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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Animation > Supernatural > Drama > Yuri > > Adventure > Fantasy > Comedy > Slice Of Life > Romance > Fragtime (2019)/Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?: Season Two + OVA (2019 - 2020)/Pet Girl Of Sakurasou: Complete Collection (2012 - 2013/all Sentai Blu-rays)

Fragtime (2019)/Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?: Season Two + OVA (2019 - 2020)/Pet Girl Of Sakurasou: Complete Collection (2012 - 2013/all Sentai Blu-rays)

Picture: B+/A-/A- Sound: B+ Extras: C/C/B Main Programs: B+/A-/A

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Imagine if you had the power to freezing time and the world for three minutes ...what would you do? Misuzu Moritani has the ability to do that once a day, that is until she decides to peek up the skirt Haruka Murakami her classmate whom she has a crush on. Turns out Haruka is immune to Misuzu's powers and now everyday they share their time together, playing pranks on cheating ex-boyfriends and other shenanigans. But as time goes on, can their secret relationship blossom to something more?

In writer/director Takuya Sato's short-but-rich Fragtime (2019), Misuzu on the outside seems like a plain girl, she is shy and afraid of others but secretly she can freeze time for three minutes and escape. But to her surprise, she discover Haruka the smartest and most popular girl in her class is somehow immune to her powers (after she catches her looking up her skirt). Haruka on the outside seems like the perfect girl, but Haruka is tired of everyone seeing, treating and expecting her to be the 'perfect girl' and wants to get wild (in more ways than one) with Misuzu. Haruka with Misuzu she is able to finally cut loose without letting the rest of the world know. Misuzu with Haruka begins to learn have courage to reach out to others. Haruka with Misuzu is able be her self around Misuzu.

This was a sweet coming of age movie about high school girls, as they grow and mature learn more about each other and themselves. Extras include Japanese promos and trailers.

Welcome back to Orario, where Gods and adventurers come to fight and find treasure in the endless dungeons under the city. Ever since Bell Cranel defeated the floor boss on the 18 level, he has been named the Little Rookie, the newest rising star among adventures. But his fame has now gotten the attention of the Gods and adventurers who want Bell to join their team... and they will do anything to get him. Hestia however worries more that now her beloved Bell will be noticed by other girls and she is going to have a LOT more rivals for Bell's affections in Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?: Season Two + OVA (2019 - 2020).

Bell Cranel is now the fastest leveling adventurer in Orario and follower of Goddess Hestia (the loli big-breasted goddess) and now all the Gods and Goddesses want his rare skill and secret in how he leveled up. Including the perverted God of the Sun Apollo, who want Bell as his newest pawn and sends his entire Familia after him turning the city into a battleground. The Goddess of Lust Ishtar wants Bell to spite the Goddess Freya who wants him too. Ishtar controls the entire red-light district in Orario and has an army of Amazons. Bell Cranel, Hestia and their friends will have their work cut out for them as they must save Bell from being stolen from them.

This was a fun anime that makes fun of role playing and players of dungeons and dragons. This season is a lot more political with the main character fighting other guilds than monsters. This series has lots of girls, adventure, comedy and romance. Extras include clean opening and closing animations and trailers.

Episodes include:

(Party) Banquet of the Gods - Bell gets into a bar fight with the Apollo familia and the God Apollo uses it as an excuse to challenge Hestia to give him Bell in 'War Games'.

(Apollo) God of the Sun - The Apollo Familia openly attacks Bell and Hestia in the city forcing Hestia to accept the Apollo's War Games to protect the city. Lili is blackmailed and forced back to the Soma Familia.

(Conversion) Assemble - Bell trains for the upcoming battle with Ais. Hestia and their friends come up with a plan to rescue Lili and several of the past friends join Hestia's Familia to fight against Apollo and his Familia in the upcoming War Games.

(War Game) War Game - Bell Cranel and his friends assault Apollo's castle and after a long and tiring battle Bell is able infiltrate the fortress and defeat the castle leader winning the War Game. Hestia disbands Apollo's Familia and they move into Apollo's former headquarters.

(Home) Hearthstone Manor - Hestia and Bell's Familia grows as they adjust to their new home and Bell learns of Hestia's massive debt. Meanwhile, Mikoto learns one of her childhood friends is in trouble.

