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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Filmmaking > Industry > Interview: Chad Michael Collins 'howls' about High Moon and The Frankenstein Monster.

Chad Michael Collins 'howls' about High Moon and The Frankenstein Monster.

Versatile actor, Chad Michael Collins, not only battled creatures on screen but had the opportunity to portray one! I had the pleasure to interview Mr. Collins about his monstrous encounters!

Fred Grandinetti: FulvueDrive-in.com: There have been numerous werewolf films what makes High Moon different?

CMC: It's true, there a lot of great werewolf and supernatural films. Their enduring popularity was why we were excited to make HIGH MOON. And while we didn't try and reinvent the wheel, ours definitely feels like a throwback to the fun action movies of the 1980s. We also play with a time-jumping element, as my character Colt is from the old West but finds himself mysteriously transported to the present day to hunt werewolves. So it becomes inherently comedic at times as he tries to navigate a strange new world. We also throw in a hot rod and a lot of custom motorcycles that our villains ride around on, so it's definitely a fun, fresh take on the werewolf films we know and love.

Any particular reason it's set in the old west?

CMC: HIGH MOON predominately takes place in the modern day, but we do several flashback scenes exploring Colt's origins and his hatred for werewolves. We jump around a bit, but it gives the movie a dynamic feel seeing Colt in his western duds and then trading them in for a tactical vest.

Describe your character's background? Without giving away to much how does he end up battling a gang of werewolves?

CMC: Colt is on a quest for vengeance. After bumping up against some nasty werewolves in the Civil War, he decides to flee the danger which catches up with him eventually. He then transforms into a lycanthrope-hunting slayer, finishing the task in his timeline but awakening in the present day to find out that he has to once again eradicate these evil heathens.

Looks like you had a very physically demanding role. How did you prepare for it? Any hazards on the set?

CMC: The Colt role was definitely physical, as it involved a lot of fight choreography and action sequences. Which is a lot of fun, but I've always looked at playing such a lead role as a responsibility to show up in shape and look the part, as well as do all or as many of my own stunts as I can. Since these are the roles I enjoy the most as an actor, I always stay pretty fit. it's much easier to maintain that than to have to start from scratch for each role, in my opinion. There are always occupational hazards when doing an action film - no one gets away clean! A stunt will go sideways, a fake punch will be a real punch here and there, so we all walk away with our bumps and bruises. But I'm happy to report that there was no trips to the ER on this shoot!

This is not your first time being involved with well known monsters. You portrayed the Frankenstein monster on television. What was that experience like as an actor stepping into the shoes of the like of Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney Jr?

CMC: Yes, I played Frankenstein's Monster on the ABC show Once Upon a Time several years back. Obviously there's a huge pedigree with the actors who've interpreted the classic monster. But thankfully, our take was somewhat original, as was the look and the feel of the role. It's one of my favorites to this day. I've found that what we accomplished still resonates with so many of the fans on that show, and the character was a favorite of many of them, so we must have done something right!

Your roles have shown a lot of versatility. Do you prefer one genre over

CMC: I've been fortunate to play a nice mix of roles, across TV and film, and many different genres. I'm a comic book nerd and a sci-fi and fantasy fan at heart, so I always relish those opportunities. But I've played a lot of soldiers and those are my bread and butter, and perhaps my favorite thing to do. From the SNIPER films to those types of roles on TV series, there is a respect and admiration there that I hold for the members of our military past and present, so I feel honored to be able to do them justice as an actor.

When will
High Moon be released? What format? Does the film have a website? FB page? etc.,

HIGH MOON will be released digitally on 5/14 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 7/2. More information, photos, clips and the trailer can be found on the following platforms:

Official Site:




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Official: www.chadmichaelcollins.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chadmichaelcollins


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