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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Superheroes > Action > Comedy > Slice Of Life > Relationships > Romance > Mature > Japanese TV > DC's Legion Of Superheroes: The Complete Series (2006 - 2008/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Domestic Girlfriend: Complete Collection (2019*)/Non Non Biyori: Vacation (2018*)/Senryu Girl: Complete Collection

DC's Legion Of Superheroes: The Complete Series (2006 - 2008/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Domestic Girlfriend: Complete Collection (2019*)/Non Non Biyori: Vacation (2018*)/Senryu Girl: Complete Collection (2019/*all Sentai Blu-rays)

Picture: B+/B+/A-/B Sound: B+/B+/A-/B Extras: B/C*/C/C Main Programs: B/B+/A-/B+

Now for our latest group of animated series...

Long Live The Legion!

The fun animated series DC's Legion Of Superheroes: The Complete Series (2006 - 2008), is presented here in its full two season run in this nice and collectible Blu-ray set. When the alien future teen heroes known as the 'Legionnaires' form which includes Bouncing Boy (Michael Cornacchia), Brainiac 5 (Adam Wylie), Saturn Girl (Kari Wahlgren) and Lightning Lad (Andy Milder), they travel from the future back in time to recruit a teenage Clark Kent to help them in saving the universe, and the Superman to be can't refuse the call.

However, Clark Kent may not be as comfortable in his role yet as he is learning his powers. Promising to return him to the exact moment he left in time space, Clark joins these alien heroes in a battle against evil that spans space and beyond. In the second season, the team is a bit more mature and balanced, but have to face their greatest challenge: the Superman of the Future, Kell-El!

The voice cast includes Yuri Lowenthal, Kari Wahlgren, Shawn Harrison, Heather Hogan, and Alexander Polinsky to name a few.

26 Episodes span three Blu-ray discs and include for Season One: Man of Tomorrow, Timber Wolf, Legacy, Phantoms, Champions, Fear Factory, Brain Drain, Lightning Storm, The Substitutes, Child's Play, Chain of Command, and Sundown Parts 1 and 2.

Season Two episodes include The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow Parts 01 and 02, Cry Wolf, Chained Lightning, Karate Kid, Where Am I?, Unnatural Alliances, Message in a Bottle, In the Beginning, Trials, In Your Dreams, and Dark Victory Parts 1 and 2.

Special Features include:

We Are Legion featurette

Exclusive Commentary on Series Finale, "Dark Victory, Parts One and Two", with Producer James Tucker, Director Brandon Vietti and Voice Actor Kari Wahlgren (Saturn Girl, Shrinking Violet).

Both Natsuo and Rui lose their virginity after a one-night stand, but then next day he finds out his father has remarried Natsuo and Rui are now step brother and step sister, problem is Natsuo is also in love with his teacher Hina which just so happens to be Rui's older sister. Now, they all live together under the same household. Natsuo, Rui and Hina find themselves in love triangle and bigger problem is what if people found out?

In Domestic Girlfriend: Complete Collection (2019), Natsuo has always been in love with his teacher Hina, but knows student/teacher relationships is forbidden he finds himself having sex with Rui. Unknown to them, both of their parents get remarried and they end up as siblings along with Hina too. Now living together, Natsuo begins to learn about his new step sisters, he and Rui clashed at first and she tells him to pretend to not know each other at school, but over time Rui soften and falls for Natsuo. Natsuo discover Hina isn't as perfect and that she is having an affair with a married man, but after she breaks off with the man, she learns of Natsuo and Rui's own affair and becomes a rival for Natsuo too. All three of them then become intertangled in a step brother/sisters/teacher affair.

This anime is definitely not for kids, this series is about forbidden relationships, taboo student teacher romances and sex. It is a super soap opera drama that challenges the norms and pushes social relationships, it's limits and rules. Extras include clean opening and closing animations and trailers, tough a far more elaborate Premium Edition is being issued with far more extras, as pictured with this review, so serious fans might want to spend more money and get that edition instead.

Episodes include:

Will You Do it With Me, Here? - Natsuo and Rui two complete strangers have a one-night stand and the next day discover they are step brother and step sisters.

By Any Chance, Did We Do it? - Rui transfers to Natsuo's school and they decide to hide their relationship. Natsuo begins to learn more about his teacher Hina living together and her private life.

Is it True, After All? - Natsuo learns about Hina's affair with a married man, he teams up with Rui to help force Hina to break up with him.

And... What About You? - Natsuo and Rui confronts Hina's 'boyfriend' and convinces Hina she is not only hurting his family but their family too. Hina breaks off the relationship and the next day the 3 reconcile in front of Natsuo's mother's grave.

Is it Okay, If I Fall For Him? - Momo a friend of Rui asks Rui if she can date Natsuo and Rui begins to feel jealous of other girls dating Natsuo. Natsuo is kind to Momo and tells her real relationship isn't just about being dependent on one person.

Right Here And Now. Try to Kiss - Natsuo is roped into joining the Literature Club. Both Rui and Momo end up joining too to keep an eye on Natsuo.

This is What it Means to Go Out Together, You Know? - Natsuo and Hina go out for a weekend and Natsuo confesses his feelings but Hina rejects him saying society would never allow a student teacher brother sister relationship and it would be like committing suicide with their reputations.

Then I Don't Have to Be An Adult - Natsuo and Rui become secretly intimate and Hina catches them together and only then confesses she has been holding back her own feelings too. Hina decides to move out.

Don't Say That, Please? - Hina gives a key to Natsuo to her new apartment, both Natsuo and Hina begin their own secret relationship and realize there is no turning back.