(Ishtar Familia) Pleasure Quarter - Bell, Lili, Welf enter the Red-Light district to search for Mikoto's friend, Bell unknowingly meets her Haruhime and is saved by her. Meanwhile the Goddess Ishtar hatches a plan to kidnap Bell and defeat Freya Familia.

(Renard) The Fox Girl - Bell learns Mikoto's friend is Haruhime, and how she was sold into prostitution and they try to earn enough to buy her freedom. However, Ishtar has a far darker fate planned to Haruhime and ambushes Bel instead.

(A Fleeting Dream) The Killing Stone - Bell, Hestia and their friends learn of the Killing Stone, a highly illegal item where a stone instantly levels up an adventurer but requires Haruhime's soul.

(Barbera) Warrior Prostitutes - Bell and Mikoto decide to fight Ishtar Familia and rescue Haruhime. Istar captures Bell but because of his rare skill she discovers Bell is immune to the powers of Gods and he is able to escape. Bell manages to stop the ritual before Haruhime is sacrificed.

(Argonaut) A Hero's Will - Bell fights and defeats Phryne and Aisha proving he can still be a hero and prove to Haruhime that she is worthy of being rescued. Freya Familia assaults Ishtar Familia and completely destroys them. Freya confronts Ishtar and sends her back the Heavens.

(Rakia) Marching Forward - Haruhime joins Hestia Familia. The God Ares assaults Orario and kidnaps Hestia. Bell, Ais and Asfi go after her to rescue her.

(A Song of Love) A Goddess and Her Child - As Hestia recovers from her fall she and Bell learn of another how another Goddess and mortal once fell in love before them.

and OVA Is It Wrong to Go Searching for Herbs on a Deserted Island? - Bell and the girls end up on an island paradise that turns into a swimsuit contest ...with magic mushrooms.

Lastly, Sorata Kanda was banished to Sakura Hall for sneaking a cat into the dorms, Sakura Hall (or Sakurasou) is where Suimei School of the Fine Arts send all their problem students (and one teacher). Now, Sorata not only gets to take care of his cats, but he is also the manager of handling all the problem students, including Mashiro a girl genius artist but lacking in common sense and social boundaries. Needless to say, Sorata get stuck in all sort of situations while chasing their dreams and finding love and friendship in the oddest of places in The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou: Complete Collection (2012 - 2013).

Sorata is your typical average boy but he is determined to get out of Sakura Hall (a.k.a. Sakurasou) and not be labeled as one of the problem children of Sakurasou. Problem is, all the other residents of Sakurasou are not as much problems but geniuses which the normal rules of society don't apply. Shiina Mashiro is the resident genius artist who draws manga, while Sorata admires her, she is completely dependent on Sorata for everything else, including picking out her underwear, washing and dressing her and even paying for her food. Nanami Aoyama is a hard-working girl who works several jobs and wants to become a voice actor, she secretly has a crush on Sorata and moves into Sakurasou to keep an eye on Sorata and Mashiro (and for a lower rent). Misaki is hyper energetic girl who does her own animations and animation company, she has a crush on Jin.

Jin is Misaki's childhood friend and a genius script writer, however he is also a playboy and often seen with other women, he is aware of Misaki's feelings for him but he feels he is unworthy of her but Misaki eventually wins him over. Ryunosuke is the resident computer genius, he rarely leaves his room and uses his AI Maid program to communicate with the outside world and often gives Sorata support and advice.

Finally, is Chihiro the teacher who lives with them and while she is supposed to be the responsible adult, she often passes the work to someone else to take responsibility.

This is a slice of life comedy romance anime, where a bunch of weirdos all live in the same dormitory and while the main character wants to get out, he eventually realizes that the residents and hall are also his family, friends and home. Extras include clean opening and closing animations, Japanese premiere event, promos, commercials and trailers.

Episodes include:

Cat - White - Mashiro - Sorata is stuck in Sakurasou for taking care of stray cats, but his newest 'cat' is Mashiro, a genius girl artist who needs someone to take care of her daily needs.

I Drew Pictures - Sorata get stuck with 'Mashiro Duty' as he learns more about her, she wants to draw manga, but he discovers Mashiro is already a famous artist in England.

So Close and Yet So Far... - Sorata and Misaki watches Jin and Mashiro for a day and learns how Misaki has a crush on Jin. However... he unaware of his own growing feelings toward Mashiro.

