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Category:    Home > Reviews > Rock > Slow Signal Fade - Through The Opague Air (CD)

The Slow Signal Fade - Through The Opaque Air (CD)


Sound: C†††† Music: C



This band feels like gentle prog-rock, with a smooth female lead vocal.  I guess you could summarize it as Peach (Tool bassist Justin Chancellorís previous band) meets The Cranberries.  Thatís not to say itís very good, in all honesty.  There were parts of the music that I felt were decent, but things were buried way too much beneath layers of repetitive guitar.  Like both of the forementioned bands, this one has the tendency to get monotonous.  All the songs here are long, each over four minutes, and they bleed into one another like one continuous song.  There were many times when I was frustrated to no end with the droning guitar that wouldnít die.


The PCM CD 2.0 Stereo sound itself isnít that great - it either wasnít recorded that well, mixed that well, or both.  More effort after the tracks had been laid down mightíve helped this album go further.  As it is, things sound pretty flat, with no real depth or energy to propel these dismal songs.If the idea was to go the low-fidelity Punk route with this style of music, it did not work.


I wouldnít recommend this album very highly, itís average all the way through, but it youíre interested in picking up a copy, you can check the bandís web page at www.theslowsignalfade.com - this album was released by Stroll Music.



-†† David Milchick


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