Liar... - Natsuo and Hina continue their secret relationship but then Rui discovers it. Rui confronts Hina and Natsuo tells her the truth that he and Hina are in love.

Are You Sure? - Rui and Hina make amends with one another. During the school trip Natsuo and Hina have sex, but then the school finds out about their relationship when someone takes a picture of them together.

And I'm Sorry. I Love You - Hina is forced to transfer to another school and both Natsuo and Rui are unable to find her. Time passes Rui confesses her feelings to Natsuo are still there and kisses him. Meanwhile, somewhere, Hina reads a book Natsuo wrote and hinting they may meet again.

Komari, Natsumi, Renge and Hotaru are friends and the village poster girls for their small countryside town. After Suguru wins on a lottery ticket to Okinawa, the girls, their teacher and a few friends all decide to take a vacation. In Okinawa, the girls go swimming, hiking and making new friends and new memories together having an unforgettable summer in Non Non Biyori: Vacation (2018).

After winning the grand prize in the Market Lottery, Komari, Natsumi, Renge and Hotaru are excited to go visit Okinawa, Japan best known paradise of nature. And of course, they can't go alone, they are chaperoned by their teacher, and a few others (who really just want an excuse to go to Okinawa). Okinawa is a beach resort paradise with daily bed and breakfast, as they explore, they go snorkeling, hiking, boating and even befriend Aoi, a girl who works at their inn. Aoi shows them around Okinawa and her secret spots and what makes Okinawa so special. After returning home everyone reminisces on the vacation, Natsumi pins a picture of her and Aoi drawn by Renge in her room.

Non Non Biyori is a slice of life anime about young girls living in the countryside making friends and building relationships. This was the movie/OVA and you can watch it without have seen the TV series. The movie was set in Japan's Okinawa and gives some of the highlights of things you can enjoy there and some of its culture. Extras include Japanese promos and TV spots and trailers.

Eiji Busujima is a former delinquent, but now he is in high school and he is part of the literature/poetry club. While he has vowed to reform his ways, his face, body and language has yet to catch up with his mind. The only ones who aren't scared of him is the literature club and Nanako, a beautiful, but shy girl who only speaks through senryu, a 3-line poetry. As the romance blossoms between Eiji and Nanako, their friends and family enjoy watching and meddling in their relationship, while Eiji and Nanako can't see what is happening ...doesn't mean everyone else can't see what is happening in Senryu Girl: Complete Collection (2019).

To others, Eiji is a scary (former) gangster wannabe and standing by Nanako they seem like beauty and the beast. Nanako, on the other hand, is complete smitten with Eiji and sees past his gruff outer appearance and behavior, however she is so shy she only communicates through Senryu poetry and Eiji is too dense to realize her feelings. Amane is the club president and enjoys secretly stalking Eiji and Nanako and watching their relationship grow, she wishes she had a relationship like Eiji and Nanako. Koto is 2 years older than Eiji and self-proclaimed 'older sister' with a well-endowed nice body, she harbors unrequited love for Eiji but doesn't mind sharing with Nanako. Kino is another shy girl, but rather than poetry she communicates through art and drawings and like Eiji as her subject. Tao is a gothic lolita with some psychic powers to see the future, she becomes interested in how Eiji and Nanako's relationship will turn out.

This is a romantic comedy with a beauty and the beast main characters with a peanut gallery of odd ball support characters. This is a mini-series in the fact each episode is only around 15 minutes long. Extras include clean opening and closing animation and trailers.

Episodes include:

The 5-7-5 Girl - Here comes Eiji and Nanako, the beauty and the beast.

Nanako's Diet - Nanako goes on a diet after Eiji says she seems to eat a lot.

Let's Go to the Amusement Park - Eiji and Nanako goes to the amusement park while Aname and Koto spies on them.

The Canvas Girl - Eiji and Nanako discovers Eiji has another fan and they make a new friend.

The Fortune Teller Girl - Eiji and Nanako get their fortune told on how they are if they were boyfriend and girlfriend, Eiji complete denies it.

Nanako's Rebellious Phase - Nanako's father worries his precious Nanako will become a 'bad' girl.

Nanako and the Seven Wonders of the Rain - Nanako wants to walk home together with Eiji under an umbrella in the rain.

If Nanako Wore a Swimsuit - It's summer and the girls all go shopping for new swimsuits.

Eiji and Nanako's Dad - Eiji meets Nanako's dad for the first time.

Nanako, Fireflies, and a Test of Courage - Aname makes a test of courage for Eiji and Nanako.

Watching the Fireworks with You - Eiji and Nanako get separated during a festival, can Eiji find her in time to watch the fireworks together?

and Nanako and Eiji - Nanako remembers how she and Eiji met and Eiji became her first love.

Now for playback quality. DC's Legion of Superheroes is presented in 1080p on Blu-ray disc with a widescreen aspect ratio of 1:78:1 and a DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo lossless mixes (48kHz, 24-bit). The animation isn't terribly dated or bad looking, and looks better here than it did on its initial broadcast. It is of course commercial free as well, which makes it much easier to binge.

All three Sentai releases are presented in colorful, good-looking 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image transfers that impress, but Domestic looks really good and Vacation just manages to be the best, with its detail and complexity, plus the best sound mix of the three with a rare DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 lossless mix from Sentai (Japanese only) that is one of the best soundtracks they have ever offered on any disc.

Domestic and Senryu offer DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo lossless mixes in Japanese and lesser English dubs, with some Pro Logic like surrounds, but cannot match that 5.1 mix. They still sound good for what they offer.

- Ricky Chiang (Sentai) and James Lockhart



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