A World of Changing Colors - As Sorata prepares to leave Sakurasou he read Mashiro's manga and realized it is based on him and he decides not to leave and Sakurasou is where he belongs.

The Serious Girl of Sakura Hall - Aoyama is overworked from too many part time jobs and moves to Sakurasou for a lower rent (and to get closer to Sorata).

The Blue After the Rain - Aoyama continues to work and take care of 'Mashiro Duty', but on the day of her audition she gets a fever. She fails and Sorata comforts her learns to take care of herself more, Sorata decides to take back 'Mashiro Duty'.

Her Homesickness - Sorata's little sister Yuko comes to visit and she, Aoyama, and Mashiro go on a date to see who is more worthy of Sorata and of course Sorata is completely unaware of all the girl's true feelings.

Set Off a Huge Firework - Sorata decides he wants to be a game producer, but on his first presentation he freezes and fails. The residents of Sakurasou cheers him up and convinces him not to give up.

The Fall Storm is Here - Mashiro's old roommate Rita arrives and wants to take Mashiro back to England to draw art instead of manga. Rita goes out on a date with Sorata causing Aoyama and Mashiro to get jealous, but she shows Sorata Mashiro's art and how she should be doing art instead of manga.

Hate, Hate, Love - The residents of Sakurasou decide to create a game for the school festival and asks Rita to join and help them.

Milky War Cat, Nyaboron - As the school festival starts, Sorata and company continue to rush and finish their game. Rita starts getting closer to Ryunosuke.

The Power of Love in the Culture Festival - Sorata and residents put on a show and their game is a great success. Rita returns to England and confesses her feelings toward Ryunosuke but not before tricking Sorata to confess his feelings to Mashiro.

One Step Before Winter - Christmas is coming, but ever since Sorata's confession to Mashiro, Mashiro has been acting and feeling funny toward Sorata.

The Windows & Lights of Christmas Eve - Sorata, Aoyama and Mashiro enjoy Christmas together, but they return home find Misaki devastated from Jin.

Where is My Usual Self? - Sorata, Aoyama, Mashiro and Misaki goes to Sorata's parent's house for the new year eve and they learn while Jin confessed that he loves Misaki he is not ready for a relationship with her.

I've Always Loved You... - Sorata's game proposal goes under consideration and he is to work with the game company to help with improving it. Both Aoyama and Mashiro starts getting closer to Sorata.

Valentine's Day is Chocolate Day - It's Valentine's Day and all the girls want to give chocolates. Sorata helps Aoyama make her audition after her train get stuck.

First Love With an Alien - Sorata fights Jin and convinces him to make up with Misaki and make amends, but after returning home they discover the school has decided to demolish Sakurasou.

There's No Place Like Sakura Hall - Sorata recall his first day at Sakurasou. In the end, they all decide to fight to save their home.

In Order to Keep Saying We're Home - Ryunosuke hacks the school servers and discover the school is trying to manipulate Mashiro into doing art by forcing Sakurasou to close. Aoyama learns she failed her audition.

It's Not Anyone's Fault That it Rains - Aoyama is finally unable to hold back her tears and Sorata comforts her, but he also suddenly learns his game has been turned down. Later, he learns the game company manipulated him in order to steal Mashiro's talent.

Run Through Those Sparkling Days - Mashiro leaves Sakurasou to save their home and everyone goes in search for her. Sorata finds her at the station and tells her there is no point in saving their home if she is not there.

Graduation Ceremony - Jin and Misaki graduates, Misaki gives a speech and requests the school students to help save Sakurasou from the manipulative school board.

and Welcome to Sakura Hall - Aoyama returns home to ask her parents' permission to continue studying at Sakurasou. Jin and Misaki get hitched and Sorata, Mashiro and Ryunosuke welcomes the next semester of new students living at Sakurasou.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image on all three releases looks good, but the series collections look fine and colorful, probably worthy of 4K release, yet the Tv series look just a bit better. As usual, Sentai delivers some great visual playback.

As for sound, per Sentai, the Fragtime feature is in Japanese and slightly lesser English DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 lossless mix that sounds good, yet the TV shows are as impressive by merely offering Japanese and slightly lesser English DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo lossless mixes that sound as good and have Pro Logic-like surrounds. Sakurasou has a slight sonic edge on the other two.

- Ricky Chiang


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