original Japanese and slightly lesser English translations, et al, with some Pro Logic-like surrounds. Wonder how the latter two releases would improve in 4K?

- Ricky Chiang


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