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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Comedy > Parody > Drama > Sports > Fantasy > Adventure > Japan > TV > Gakuen Basara - Samurai High School (2018)/Haikyu!!: 3rd Season (2016)/Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?: Arrow Of The Orion (2019)/Seven Senses Of The Reunion (2018/all Sentai Complete Colle

Gakuen Basara - Samurai High School (2018)/Haikyu!!: 3rd Season (2016)/Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?: Arrow Of The Orion (2019)/Seven Senses Of The Reunion (2018/all Sentai Complete Collection Blu-rays)

Picture: B/A-/A-/B+ Sound: C/B+/B+/B+ Extras: C/C*/C/C Main Programs: B+/A-/A-/B+

For the holidays, a rich set of anime releases to check out, including the continuance of two hits...

Welcome to Basara High where everyday is literally a battlefield. Be it academics, sports or high school drama, all the students, faculty members and teachers are ready to rumble and armed to the teeth. It is literally an education of blood, sweat and tears as friends, rivals and classmates battle for their grades and high school domination in Gakuen Basara - Samurai High School (2018).

High school is war, or is war is a bunch of people with high school egos? At Basara High, characters from Sengoku Basara fight for club rights and who should be the supreme ruler of the school. But everything is being manipulated by the Evil Principal Nobunaga, all classes, school activities and events are designed to force the students into trials by combat, but everyone is so busy fighting one another are they just playing into the hands of the Principal or is he really just trying to teach them through tough love, battle and combat? Who will become the champion/hero and save the school?

This is a parody of the hit video game Sengoku Basara, a hack and slash game with historical fictional samurai warriors ...in a high school setting. All the characters are stereotyped Japanese drama/soap opera high school characters making fun of high school deviants with crazy teachers. Extras include clean opening and closing animations and trailers.

Episodes include:

The Fateful Battle for the Playing Field - It's the student council elections and everything comes down to a baseball/soccer game.

Espionage! Sasuke Gets to Work/Treasure Hunt Capriccio - Sasuke gets roped in to checking up and investigate all the clubs 'activities'. The students are sent on a scavenger hunt to find buried treasure.

A Storm Hits the Mound/The Road to Badness - Everyone tries to cheer up Date Masamune from depression after losing a game. Yukimura tries to prove he is the most bad ass person in school.

The Fiery Cheer Battle/Operation: Midterms of Love - It's a battle of the bands (in more ways than one) and the school orchestra will not be underestimated. Maeda must score 80 points on his midterms in order to get a date with Magoichi.

Clash! Mr. Basara/Who Will Be Iron Chef Basara? - All the boys enter who is the handsomest man at school contest. The school has a cooking contest.

A Maiden's Banquet/Let's Go on a Class Trip - All the girls talk about which boys they like. The students come up with ideas on where their school trip should go.

Burn with Passion! Basara Fest - It's time for the school festival and all the clubs want to show off who has the best stall and win the MVP.

Prithee Let's Party/Kanbei's Long, Hot Night - Yukimura and Masamune switch bodies. Kanbei wonders if his 'character' will ever be free from bad luck (and his shackles).

And the Bell Will Ring for... Who!?/Welcome to Sengoku Basara - The students sing and compete on what their school anthem should be. Yukimura and Masamune get stuck together in a dream world of Sengoku Basara.

A Silent Uproar !? Sally Forth! Sekigahara Intrigue - A lost baby is found at the school gates ...surely all the students can take care a single baby. The students being picking sides on who to vote for in the up coming election.

Evacuation Drills Come Without Warning/Party of Fools - The students practice evacuation drills ...with booby traps. Both sides of the election make PR videos to boost the number voters, but it soon turns into videos of them pranking each other.

and The Longest Day at Basara Academy - It's election day at Basara High, who will win and is there any way it won't end in a battle royal or destroying the school?

Karasuno Volleyball team plays in the prefecture championship for a chance at the Spring High School National Volleyball Championship. They must however face last year's champions, the Shiratorizawa Academy High School. After their summer training, are they ready to play against Shiratorizawa's ace player Ushijima with his unstoppable power spike?

