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Category:    Home > Reviews > Exploitation > Drugs > Horror > Faith > Politics > Propaganda > Evil Bong Stash Box (2006 - 2019/MVD/Full Moon Features Blu-ray Set)/God's Not Dead: 4-Movie Collection (2014 - 2021/Universal DVD Set)

Evil Bong Stash Box (2006 - 2019/MVD/Full Moon Features Blu-ray Set)/God's Not Dead: 4-Movie Collection (2014 - 2021/Universal DVD Set)

Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Main Programs: D

Exploitation, like Satan, apparently takes all forms, as the next two hideously awful sets prove...

Full Moon Features' inane Evil Bong Stash Box (2006 - 2019) Blu-ray set takes nine of the worst things producer Charles Band (or any other human being who ever operated any kind of camera that successfully recorded images) made, an endless, on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on one-joke series about a Satanically possessed bong used for 'weed' out to steal souls (and easy money) over what will hopefully end with nine horrid productions that are so bad, they might as well be from Hell.

That they came up with a box set and then tried to upgrade all of them to HD (thankfully, NOT 4K!!!) and sell it is sad in what is the worst box set ever made in the international history of home video. The discs may have a few worthless extras, but the box set is actually oversized and empty! Yes, two spaces to fill drug paraphernalia. Its enough to get 'pot' banned all over the U.S. and world all over again.

And this is actually some kind of Limited Edition that already sold out, but since Band had sold us all out with this nadir of all of home video history, you'll either pay higher prices or possibly get a regular version of this set without its non-extras. And none of the programs are funny, even if the viewer is 'skied out' and worse, I can guarantee you that all the deadliest drug cartels in the world, in association with all the top labs and nation states' secret services combined with a several trillion-dollar budget could not possibly come ANY kind of substance known to man that could make one 'high' enough to enjoy this garbage.

Avoid like COVID-19!!!!

Yet you can also have the epitome of the phoniest 'films' that pretend to be funny or feel good and have strange motives. Outdoing the psychotic nightmare we know as The Hallmark Channel, God's Not Dead: 4-Movie Collection (2014 - 2021) are the worst of some very usually very, very, very, very, very awful and extremely condescending 'faith' films where everyone is as happy as a pod person from Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (all versions).

At the rate of two catastrophes a year, these four amazingly smug productions follow the phony formulas from the worst cable TV ever made and adds all kinds of subliminal and sinister twists to basically target free thought, freedom and any human being who does not agree with the narrow and nearly fascist ideology of these hack jobs.

Kevin Sorbo, Melissa Joan Hart, John Corbett and Isaiah Washington are among the few name actors who show up in these indoctrination exercises, destroying the healthy differentiation between church and state, burying progress and hoping for a Christo-fascist police state and Theocracy with enough underlying and extreme hostility to fuel several government overthrows. One has a church saved from being closed, one about an evil atheist professor, another about a 'good' professor who talks about Jesus and one about home schooling that baits religious freedom questions idiotically. That last one is subtitled 'We The People' as if this brand of Christianity was the national religion.

Even the disc is designed that way, with the first time in years that trailers show up and you cannot forward them or get past them in any way, shape or form. Yes, the bullying and harassment starts right off the bat as soon as you hit the play button. It was so annoying, I wondered if it could damage and even break older disc players. The extras, if you ever get to them, are as condescending and the result is that this is the most insulting DVD set I have ever encountered in my life and as much of a disgrace as it is a disaster.

Either way, do yourself a huge favor and skip it all while you can!!!

Now for 'playback' performance, with the Evil Blu-rays here in various aspect ratios at 1080p digital High Definition image, but you get softness, ghosting, blurring and alignment issues that show how sloppily and bad these were shot over the years. A DVD set probably hides the flaws, so you know.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image on the Dead DVDs are also soft, but the camera just sits there on most of the shots throughout the four releases and the color is not that good either. Then you have repetitive, boring images and some motion blur, so even the camera people were arrogant.

Though you might expect lossless sound from the Blu-rays, they are here instead in both lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 and lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo that show very bad judgement throughout in microphone placement, location audio, sound mixing, sound editing and just plain human being talking. Sloppy and weak, we can actually say the same about the lossy Dolby mixes on the Dead DVDs that are lower than they should be and off, with a lack of soundfield. It is so bad that in both cases, beware of high playback levels and volume switching.

Yep, two extreme sides of the same stupidity, avoid both at all costs!!!

- Nicholas Sheffo


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