In Haikyu!!: 3rd Season (2016), Karasuno High School is the underdog high school volleyball team, but this year they have Hinata and Kageyama and their lighting quick spikes. They dream of playing on the national level. They first must however beat last year's prefecture champions, Shiratorizawa High. Shiratorizawa's playing style is simple and is built around their ace, Ushijima. Ushijima's herculean spikes are powerful and even if blocked knocks down opponents., but Karasuno has plans to prove it's not always the tallest or strongest players that win, but a team working together can over come any challenge.

This is a sports anime, it captures the essence of sports, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The episodes actually take longer than real games with all the upbeat music, slow motion, flashbacks and explanations. Watching the series makes you want to play the game and understand why people love the sport. It reminds people of what it was like to be in high school and to dream of becoming a star. Extras include clean opening and closing animation and trailers, though a more elaborate, expensive Premium edition (pictured with this review) offers much more and it is the ones serious fans will want to buy.

Episodes include:

Polite Greetings - Karasuno faces off with last year's champion Shiratorizawa and learns how powerful Ushijima's spike are.

The Pressure of the Left - Karasuno looses the first set to Shiratorizawa, but they begin to slowly adapt to Ushijima's powerful left handed spikes.

Guess Monster - Shiratorizawa has another secret weapon, Tendou who has an uncanny instinct to block Karasuno's spikes and taunt his opponents.

Full Moon - Tsukishima begins to get the timing to block Ushijima's spikes and Nishinoya gets used to catching and return his spikes.

One Versus Many - With the entire team working together they win the second set against Shiratorizawa with the Ultimate team defense.

The Chemical Changes of Meeting - Shiratorizawa's coach remembers his youth and how Volleyball was once determined by height and strength alone. As the games continue, the game becomes more of an endurance challenge for the players.

Fixations - Karasuno has gotten used to Ushijima's attacks but when Tsukishima gets injured he is forced to go the infirmary. Karasuno loses their defense and begins falling behind.

A Disagreeable Man - Karasuno buys time until Tsukishima is able to come back and manages to tie up the score until he returns.

Fools for Volleyball - It's the final round, both teams have used up all their time outs and only one team will walk away as winners.

and A Battle of Concepts - Hinata delivers the final attack and Karasuno wins. Afterwards Karasuno begins preparing for the spring national tournament.

Long ago the Gods came down from heavens to live among man. Now, they live with mankind exploring dungeons, fighting monsters and demons and finding treasure. Bell Cranel is 'The Little Rookie' the fastest and rising star among adventurers with the Goddess Hestia and their small band of adventurers, but after winning a free vacation trip he finds himself the champion for the goddess Artemis, Hestia's best friend. There something more to this adventure than a vacation? No way is Hestia going to let any other goddess (or girl) to steal her Bell-kun's heart, Bell is joined by his Goddess and friends on an adventure that will change the fate of their world in Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?: Arrow Of The Orion (2019).

Bell Cranel is a novice adventurer, but he finds himself with Goddess Hestia (a.k.a. the loli big breasted goddess) who also happens to have a major crush on him. After winning what seemed to be a lottery vacation trip turns out to be an epic adventure to save the world they love. Fate has chosen Bell to be loved by many goddesses and girls (to Hestia's frustration), including becoming Artemis' champion. Their quest is to stop an ancient demon that has acquired the power of the Gods. Bell Cranel becomes the chosen one to wield a weapon forged by the Gods and will have to do what no one has done before ...to kill a God.

This was a one shot movie based of the Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? anime series. You can watch the movie without having watch the series, it is just an add on to the series and doesn't change the overall story. It follows the typical anime harem troupe with a dungeons and dragons motif. Extras include Japanese promos and trailers.

Finally, Haruto and his friends were playing an online virtual MMORPG, but after a member of their team Asashi died while playing online, the game was immediately pulled from the net and the team split up. Six years later, while playing 'Reunion', version 2.0 of the game Haruto discovers a virtual version of Asashi online. However, without a body to log out to, 'Asashi' is trapped online. Haruto and his former teammates must now work together to find out who killed Asashi, why they trapped her online and somehow free her in Seven Senses Of The Reunion (2018).

Subaru was once know a the legendary team that couldn't be beaten, but after the tragic loss of Asashi, one of their teammates, the game was frozen and the team was split up. Haruto was leader of team Subaru but his teammates blamed him for getting Asashi killed and getting the team disbanded with his reckless leadership. Six years later, Haruto discovers Asashi in an online conspiracy was killed by a mysterious organization Gnosis and the game was a testing site to find and train those who had the 'Sense' the ability to see the future in online and real life ...and Asashi was the perfect subject. Now, Haruto must some how find his former teammates and rebuild his team (as deal with the fact all the girls on his team had secret crushes on him, which he was somehow totally clueless) to stop those who would abuse their characters and the game.

This anime series follow the typical 'trapped online in a virtual world' genre. The story is about a fallen hero, mysterious plot as well as a bit of drama in between everything. All the characters a ridiculously overpowered and all the villains have god complexes (which begs to ask the question is a fantasy world or playing god really healthy? But then reality sucks and it's not all that different either). Only after making up and mending fences is the main character able to stop the bad guys from taking over the 'virtual' world. Extras include clean opening and closing animations and trailers.

Episodes include:

Reunion and Restart - Six years later, Haruto discover Asashi is still online (and trapped) in a game while her real body no longer exists.

Hidden Feelings - Haruto and Asashi reunion with one of their former teammates Satsuki, but Haruto is completely oblivious to Asashi and Satsuki romantic rivalry for him.

The Promise from that Day - Asashi and Satsuki continue to compete over Haruto. Haruto retrains himself after six years hiatus.

Discord - Haruto learns all the guilds are after Asashi for her 'Sense', including their former teammate Takanori who is the leader of the Illuminati group. Takanori declares Haruto is unfit to be with Asashi and warns him to give him Asashi and quit the game.

Swirling Plot - The guilds set aside their differences to capture Asashi, but when one of the guild backstabs the other guilds and takes everything, Haruto and Takanori both realize Asashi is in danger.

The Lion and the Dragon Join Forces - Haruto and Takanori set aside their differences to rescue a brainwashed Asashi from the Southern Cross guild.

Searching for the Sword - Haruto searches for a legendary sword, but on finding it they are betrayed by another former teammate Clive.

Future Choices - Haruto finds himself trapped in another alternate reality and must break free of it's illusion. 'Clive' turns out to be a fake Clive and a member of Gnosis, a secret society who wants Asashi ability to predict the future.

The Reunited Stars - Haruto, Satsuki and Asashi is reunited with Nozomi another former teammate of Subaru, but before she is able to join, she is tricked into joining Gnosis.

The Girl Who Disappeared - Haruto and his friends searches for Nozomi but they discover she is has been brainwashed by Gnosis into being a dark mage.

The Creeping Nightmare - Takanori fights Nozomi to free her from her brainwashing. Asashi gets captured by Gnosis and is brainwashed into shooting Haruto.

and The New Legend - Haruto revives after a near death and remembers his promise to Asashi and awakens his special attack and easily defeats Gnosis. Afterwards, Subaru is reunited as one team while Gnosis' crimes are made public.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image transfers on all four sets look great, especially on Haikyu and Girls, all of which are likely 4K possibilities down the line, but have great color, depth, detail and warmth throughout. Sound is a little different, with Girls a very rare Sentai release that offers DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 lossless mixes in Japanese and slightly lesser English. The other three sets offer Japanese DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo lossless mixes, though Haikyu also has a DTS-MA 2.0 Stereo English dub, probably added since it is so popular if not as effective as its Japanese track. Basara is the sole sonic disappointment here.

- Ricky Chiang


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